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Choosing a major can be tough if you don’t already know what you want to do in life. Susanne Lewis Ph.D., understands that. She is the director of the chemistry program at The University of Olivet and an associate professor of chemistry, and her many years of experience as a professor, as well as her own struggles to find the right major for her, make her keenly aware of how difficult choosing a major can be. 

See below for a few of her tips on how to find the right major for you. 

Pick an area of study

One of the tips I generally give students when they visit me as part of their campus visit is to pick an area of study that you have a fondness for but leave yourself open to the opportunity to change your mind.

Try classes outside your comfort zone

The classes that you’re taking in high school are just a small introduction to the classes you will have in college. Maybe you liked a class in high school because you really liked the teacher, or didn’t like a class because you didn’t like the teacher. Never close yourself off to the possibility of taking an introductory course just to see what the subject area is about.

Don’t close yourself off to opportunity

Although I earned my undergraduate degree in chemistry, I had wonderful opportunities to take classes in a number of areas because I attended a small liberal arts college. I took classes in art, radio broadcasting, women’s studies, religious studies, psychology, and earned a minor in political science. Most of these classes were initially to fill a graduation requirement but I ended up taking two or three classes in each area because I found the area of study to be very interesting.

Reach out to Susanne!

Because of my experiences, I have a broader world view and am able to expand my professional network to include people outside of chemistry – that could also include you! I’d love to chat with you about The University of Olivet, and answer any questions you may have about choosing a major. Feel free to reach out to me at smlewis@uolivet.edu.

    Interested in The University of Olivet?    

We’d love to talk to you! Please reach out with questions or to schedule a personalized campus visit at any time. Our email is admissions@uolivet.edu or you can call us at 800.456.7189.


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