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The University of Olivet presents the senior art exhibit, “Life in All Forms.” The exhibit will be on display at the Kresge Foundation Art Gallery inside the Riethmiller Blackman Art Building through May 21, 2023. There will be an artist’s reception on April 21, 5-7 p.m. The gallery is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Admission is free and open to the public.

Meet the Artists

Denise Bryce

Originally from Birch Run, Michigan, Denise is a graphic design and history major.

“These past four years at The University of Olivet has helped me see the other side of art that most don’t often see at first. Before entering college, I never really worked with many mediums, but the variety of studio classes have exposed me to different methods that I would later enjoy working with. Without graphic design, I wouldn’t have been able to work for the archives on campus that later inspired me to add on a history minor, then later a major, then later turned into applying for a master’s in library information science to continuing working in an archive. My college journey has allowed me grow as an artist, but also a person that could succeed in the professional world.”

Jackson Harris

Jackson is from Saginaw, Michigan, and is a graphic design major.

Looking back on my college journey I have grown as an artist by finding myself and working in my own style. When I first started college I wasn’t exactly sure what my niche would be but once I found it I took off. Through practice and countless assignments I learned more and more skills. I learned to work more efficiently, faster and still produce amazing work. I learned through my mistakes in college and it enabled me to come back better and learn more.”

“I take pride in everything that I have done for The University of Olivet and the content that I have produced. I hope that everyone that stops by the senior art exhibit loves what they see and that they are thoroughly pleased when they leave the exhibit. It has been both a privilege and an honor to do what I have done with the school, hope that you all enjoy the show!”

Luna Kosier

A Lansing, Michigan, native, Luna Kosier is studying graphic design.

“I’ve always had a hard time expressing myself and understanding how much of it was my disabilities and how much was me, and art has been a way to express that and figure things out. I find my inspiration in literally anything.”

“It means the world to me to be able to showcase my work alongside professionals in their fields like Donald Rowe, Oscar J. Gillespie, and Heather Stratton to name a few recent artists. I never thought I’d have a show showcasing my art with my name on it in a gallery.”

Mary Murphy

Mary Murphy is from Hastings, Michigan, and is a double major in visual arts and biology.

“The senior art exhibit is the last thing I do at Olivet, a final opportunity to showcase the work I’ve developed here. I’m incredibly grateful for the support and encouragement surrounding this exhibition and hope to continuously develop and fine tune my work for future displays (wherever they may be).”

“The pieces I’ve decided on for the senior exhibition tie to my love for nature and its cycles. I greatly enjoy the depth of the individual players of nature; animals, plants, and fungi big and small and all so important and complex in their own way.”

Also featuring Aram Brubaker.

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