Stronger. Bolder. Onward.

On May 19, the Olivet College Board of Trustees unanimously approved Olivet College becoming The University of Olivet, signaling its commitment to being stronger, bolder, and more forward-looking.


Below is a list of frequently asked questions about Olivet College becoming The University of Olivet.

The FAQs will be updated as needed as the institution formally becomes The University of Olivet in the fall 2023 semester.

Updated: Aug. 1, 2023


Why is Olivet College Becoming The University of Olivet?

The University of Olivet reflects Olivet’s evolution to become a more comprehensive institution. We continue to serve undergraduate residential students engaged in a deeply immersive experience. In addition, we have launched an equally robust portfolio of online degree completion, graduate and workforce development programs to benefit students throughout Michigan, nationwide and worldwide. As we begin to unveil an array of new programs and serve new groups of students, it is time to evolve the Olivet brand consistent with this new identity of being a more comprehensive institution.

It is important to remember that Olivet has evolved over its long history. In 1844, when the State of Michigan refused to issue a college charter because of our abolitionist views, we became Olivet Institute. In 1859, when society was ready to accept our social justice and equity commitment, we became Olivet College. Now, as our mission evolves to serve new types of students in new ways across the nation and around the world, we evolve again, The University of Olivet.

Should I always use "the" when referring to The University of Olivet?

Yes. You should always use “the” and it should be capitalized as part of the name, The University of Olivet.

What is the difference between a college and a university?

The terms “university” and “college” are generally considered to be interchangeable in the United States. With that said, the common understanding and perception are that colleges are smaller and predominantly, if not exclusively, undergraduate (as Olivet has been for 179 years). Universities are generally larger, although there are many more smaller universities than most people realize. Universities also tend to have more graduate and professional programs and, thus, are more “comprehensive” in their academic programs, degrees offered and students served. When polled, most prospective students and the general public report a more positive perception of universities. This is especially true for adult professional, graduate, and international students.

Research supports our assessment that the change to university will not only create mission clarity, but support the attainment of our strategic goals and provide The University of Olivet with a distinctive and competitive position in the marketplace.

Is The University of Olivet still a liberal arts school? Will it remain true to its mission?

Absolutely. As stated explicitly in our strategic plan, the change to university will not shift our commitment to a liberal arts core as part of every baccalaureate degree program. The University of Olivet will continue this commitment and tradition for years.  

Whether traditional residential students or any of the new, emerging categories of students, we will continue to embody the best of the distinctive Olivet experience: a commitment to relationship-based education; diversity, inclusion and a sense of belonging for all; socioeconomic diversity and an educational opportunity for all; and education grounded in a liberal arts core.

Are there plans to offer more academic programs?

Yes. Olivet continually reviews its academic offerings, changing student interests, and the shifting labor market when considering new programs. Olivet is launching a robust portfolio of online degree completion, graduate and workforce development programs to benefit students throughout Michigan, nationwide and worldwide. Olivet currently offers the following:

  • An online Master of Business Administration (MBA) with concentrations in insurance, enterprise risk management, accounting, and general business administration.
  • An accelerated pathway from a Bachelor of Arts in Business to an MBA for advanced juniors and seniors.
  • Online bachelor degree completion coursework in business, criminal justice, psychology, nursing (RN-BSN), and individualized studies.

Other programs are in development and currently under review by the Higher Learning Commission.

Will the domain name (olivetcollege.edu) change?

Yes. Effective in the 2023 fall semester, our new domain name will be uolivet.edu. This will impact the Olivet website and email addresses. The old domain name, olivetcollege.edu, will automatically redirect to the new domain for at least one year.  

Will my transcript change?

Effective in the 2023-24 academic year, transcripts will reflect The University of Olivet and updated seal. 

If I'm graduating in December 2023, May 2024 or August 2024, what will my diploma say?

Graduates in the 2023-24 academic year (December, May, and August) will have the choice of either as Olivet College or The University of Olivet diploma. Graduates after the 2023-24 academic year will have a diploma from The University of Olivet.

I am an alum. Will there be an option for me to replace my diploma?

You are not required to replace your diploma. It is a historical document that reflects the school when you graduated. However, you may order a replacement diploma with The University of Olivet. Details on when this option will be available will be forthcoming. 

I am an alum. Should I change my resume to reflect the name change?

There is a proud history in Olivet College. You can use either Olivet College or The University of Olivet on resume. You may also consider listing the institution as The University of Olivet (formerly Olivet College). 

Will the Olivet logo change?

Yes, a new logo was created in keeping with our new brand as a university while maintaining our storied 179-year history. The remarkable history of the institution is intertwined with the extraordinary endurance of the towering oak trees on campus.

  • Oak trees have long been a symbol of wisdom, stability, honor, commitment and protection. So has Olivet. Our mission enriches lives intellectually, morally and spiritually to a diverse campus community.
  • Oak leaves represent knowledge, strength and endurance, just like Olivet. Faculty and staff value the individual student. We make strides to ensure each student builds long-lasting relationships with professors and peers, experiences rewarding opportunities and gains the knowledge needed to be successful in any future career.
  • Acorns symbolize potential strength, honor and longevity, as do our Olivet students. Graduates leave with a moral compass and a sense of responsibility to improve the world, carrying forth Olivet’s commitment to individual and social responsibility.
  • The shield is another element of the new official word mark and logo. The shield represents tradition, solidity, boldness and confidence.  

Will the Olivet seal change?

The only modification to the Olivet seal is replacing “College” with “University.” All other seal elements remain unchanged, including “Pro Christo et Humanitate,” which translates to “For Christ and humanity.” The scroll translates to ”Torah,” which means teaching, direction, guidance and law. To Olivet, the inverted triangle and center dot represent power and strength, while the surrounding starburst represents knowledge to guide like Olivet’s Lamp of Learning.

Will the spirit logo change?

Yes. After much thought and input from alumni, coaches, athletes, and administrators, all agreed that rebranding to The University of Olivet was the perfect time to refresh and modify the spirit logo. The new spirit logo is still in development. Watch for its unveiling coming soon!

Are we still the Comets?


Will Olivet athletics still compete in the MIAA?

Yes. Olivet is a proud and founding member of the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association (MIAA). We will continue to compete in the MIAA and NCAA Division III. 

Are we changing our mascots, Clyde and Haley?

Clyde and Haley will continue to cheer on the Comets! 

When can I buy new branded apparel?

Apparel branded The University of Olivet will be available to purchase by fall 2023.

Will the "old" Olivet College logo remain a vintage apparel option?

Yes. The Olivet College is an important part of our history. Vintage Olivet College apparel will still be available for purchase. 

How will the name change impact doing business with Olivet?

Moving forward, the legal form of our institution will remain unchanged – our institution is a Michigan
non-profit corporation bearing ID Number 800885763 with the Michigan Department of Licensing and
Regulatory Affairs and our institution name of “Olivet College” will remain unchanged; however, our
institution will also now have the additional registered trade name of “The University of Olivet”.
Contracts previously executed with Olivet College and future contracts executed with Olivet College as well as The University of Olivet will both be binding upon our institution, given the corporate filings
made with the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. Further, our institution retains
the same Employer Identification Number and the same previously held IRS non-profit and tax-exempt

Will our FAFSA school code change?

Our U.S. Department of Education Title 4 school code will remain unchanged – it is 002308. The FAFSA may continue to reflect Olivet College for up to a year – so when you file for FAFSA, you may see Olivet College for some time before it updates to The University of Olivet. 

Will the name change impact my military benefits?

Becoming The University of Olivet will not in any way impact your military education benefits. Our team is working closely with state and federal agencies to ensure that all military websites are promptly updated with the new name. It is important to note that the name change will not hinder your ability to use education benefits for approved programs. 

Do I need to get a new Student ID card?

No, if you were issued an Olivet College student ID, you do not need to replace your card unless it is lost. Your Olivet College Student ID is valid until you graduate.

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