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From Pandemic to Diploma: Graduates Persevere

The University of Olivet Commencement 2024

The University of Olivet’s May 18 Commencement was a standing-room-only celebration for the Class of 2024. Family, friends and UOlivet faculty and staff honored 194 undergraduates who missed out on their high school graduation due to the pandemic. Fifteen Master of Business Administration graduates from 11 states across the U.S. also walked across the stage to become alumni of UOlivet.

“Growth and Empowerment” was the theme chosen by the Class of 2024. During the height of the pandemic, these students remained determined to fulfill their dream of attending UOlivet, even though it meant attending classes via Zoom, wearing masks, enduring daily temperature checks, and having limited sports and extracurricular activities. But they persevered. The Class of 2024 also experienced economic uncertainty, witnessed and participated in major social justice issues, is unafraid to discuss mental health awareness and ask for support, and has heightened global awareness. All of this, combined with their UOlivet education, have shaped the Class of 2024 into a resilient, adaptable and socially conscious group of alumni, of which we can be proud.

Maggie Berner and Ronnie Pompey were chosen to represent the Class of 2024 as the class speakers.

Maggie shared, “Part of the reason I chose to come to The University of Olivet was because of the community here. I saw how much people cared about each other, and I knew I wanted to be a part of that. This is a place where I have been able to feel seen and heard and loved, and I don’t believe that could have happened anywhere else. Never lose sight of the community you’ve built here. No matter where you go, no matter what you do, no matter what changes you go through in the years to come, remember what you managed to accomplish at The University of Olivet, and try to bring that with you wherever the future leads you. Four years isn’t forever, but your memories of this place will last a lifetime. Thank you, all of you, for building this community with me. It’s been an honor to be a part of you, class of 2024.”

Ronnie reminded his class what they are capable of as human beings. “Though we were faced with all of these trials and tribulations throughout our time here at The University of Olivet, we still prevailed. But that is the story of our lives. Our class is what I would name, the Class of History Makers,” he said. “The reason behind this is most of us were born in 2001, the year of 9/11. We then graduated high school in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. And now, we are the first graduating class of The University of Olivet. As we go on into the workplace, I would like for all of you to keep that in your mind, ‘I am a history maker, nothing can stop what God has in store for me.’ Be the one in the neighborhood that the upcoming generation can look up to. Continue to strive to make history. I know I will see your names in the history books in the future!”

View and download photos from Commencement.

View the Commencement recap video.

Master of Business Administration

Clinton Allen

Chad Beadles

Arielle Bennett-Scandrick

Deborah Cirillo

Tricia Frerman

John Growney

Terrance Harvey

Benjamin Hitchcock

Amy Howell

Megan Jones

Kiersen McDonough

Kristina Thomas

Takato Timmerman

Matt VandenHeuvel

Dane Vos


Bachelor of Arts

Tevin Ali

Caleb Arthur

Brianna Bailey

Madison Bailey

SirQuarius Ball

Ryan Bart

Mackenzie Barton

Cooper Beard

Maggie Berner

Jordan Bloom

Rearden Biritz

Kaylan Briggs

Trevor Briggs

Caleb Brink

Erica Brock

Brielle Broderick

Anthony Brown

Gregory Brown

Jordon Brown

Kyante Buck

Hunter Caister

Taryn Campbell

Carter Cappon

Joel Carlson

Damani Carter

Samuel Clark

Sean Clayton

Nicholas Conroy

Sarah Cook

Morgan Cox

Sarah Cruz

Alyssa Davis

Christopher Davis

Julia Decker

Caroline Denemy

Alexandra DeVault

Cole Deyo

Quinton Dickerson

Charles Dickinson

Morgan Dillon

Olivia DuFore

Andrew Elenga

Hanna Farler

Matthew Fennell

Noah Feudi

Jaycee Fuentes

Aaron Garcia

Brendan Gates

Bryce Gates

Hayden Germain

Dominic Ghiardi

Dalton Giddings

Wyatt Gillum

Gaberiel Green

Gabriel Guerrero

Grace Hall

Johnathon Halsey

Kaitlyn Halstead

Riley Hancock

Raenikki Harris

Kai Hartman

Chase Hath

Christopher Haynes

Everett Haynes

Devin Higgins

Dylan Hignite

Hunter Hillard

Samuel Hochstetler

Rayna Honsowitz

Jared Ingram

Mckalen Jambor

Keyon Johnson

Mackenzie Jones

Seth Kading

Emily Keeler

Donovan King

Gabriel Kirck

Logan Kramer

Keegan Kuha

Abigail Lahr

Kelsie Lamb

Kirsten Langmaack

Dylan Lazusky

Michael Leija

Christian Lenon

Elijah Lewis

Trevor Lewis

Zachary Liddle

Shane Lisk

Sierra Lull

Dylan Lyons

Jennifer Mann

Kiandra Marciniak

Jacob Marckini

Kaia Mccuien

Elisabeth McIntosh

Blake McLane

Cade McMillan

Ulrick Meighan

Coda Mendoza

Laneace Menefee

Samuel Michael

Cole Miller

Michael Minne

Meredith Morell

Landon Morgan

Ian Morrison

Spencer Murphy

Kinsley Noel

Logan O’Connor

Sebastian O’Leary

Lilyan Pastor

Melissa Patton

Jameson Pavelka

Savannah Pavoni

Jackson Pendell

Jennaleigh Penny

Abbey Peters

Mitchell Pfeifer

Aubrey Pintar

Jessica Pizzimenti

Alexandra Polsinelli

Ronnie Pompey

Benjamin Porter

Amber Ralston

Amanda Ray

Mitchell Reynolds

Traci Rice

James Richardson

Adrienne Riddle

Anthony Riddle

Sophia Rivera

Jeylin Rogers

Gina Rosenfeld

Erin Ruley

Noah Runnals

Sierra Rupp

Cooper Sabourin

Erin Sanders

Justin Schroeder

Jaydynn Schut

Dennis Simmons

Madison Sims

David Sinkler

Cassandra Smith

Christopher Smith

Jade Smith

Miranda Sparks

Keith Spencer

Allyson Stevens

Spencer Swadish

Tonya Tepin

Deontay Thomas

Isabela Tijerina

Allie Tucker

Ethan Valente

Jasmine Van Atti

Lilyanna Vanvalkenburg

Jose Vargas

Andrew Vendzuh

Gleo Wade Jr.

Dakota Weaver

Andrew Weber

Malaki Weger

Asher Wertheimer

Brionne White

Karley Widemon

Breanne Wilder

Hunter Williams

Ricky Williamson

Taylor Wilsey

Chelsey Wiltse

Mitchell Yarger

Reece Yeager

Koda Young

Sarah Zaharion

Zoee Zatarga


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