#ThankfulThursday Shout Out to John Homer, Ph.D., Professor of Economics

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Today’s #ThankfulThursday post goes out to John Homer, Ph.D., professor of economics. In addition to his role teaching, Dr. Homer has been an honorary member of the football team for more than a decade. He serves one very important role during football camp each summer – making sure players have enough water to drink.

Dr. Homer explained, “I visited Cutler for some business 12 or 15 years ago and noticed that there was an issue. The athletic trainers do a great job, but they simply don’t have the manpower to attend to the team’s needs while also refilling water coolers. Every year since I’ve volunteered to bring the team their water and make sure they have enough. It’s my service every year, and I know it also erases a serious and potentially dangerous issue.”

The team, from coaches to student-athletes, collectively agree, Dr. Homer’s service makes all the difference in providing a safe and enjoyable practice environment.

“The culture we have built cares about the little things that in return become the big things. Something as simple as filling water bottles has a huge impact within this program,” senior Trent Monroe explained. “We are blessed to have Dr. Homer around our program for reasons other than just to fill waters. He is a great source of knowledge in the classroom as well as in life. He also gives our incoming freshmen a friendly face in the hallways once school starts. This program is all about winning one day at a time, and we are thankful to have someone who appreciates W1N as much as Dr. Homer.”

“It has been great to have Dr. Homer helping out by providing us with water during camp,” senior Mo Young said. “It means a lot to us as players to see a professor come out of the classroom and onto the field to help us prepare for the upcoming season.”

“Having a faculty member serve the team by bringing us water always makes me smile,” said sophomore Matt Ellis. “Dr. Homer is nothing but kind and nice, and when you see a professor filling water bottles for your team, it’s a moment that shows that you are cared about at all times – not just in the classroom.”

“Having Dr. Homer on the field and helping out with the athletic trainers means the world to me,” senior Lane Porter explained. “I always love seeing professors doing different things around the campus to better the community. It shows how much they are willing to do for their students and the college.”

“On behalf of the 2018 The University of Olivet Football team, we thank Dr. Homer for all he has done for this program, as well as all he will continue to do! You truly make a difference and make Olivet a special place,” Trent said.

This is just one example of The University of Olivet’s relationship-based education. See it for yourself by attending an upcoming admissions event or visiting campus. Contact the Office of Admissions at 800.456.7189 or admissions@uolivet.edu to learn more.


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