Students, Faculty and Staff Honored at The University of Olivet Student Life Awards

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Students, faculty and staff were honored at The University of Olivet’s Student Life Awards on April 17. Awards were presented by the Office of Multicultural Education and Initiatives, the African-American Cultural Center, the Office of Student Life, student clubs, Greek organizations, honor societies, professional organizations and others.

Awards and honorees are listed in zip code order.

Student Government Association Leadership Award, Jack Caporuscio, 48002
Senior Award for Leadership, Nataliya Malaydakh, 48047
Good Neighbor Award, Andrew Campbell, 48108
Good Neighbor Award, Timothy Nelson-Slaton, 48198
Diversity Award, Kyrie Bostic, 48216

Multicultural Academic Achievement Award, Ashton Osborne, 48224
Legacy Award (Campus Activities Board), Nate Samuel, 48238
Award for Multicultural Leadership, Asheley Brooks, 48335
Legacy Award (Campus Activities Board), Asheley Brooks, 48335
Good Neighbor Award, Asheley Brooks, 48335

Volunteer Member of the Year Award, James Hobson, 48393
Good Neighbor Award, Dominique McKillop, 48444
Legacy Award (Campus Activities Board), Myra Jones, 48605
Good Neighbor Award, Joe Shuler, 48628
Outstanding Campus Safety Student Worker, Hunter Schneider, 48642

Echo Reporter of the Year, Audrey Helfrich, 48813
Beth Page Student Employee of the Year Award, Madison Phillips, 48813
Multicultural Academic Achievement Award, Cameron Ramos, 48813
The Staff Award for Dedication to the Office of Student Life, Joey Shepherd, 48813
Cecilia A. Campañá Award (Alpha Lambda Epsilon), Jessica Templin, 48813

Legacy Award (Campus Activities Board), James Thurman, 48813
Student Life Greek Award, Shelby Verlinde, 48821
The Physical Plant Employee Award for Dedication, Craig Stanton, 48827
Good Neighbor Award, Makenna Rousseau, 48838
Good Neighbor Award, Brock Pringle, 48840

Rita J. Bunton Commitment Award, Charles Crowley, 48842
WOCR Staff Member of the Year, Michael Domzalski, 48842
Helen King Gethman Award (Soronian), Brianna Thurlby, 48846
Good Neighbor Award, Zane Paksi, 48879
Gamma Iota Sigma Member of the Year (Insurance and Risk Management), Hannah Yates, 48883

Excellence in Programming Award, Abigale Smith, Out of the Darkness Walk, 48890
The Faculty/Staff Award for Promoting Diversity, La’Rae Trice, 48911
Good Neighbor Award, Tara Flanagan, 48915
Office of Student Life Adviser of the Year, Kelly Patmore, 48915
Multicultural Academic Achievement Award, Nhu Nguyen, 48917

Good Neighbor Award, Margot Fox, 49009
Gamma Iota Sigma Officer of the Year (Insurance and Risk Management), Trenton Monroe, 49009
Gamma Iota Sigma Breakout Freshman of the Year (Insurance and Risk Management), Alexis Hanchett, 49017
Vera Riethmiller Award (Soronian), Samantha Pearl, 49017

Garfield Lake Review Staff Member of the Year, Marah Heikkila, 49021
Good Neighbor Award, Ben Serrels, 49021
Gamma Iota Sigma Behind the Scenes Star (Insurance and Risk Management), Emmalee Yates, 49058
Student Life Coach of the Year, Rob Brownell, 49068
Student Club and Organization Adviser of the Year Award, Leah Knapp, 49068

Vera Riethmiller Award (Soronian), Maria VanArman, 49068
Good Neighbor Award, Logan Browning, 49076
The University of Olivet Perseverance Award, Jeff Humphrey, 49076
Multicultural Academic Achievement Award, Hannah Mellino, 49076
The Faculty Award for Dedication to the Office of Student Life, Art Williams, 49076

Good Neighbor Award, Erin Taylor, 49093
Dr. Ray B. Loeschner ODK Leadership Award, Thomas John “Jack” Ennis, 49201
Outstanding Campus Safety Worker, Ashley Swisher, 49202
Good Neighbor Award, Elayna Masters, 49242
Greek Adviser of the Year Award, Larry Colvin, 49307

Sophomore Award for Leadership, Crystal Lettinga, 49315
Excellence in Programming Award, Crystal Lettinga, Walk for Autism Awareness, 49315
Accounting Student Organization Member Awards, Emma Schut, 49319
Outstanding Intramural Employee, Devin Pascavage, 49442
Good Neighbor Award, Jada Schallhorn, 49460

Good Neighbor Award, Ben Garcia, 49507
Freshman Award for Leadership, Delaney Peters, 49680
Good Neighbor Award, Emily Dorn, 49756

Out-of-State Students:
Resident Adviser of the Year, Brittany McDuffie, 43613
Multicultural Academic Achievement Award, Karah Evans, 60586
Good Neighbor Award, Denver Bonkowski, 85207

International Students:
Junior Award for Leadership, Nicole Deweyert, Dorchester, Ontario, Canada, NOL 1G1

Awards to Organizations:
Appreciation Award to Athletic Teams With Collective Compact Behavior: Bowling, Men’s Golf, Women’s Golf, Men’s Tennis and Men’s Volleyball
Fall 2018 Intramural Dodgeball Champions, Adelphic Alpha Pi
Fall 2018 Intramural Men’s Flag Football Champions, Oak Hill Raiders
Fall 2018 Intramural Volleyball Champions, Adelphic Alpha Pi
Fall 2018 Intramural Women’s Flag Football Champions, Sigma Beta

Greek Academic Achievement Award, Adelphic Alpha Pi
Greek Academic Achievement Award, Alpha Lambda Epsilon
Greek Academic Achievement Award, Nu Gamma Xi
Greek Academic Achievement Award, Sigma Beta
Greek Academic Achievement Award, Soronian

Greek Honors Cup, Alpha Lambda Epsilon
Michael Fales Greek Service Cup, Alpha Lambda Epsilon
Most Improved Greek Society, Alpha Lambda Epsilon
Resident Adviser Program of the Year, KickStart the Yard
Spring 2019 Intramural Men’s Basketball Champions, Too Hot 4 TV

Spring 2019 Intramural Soccer Champions, Phi Alpha Pi
Spring 2019 Intramural Volleyball Champions, Social Gathering @ A6
Spring 2019 Intramural Women’s Basketball Champions, Nu Gamma Xi
Student Government Association Award, Sigma Beta
Student Organization of the Year, Gruen Chemical Society

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