All Abilities Alliance

An organization advocating for a more accessible campus for students, faculty, and staff members with disabilities, disorders, and/or impairments.

Queers & Allies (Q & A)

Queers & Allies strives to increase awareness of sexual orientation issues in and around The University of Olivet and to provide a supportive and egalitarian atmosphere for members of the campus community, regardless of sexual orientation.

OC Boxing

OC Boxing is a club devoted to the sport of boxing, promotion of friendly competition and connection through physical fitness.

The Newman Society (Catholic Student Community)

The Newman Society is an organization that offers a place to support, maintain and grow faith in the Catholic tradition. It is affiliated with the Diocese of Lansing and the Lansing Catholic Campus Ministry Association (LCCMA).

Inter-Society Council (Greek Life Community)

The Inter-Society Council seeks to initiate and carry out such actions as are required to foster unity and positive interaction among the Greek societies. The Council also strives to engage a cooperative spirit within the College, community and student body.

Humanities Club

Humanities Club seeks to expand upon members’ identities as students, teachers and members of a collective society.

HASSA (Hiram Archer Student Success Academy)

HASSA is a welcoming organization on campus that works with students of color and anyone interested. HASSA strives to support students in their academic, cultural, personal, social and spiritual development through excursions, service projects, leadership development and many other opportunities for growth and connection.

Free Thinkers

Free Thinkers is a club that welcomes student discussion of politics and ideas.

Fishing Club

The Fishing Club promotes fun and friendship through the practice of sustainable fishing.

F1rst Comets

F1rst Comets is a club devoted to supporting first-generation college students.

Culture of Respect Collective

The Culture of Respect Collective strives to eradicate forms of sexual violence on campus through advocacy, education, training and support.

The University of Olivet Veterans’ Advocates

Established in 2012, the The University of Olivet Veterans’ Advocates promotes and supports the concerns and issues of military and veteran members of the The University of Olivet student body. We provide a voice for military and veteran students in student councils and government and to the The University of Olivet administration.

Student Government Association (SGA)

The representative voice for the student body, SGA promotes the welfare, protects the rights and represents the opinions of Olivet students. SGA also seeks to establish relationships between students, staff, faculty and administrators.

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

Established to follow the guidelines set forth by the NCAA, which is the college’s governing body for athletics. This committee allows the college’s student-athletes to have a voice in matters that pertain to them.

Residence Hall Association

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is the representative voice for students in the campus residence halls. As a governing body, RHA seeks to provide programs and activities for the campus community, develop and implement policies and procedures pertaining to the residence hall environment, provide opportunities for discussion on college-related matters, including food-service, facilities and administrative policy. The organization also seeks to establish relationships with non-traditional students, Greeks and the college community. While establishing strong community development and traditions, RHA provides an excellent opportunity for leadership and lasting friendships.

Pre-Vet Club

This club is for students who are planning to attend veterinary school after their undergraduate degree. We discuss current topics in the veterinary field, assist students in applying to vet school, test students with various diagnosis to help get them thinking like a veterinarian and much more. We also want to help students find more peers with the same plans as themselves to find connection and help throughout the time at The University of Olivet and beyond.

Pokemon Go Club

This club is for those avid Pokémon fans that have the popular gaming app Pokémon GO and wish to meet up with other players. This club brings players of this game together to participate in various parts of the game as well as to assist one another in discovering things about the game that they might not have known. This club allows students to get together and have fun while they spend time on campus, giving a safe and fun way to take a break from classwork, make new friends, and simply relax and spend time outdoors in their spare time.

The University of Olivet Free Thinkers

The University of Olivet Free Thinkers’ mission is to create a platform for students to openly discuss different issues in a safe space. Our goal is to create a community of understanding and to truly see both sides of an issue. Everyone has their own background and way of thinking, and we should not shame them for their experiences. Instead, we are seeking to create an open dialogue where students are free to share their opinions and life experiences to gain a better understanding of their peers.

Gerontology Club

The Gerontology Club aims to promote healthy ways to age, provide service to the elderly in our community and surrounding communities, and to spread education on gerontology as a whole.


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