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Sophomore Amber Zabonick is a business major with a concentration in marketing. She is eager to explore the broad range of options within the marketing field and utilize her creative side in her future career. Amber’s other passions include photography, painting, traveling, service learning and more.
Hear more about Amber’s college experience firsthand.
I am from the small town of Quincy, Michigan, and I attended Homer High School. I chose Olivet because I’ve always attended small schools, and I liked that Olivet was smaller compared to bigger universities. I knew I wanted the opportunity to develop connections with my professors, and I felt that Olivet would be an atmosphere in which I could flourish in. I also came to Olivet because of the many international travel opportunities that the College offers. One of my college goals is to travel as much as possible.
I am a member of the Global Citizen Honors Program (GCHP). I joined GCHP because I wanted to be an honors student. I am really interested in doing the three-week study abroad at the University of Oxford in England through the program. I also won the GCHP essay contest offered to high school seniors. I was given a full-tuition scholarship and that is another reason why I chose Olivet.
I am also a member of the Difference Maker service learning program. I joined because I wanted to have the opportunity to make a difference in the community, and I love the travel opportunities the program provides. I’m eager for more travel opportunities when it is safe to do so.
I chose to pursue business administration with a concentration in marketing as my major because I am a very creative person and I wanted my major to involve some sort of creativity. I love the variety of careers that the marketing field offers that I can choose to pursue. I am also passionate about photography, and I knew I wanted a career that could involve photography in some way. With marketing, I could do the photography for business websites or products/ad campaigns. I’m looking forward to beginning a marketing/sales dual internship this May at American Office Solutions to gain hands-on experience in the field.
To feed my creative side, one of my hobbies is painting. I have developed a favorite style of painting called pointillism. I only use dots of paint to create my artwork. My favorite piece I’ve painted is a picture of my family’s beloved barn. This painting took me about five months to finish and took hundreds of little dots of paint. It’s definitely one of the paintings that I’m most proud of.
Olivet has definitely succeeded in providing me the opportunity to build relationships with my professors. A few of my classes are very small and that leads to more discussions and conversations with the professors. Through these discussions, I’ve been able to get to know my professors and fellow classmates better. I also have really appreciated having an adviser who has experience in the career field that I’m pursuing. I feel like my adviser has done a great job preparing me for my internships and future career through mock interviews, helping with my resume and providing honest answers to any questions I have. It’s been very reassuring to have someone I can reach out to with any questions and help me stay on track for graduation.
My experience as a Comet has given me more confidence in my future. Before college, I was unsure about my major and the path I wanted to take in life. After taking a few classes and getting advice from my professors, I know that I took the path right for me.
My advice to any high schoolers reading this — take as many dual enrollment classes as possible while in high school. I’ll be able to graduate a year earlier than expected because of the dual enrollment work I did during high school. It’s also a great way to explore potential majors.
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