Senior Chloe Williams – Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

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Senior Chloe Williams started her college career full of nerves and uncertainty. But by the end of her first year, she cracked the code of having a successful college experience. Chloe took President Corey’s advice he gives to all students: “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”


So that’s what Chloe did. In doing that, Chloe was able to come out of her shell and grow into the person she is today. “My journey at Olivet has been filled with nothing but accomplishments, working on personal growth throughout my time here, enjoying the experience of being at my first diverse school, and learning new things about culture and inclusion.”


The senior from Lake Orion is a business administration major. But Chloe gained more than knowledge while at Olivet. She said, “The biggest lesson I have learned as a student at Olivet is how to prepare for a career and life after college through networking and connecting with people. The University of Olivet always has someone to help to get you where you need to go.”


She also learned new things about herself. “When I look back over the last four years at The University of Olivet, the biggest takeaway was discovering how driven I am when I want something. I tried my best to do all I could do to get specific tasks completed to reach my goal,” Chloe expressed.  


Chloe has met some fantastic people along the way too. “They have helped me come out of my shell and be who I am today, people like Professor Weglarz, Professor Oyster, and Professor Humpherys. I have had the pleasure of working with them throughout my college career. I learned great things from them to carry with me as I start my life and career,” said Chloe.


In her time at Olivet, Chloe has been an active community member, and that’s what she knows she will miss after graduation. She is the president of the Black Student Union, a sideline cheerleader and the event coordinator for the Hiram Archer Student Success Academy and Phi Beta Lambda. “A few things that I will miss the most are the cool events that I was a part of at Olivet, such as Soul Food Thursday and resource fairs. I’ll also miss the cool trips and outings like going to North Carolina, the Detroit Pistons Games and Spartan’s Remix,” She said.


When Olivet wrote about Chloe three years ago, her goal was to be a fashion designer and entrepreneur; that is still her plan. “Some steps I have taken toward my goal are taking the required courses, continuously researching in my field and trying to connect with as many people as possible to see how to start my next chapter in life as a fashion designer and entrepreneur,” Chloe said.


Even though Chloe is leaving The University of Olivet, she’s taking a piece of it with her. “‘Be More. Do Good.’ is my motivation to keep going. I can do anything I put my mind to if I put in the work and effort. I plan to continue to do it after graduation by setting attainable goals to give me the results and success for the career and lifestyle I want to live,” Chloe said. “Olivet’s motto ‘Be More. Do Good.’ stands out to me because it shows that Olivet cares about seeing their students succeed, and after they have graduated, they go off and become successful.”


Chloe’s advice to incoming first-year students? It’s okay to be nervous. “In the beginning, things are scary. It is okay to connect with professors, coaches, administrators, and students to make coming out of your shell easier and to help you discover the person you would like to become in the future,” she expressed. 


“I would like to thank President Corey from the bottom of my heart for always making me feel welcome at Olivet, from first touring the campus until now. President Corey, you made me feel at home at Olivet. I got comfortable with being uncomfortable,” Chloe said.


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