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About the Program

Writing and Publication is designed to introduce you to the craft of creative and analytical writing, while preparing you for the professional world. In this program, you’ll develop your own style and creativity. Editing courses hone language, analytical, interpersonal, and collaborative skills. You’ll be poised to enter a professional marketplace that recognizes the value of this specialized skill set. In addition to preparing for roles in the publication process, such as editing or agenting, careers in communications, public relations, and corporate writing will be options to pursue.

A minor or additional major is required. Pairing a Writing and Publication major with another major prepares students to work within specific fields, such as subject-area writing (e.g., public policy, nature writing, social justice writing, health and lifestyle writing) or technical writing.

The Writing and Publication major also prepares interested students to begin graduate work in creative writing, library science, or related fields.

Hands-On Experience

Internships and practicum experiences are an essential part of the the Writing and Publication major. You’ll have the opportunity join the staff of Olivet’s newspaper, radio station or literary and arts journal and more. Your professors can also help you pursue hands-on opportunities at local media outlets, businesses and at nonprofit organizations.


  • UX Writer

    UX writers write copy for products and web experiences and collaborate with design teams. They conduct research, understand best UX practices and create entire user experiences from end-to-end.

  • Science Writer

    Science writers write about scientific achievements or problems. They can work for a specific publication or on a freelance basis. They often communicate difficult scientific concepts to both scientific professionals and the general public.

  • Public Relations Specialist

    Public relations specialists create and maintain a favorable public image for the organization they represent. They craft media releases and develop social media programs to shape public perception of their organization and increase awareness of its work and goals.

  • Copywriter

    A copywriter is a person who writes persuasive written content for advertising and marketing, either online or print. They write copy and provide consumers and clients with information about a particular service or product.

Courses in the Program

ENG 251 - Travel Writing
ENG 245 - Fiction Writing
ENG 320 - Editing for Publication
MPC 292 - Student Media Practicum – Garfield Lake Review
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