Visual Arts Dual Discipline


About the Program

Olivet offers unique combinations within the visual arts program so you can customize your path of study while pursuing your passion for the arts. The dual discipline major differs from a visual arts major in that it will prepare students for careers in pre-art therapy or business that rely on a strong arts background. It is not intended to train working artists.


  • Business

    The visual arts business concentration is designed for students interested in engaging in an art-related business, such as owning/operating an art gallery, becoming a self-employed artist or seeking employment in corporations that are looking for college graduates with computer technology capabilities and artistic/creative skills.

  • Pre-Art Therapy

    Students with this concentration would be required to earn a master’s degree in art therapy to practice in the profession. Our program is designed to meet the course requirements for entrance into art therapy graduate programs. Art therapists use art in treatment, assessment and research and provide consultations to allied professionals.


  • Art Gallery Owner

    Art gallery owners are entrepreneurs who start or buy their own for-profit or nonprofit art gallery. They are responsible for all aspects of a business operation, from working with artists to overseeing day-to-day operations.

  • Art Therapist

    Art therapists use the process of self-expression, and the resulting artwork to help clients understand their emotional conflicts, develop social skills, improve self-esteem, manage addictions, reduce anxiety, and restore normal function to their lives.

  • Commercial Artist

    Commercial artists create advertisements and product packaging, resulting in increased sales for a variety of industries. They meet with clients to get a general idea of a project concept and then work out the details independently.

  • Interior Designer

    Interior designers make indoor spaces functional, safe and beautiful by determining space requirements and selecting essential and decorative items, such as colors, lighting and materials. They also draw, read and edit blueprints.

Courses in the Program

BUS 412 - Small Business Development Seminar
PSY 420 - Counseling and Psychotherapy
ART 242 - Modern and Contemporary Art History
ART 251 - Painting: Fundamental
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Visual Arts Dual Discipline


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