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About the Program

Sociology and anthropology is more than a major — it’s a lifestyle centered on promoting peace, understanding and positive change in society. This program will help you learn about your society and others around the world as well as what it means to be a responsible citizen in an international community.

Enhance Your Perspective

You’ll be exposed to issues in cultural pluralism and diversity through coursework in gender, ethnicity and social class. There are a variety of career options in the field, including community relations, alternative dispute resolution, criminal justice, education, research or teaching.

I am passionate about sociology and anthropology because it has allowed me to view the world through lenses that combine diverse perspectives, rather than just my own. I have always been passionate about social injustices, and majoring in sociology and anthropology has helped me expand that passion with knowledge. The program provides students with an environment where they can freely discuss their thoughts and ideas, which is one of my favorite parts of the program. — Jessie, sociology and anthropology student


  • Nonprofit Program Coordinator

    A program coordinator plans and coordinates one or more programs for a nonprofit organization, including fundraising, budgeting and community outreach.

  • Museum Curator

    A museum curator is someone who manages and oversees a collection of objects, most commonly in a cultural institution such as a museum, library, gallery or archive.

  • International Development Consultant

    International development consultants advise and support organizations, including government agencies, nonprofits and private corporations, providing them with the practical tools needed to achieve goals and measure results.

  • Social and Community Service Manager

    Social and community service managers coordinate and supervise programs and organizations that support public well-being.

Courses in the Program

SA 201 - Myth, Symbol and Meaning
SA 305 - People, Resources, and the World
SA 311 - Uncloseting America
SA 312 - Family Dynamics
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Meet Senior Jessie Morris, Sociology and Anthropology Major

Senior Jessie Morris is a sociology and anthropology major and history minor. She grew up in Bellevue, just a few…

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