Chemistry with Forensic Science


About the Program

Olivet offers a unique forensic science program for students interested in crime scene investigation. This minor can only be combined with a chemistry major to ensure you complete pertinent course work in both the sciences and criminal justice. You’ll be serving law enforcement and using your professional skills to make a difference in your community.


  • Forensics Manager

    A forensics manager is a professional who oversees the activities that support criminal investigations. They may plan, direct and coordinate various activities related to forensic science within a crime lab or other forensics organization.

  • Crime Lab Analyst

    Crime lab analysts collect, identify, classify and process evidence collected from crime scenes. They use this evidence to help investigators identify the methods used to commit crimes, the types of materials present and possible suspects.

  • Toxicologist

    Toxicologists study the effects of drugs on biological systems as well as the effects of other substances, both natural and man-made. They work with and develop methodologies for determining harmful effects of substances, as well as how to judge correct dosages and therefore avoid them.

  • Forensic Scientist

    Forensic scientists search for and analyze forensic materials found at crime scenes. They then present this evidence for use in legal investigations and courts of law, sometimes being called in themselves to speak in court as experts in their field or to explain the evidence.

Courses in the Program

BIO 311 - Pathophysiology
CEM 333 - Biochemistry - Molecular Genetics and Biosynthesis
CEM 420 - Chemical Instrumentation
CJ 430 - Crime Scene Investigation
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