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The chemistry program provides education in inorganic, organic, biological, analytical and physical chemistries, and provides essential training for those wishing to enter medical or graduate school in many of the sciences. You’ll study and research toxicology, biomedical studies, forensic science, teaching and other areas.


  • HSE Professional

    HSE professionals, also known as health, safety and environment officers, monitor health and safety, assess risk, and design strategies to reduce potential hazards within an assigned workplace or geographic area.

  • Geochemist

    Geochemists use physical and organic chemistry to study the composition of elements found in ground water, such as water from wells or aquifers, and of earth materials, such as rocks and sediment.

  • Analytical Chemist

    An analytical chemist may conduct basic laboratory research, perform process and product development, design instruments used in analytical analysis, teach, or work in marketing and law.

  • Research Scientist

    A research scientist gathers knowledge and understands research. They typically perform experiments, make observations, and create detailed papers of their findings for peer review and publishing.

Courses in the Program

CEM 301 - Inorganic Chemistry
CEM 223 - Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
CEM 420 - Chemical Instrumentation
CEM 332 - Biochemistry: Biomolecules and Metabolism
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