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Biochemistry majors explore the chemical processes within and related to living organisms. It combines techniques and processes from biology and chemistry, which provides you with a variety of career options. At Olivet, you’ll study inorganic, organic, biological, analytical and physical chemistries.

Get Ready for Medical School

If you are interested in dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, optometry, medicine or veterinary medicine, you will work with a career adviser right away to ensure you meet the specific courses required for admission to these graduate school programs.


  • Pharmaceutical Researcher

    A pharmaceutical researcher performs research to drive drug discovery, development and testing.

  • Biochemical Engineer

    A biochemical engineer is responsible for the development of new chemical products by conducting studies on cells, proteins, viruses or other biological substances.

  • Microbiologist

    A microbiologist is a scientist who studies microscopic life forms and processes. This includes study of the growth, interactions and characteristics of microscopic organisms such as bacteria, algae, fungi and some types of parasites.

  • Physician

    A physician offers non-surgical health care to patients. They diagnose medical problems, monitor patient's health, and educate patients on medical conditions and preventative care.

Courses in the Program

CEM 332 - Biochemistry-Biomolecules and Metabolism
BIO 403 - Environmental Health and Toxicology
BIO 404 - Genetics
CEM 431 - Molecular Biology Techniques
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