Expanding the UOlivet Nursing Program

Doing Good to Others

Nobody ever said a career in nursing was easy. What nurses do say is that, in the long run, the hard work is gratifying and worth it. They make a meaningful difference in the lives of others every day.

That’s why UOlivet is expanding and growing its nursing program.

The University of Olivet’s academic vision is Education for Individual and Social Responsibility. Our nursing program graduates will be intellectually, morally, and spiritually enriched. They will embody the “divine art and science of doing good to others,” as the University’s founding fathers stated in 1844.

An Impact on Lives

Nursing offers fulfillment, purpose and opportunities to positively impact the lives of others and contribute to the greater good of society. Whether it’s providing comfort to patients in times of need, advocating for their rights or implementing life-saving interventions, nurses have a direct and tangible impact on the well-being and quality of life of patients and their families.

Diverse Career Opportunities

The healthcare field opens doors to a diverse range of career paths and specializations. With opportunities for career advancement, professional growth, and continued education, nursing offers flexibility and versatility, allowing individuals to tailor their career paths to their interests, passions, and goals.

Job Security and Financial Stability

There is a high demand for qualified nurses today due to the record number of baby boomers retiring and others leaving the field after the extreme pressures of the pandemic. According to a 2022 National Council of State Board of Nursing study, approximately 100,000 nurses left the workforce after the pandemic, and more than 610,000 have reported an intent to leave by 2027.

Nursing Simulation Lab to Open Fall 2024

To better serve UOlivet students majoring in nursing and other healthcare-related fields, a nursing simulation lab will provide direct access to crucial hands-on experience and simulated clinical scenarios.

The University of Olivet is grateful to Glenn Johnson ’71 for supporting the renovation of unused space in Mott Academic Center as a nursing simulation lab, scheduled to open in fall 2024. Glenn’s gift and support of the nursing simulation lab is in honor of his father, Byron Johnson, who had a fulfilling career in pharmaceuticals.

The lab will mimic real-world healthcare settings as closely as possible to help students develop essential clinical skills and gain confidence in their abilities to be competent and compassionate healthcare professionals. Students will develop clinical skills, critical thinking, and professional competence in a safe and supportive environment. The lab will include:

Simulation Manikins

High-fidelity simulation manikins are sophisticated, lifelike models that students use to practice various clinical procedures, including patient assessment, medication administration, and basic and advanced nursing interventions. High-fidelity manikins simulate physiological responses such as breathing, heart sounds, and bleeding, providing a realistic training experience.

Medical Equipment

Students will learn to use medical equipment commonly used in healthcare settings, including IV pumps, cardiac monitors, oxygen delivery devices, blood pressure cuffs, stethoscopes and more.

Patient Care Stations

Patient care stations or beds provide students with the opportunity to learn bedside care, including activities such as bathing, positioning and feeding simulated patients.

Skills Stations

Under the guidance of instructors, students work in skills stations to practice tasks such as wound care, sterile technique, medication administration, catheterization and more.

Anatomical Models and Simulated Patient Props

Anatomical models, charts and simulated patient props will enhance a student’s understanding of human anatomy, physiology, and common healthcare conditions.

Simulation Control Room

Instructors can remotely control simulation scenarios, adjust the physiological parameters of simulation manikins, and provide real-time feedback to students. The simulation control room provides students with a dynamic and immersive learning experience.

Computerized Charting Systems

The computerized charting systems will allow students to practice documenting patient assessments, interventions, and outcomes in a simulated and modern electronic health record (EHR) environment.

The UOlivet Difference

At The University of Olivet, our relationship-based approach to learning meets students where they are are and is built on:

  • Rich, vibrant engagement both in and out of the classroom
  • Trusting, genuine and caring connections
  • Talking and sharing across cultures and experiences

Academic and Professional Excellence in Nursing Preparation

The University of Olivet nursing program fosters an environment that supports learners from diverse backgrounds. Our faculty promotes academic and professional excellence, nursing leadership skills and evidence-based and research-driving practices.

Graduates apply a broad understanding of the liberal arts to their nursing practice and are prepared to serve as patient advocates for diverse populations and in various healthcare settings.

Nursing graduates provide care to populations within their community, county, state, country, and world, and they have knowledge of today’s patient care technologies that are critical to delivering quality patient care.

Practice Partner: University of Michigan Health-Sparrow

The strength of clinical partnerships is paramount to the success of a nursing program. We look forward to a long and mutual relationship with University of Michigan Health-Sparrow. Working, learning and collaborating with world-class healthcare professionals and researchers is an extraordinary opportunity for UOlivet students. U-M Health was ranked Michigan’s number-one hospital by U.S. News and World Report for 2023-2024.

Making a difference

“The online remote learning provided the flexibility for a work/life balance while continuing to advance my education. … I am currently working toward my Doctor of Nursing Practice degree with an emphasis on Family Nursing Practice. I cannot thank The University of Olivet and its professors enough for helping me advance my career.”
– Lorilee Gute, BSN, RN

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