OC’s Student Success Center Provides All Students With Academic Assistance

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The University of Olivet’s Student Success Center (SSC), located in the Mott Academic Center, is available to all students looking for academic assistance. The SSC caters to the needs of all students, whether they’re seeking help with a quick assignment or are looking for more long-term tutoring.

The Student Success Center offers a variety of services:

  • Peer Tutoring: Upper-level students tutor their peers in a variety of subjects such as writing, chemistry, math and more.
  • Mentor Collective: Students work with successful students or alumni with similar interests and goals.
  • Academic Mentoring: In addition to the Mentor Collective, students can work with a staff mentor as well.
  • Academic Accommodations: Accommodations coordinators support students with documented learning or physical disabilities/impairments. Each student receives personalized attention based on his or her need for accommodations.

Open Door Policy

“The Student Success Center provides support staff and resources for students to utilize throughout their educational journey,” Joey Shepherd, academic accommodations coordinator, said. “The SSC contains academic mentors, tutors, quiet testing rooms, a quiet study area, computers and a printer for students to use.”

Joey finds working in the SSC to be immensely gratifying.

“The most rewarding part of working at the SSC is the opportunity to assist students on their academic journey,” he said. “Specifically, I work with students needing accommodations. My job is to level the playing field so students with impairments and disabilities have an equal opportunity to succeed in their courses. Also, I enjoy planning workshops and helping students with their resumes and cover letters.”

Joey stresses that the SSC is a safe place for students to receive assistance in many different disciplines.

“The staff members of the SSC care about the academic and personal success of the students at OC and are always available to help a student in need,” Joey said.

Meet The Tutors

Students involved in peer tutoring find their jobs incredibly rewarding as they watch their tutees grow throughout the learning process. Here’s what a few tutors have to say about their role as tutor:

“I became a tutor because I want people to enjoy and understand chemistry. I want to share my knowledge and passion about chemistry with others. I enjoy watching people’s faces light up when they finally understand the concept. It’s fulfilling to be a part of a student expanding their knowledge.” — Chemistry major Jordyn Osterland

“The best part of this job is helping people realize that they were good writers all along — they just needed to believe it. I love having students come back multiple times throughout a semester and watching how their writing improves throughout that time period. Additionally, the other tutors in the Center definitely inspire me to be better at my job.” — English major Halle Burke

The most rewarding part of tutoring is seeing my tutees become proud of their work, seeing them grow and seeing them become confident with their work whether it be after one session or multiple ones. Writing can be one of the most fulfilling accomplishments in the world, and that message made me want to become a tutor. The goal of my tutoring is to give tutees an even larger platform and hold onto their own voice to be heard as themselves, not as the tutor’s voice or the tutor’s writing style.” — English major Marah Heikkila

“Most students I tutor continue to meet with me for future appointments, so I am able to witness the progress in their writing. I have the opportunity to hear students’ life stories through their writing. I am thankful that students feel comfortable enough to share their stories with me. Additionally, tutoring allows me to connect with more of the student body.” — Biology major Tatum Oxford

Learn more about the SSC and the programs it offers or contact Joey Shepherd, academic accommodations coordinator, at 269.749.7591 or jshepherd@uolivet.edu. Learn more about The University of Olivet by contacting the Office of Admissions at 800.456.7189 or admissions@uolivet.edu.


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