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On April 1, the Senior Art Exhibition will open at the Kresge Foundation Art Gallery. The exhibition will run through May 20, with an artists’ reception April 5, 5-7 p.m. The exhibition is free and open to the public. This year, the students are accepting donations to help fund refreshments for the reception as well as framing of the artists’ pieces.

Meet the Artists

Kaleb Bradley

Originally from Ashley, Michigan, Kaleb is a graphic design major with a minor in computer science.

“For this exhibition, I want people to see the true range of art that Olivet has to offer and how open it is to the artists to create and have their own personality. The thing I will miss the most about The University of Olivet will be the atmosphere of the community. Where else will you find something this small radiating with sure passion and love for the community as a whole?

“The exhibition is not only a display of great work that we have created, it is also our first taste of being a true artist. The variety of each person presenting work in this Senior Exhibition guarantees there will be something for everyone. It should be a perfect representation of all the art forms we study at Olivet.”

Samantha Igl

Samantha hails from Mason, Michigan, and is majoring in the visual arts dual discipline with a concentration in business.

“The leading factor in my success is passion. Expressing yourself through visual art is definitely something that I am completely passionate about. Now, as a senior at The University of Olivet, my knowledge of the arts has created an even deeper passion and understanding.”

Hannah Mellino

Hannah is from Olivet, Michigan, and is majoring in graphic design and visual arts with a concentration in biological illustration.

“The Senior Art Exhibition, for me, is the final of all finals. It is a physical result that shows the best of you from over four years. For myself, it is exciting to physically see my artistic growth from no art lessons to my sketches in Florence, Italy, and I get to share that with the entire campus.

“I realize graduation is the ‘final moment’ for seniors, but to me, this is the graduation or the ‘final moment’ for art seniors. This is your party and your moment where you get to say, ‘I am an artist.’ At graduation you only make that statement official. At that exhibition though, is when you give undeniable proof of who you have become.”

Megan Partlo

A Coleman, Michigan, native, Megan is studying graphic design and visual arts with a concentration in biological illustration.

“I have been interested in art for as long as I can remember. At just two years old, I recall waking up every morning and drawing on my blue Crayola easel for hours. My love for art has only grown with time. I am excited for the Senior Art Exhibition because it will allow me to share the theme of my work with the public and positively display the works of my peers. The exhibition will prepare me to be organized and learn how to visually display my work in a pleasing and professional manner to the public.”

Leshaun Phillips

Leshaun is from Detroit, Michigan, and is studying visual arts with a concentration in studio art.

“From this exhibition, I am hoping to bring a different perspective to The University of Olivet’s art program. I have decided to do a graffiti piece and, from my knowledge, no one has done this before. I believe that it is important to show different cultures’ artwork, especially a culture that is stereotyped into something that it truly is not. This is my culture that I know well and it is something that means a lot to me. I want to show this program something different and have it be appreciated in the way that it actually deserves.”

Mark Smith

Originally from Petoskey, Michigan, Mark is studying visual arts with a concentration in biological illustration.

“I came to Olivet with this major in mind. We have been privileged to attend such an admirable institution, and this exhibition will allow us to display the pride we have for The University of Olivet.

“Being a part of the Senior Art Exhibition will provide me with the experience of organizing and cooperating with others to put on a successful exhibit which will no doubt come in handy. It will provide me with tools to be used at my disposal later in my career. This experience is what I hope to gain from the exhibition, and I believe it will.”

To learn more about the Senior Art Exhibition, contact Gary Wertheimer, professor of art and visual arts program director, at 269.749.7627 or gbwertheimer@uolivet.edu.


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