OC’s New Female Mascot Needs a Name

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The University of Olivet Athletics continues in making history. Today’s Comets are breaking records, reaching new heights and achieving more than even before. In fact, they are Being More and Doing Good!

At the forefront of athletics is Clyde the mascot, who embodies OC’s school spirit, success and commitment to excellence. In fact, there’s so much spirit and success that soon Clyde will team up with a partner – a female mascot!

2017 Athletic Rebrand

As part of the athletics brand refresh announced in 2017, a new typography and logo were introduced that symbolize energy, speed and forward motion, sending a clear message that today’s Comets are positioned for success – and Clyde, OC’s beloved mascot, is no exception. Soon, the new and improved Clyde will be revealed. He’s transforming from a mild-mannered sidekick to a powerful athletic competitor! And the new female mascot will stand right alongside of Clyde – she’s bold, fast, tenacious, resilient, and empowering; she’s a leader.

Students, alumni, faculty and staff members have all contributed to the female mascot persona. They even suggested a number of names that best reflect the spirit of OC. Narrowed down from 15 to two, it’s now time for OC Nation to voice their opinion.

What’s in a Name?

We want to hear from you! Which name best personifies the women of The University of Olivet?

  • HALEY: A nod to the other famous and true Halley’s Comet. Haley represents strong will and electric energy, taking the world by storm whenever she appears.
  • OLIVE: A connection to the very beginning and namesake of The University of Olivet. Olive’s energetic and welcoming personality is contagious to all who cheer on the Red and White!


Polling is open through February 9. You may cast your opinion daily, but only once per day.

The name will be announced March 7, when the transformed Clyde and new female mascot costumes are revealed!


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