The University of Olivet Marching Comets Drum up Homecoming

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When Comets think of Homecoming, football, parades, school spirit shared by generations of alumni, the Marching Comets come to mind. This fall, The University of Olivet is preparing for a very special Homecoming, Sept. 28-30, and the Marching Comets will be front and center

Many unique events have been planned to make the week memorable and even launch the commemoration of OC’s 175th anniversary, including the iconic Alumni Awards Celebration, the OC President’s Panel and a block party for all alumni, hosted by Soronian, which is celebrating its 150th anniversary.

Registration for all events is open now.

The Marching Comets

Homecoming may be over a month away, but the The University of Olivet Marching Comets, led by Jeremy Duby, director of bands, haven’t wasted any time planning how they’ll contribute to the vibrant campus community this fall. While the band performs at every home football game and other events throughout the year, there’s something special about Homecoming.

“Homecoming is an exciting time when the current campus community has the opportunity to connect with those who helped shape The University of Olivet to be what it is today,” Professor Duby explained. “Many generations have built upon the legacy of their predecessors, and at the center of all of our growth and evolution, the founding mission of doing good to others has always rung true.”

Director of Bands Jeremy Duby

Today, the Marching Comets have an overwhelming appreciation for the strong foundation they are able to build upon. It was only a few years ago that the marching band returned to campus under Professor Duby’s exemplary leadership after 30 years of silence. His hard work helped grow the band from nine members to a 27-member marching band in just two years. Further, his mission is to ensure that the Marching Comets become a lasting legacy at OC.

“The University of Olivet is a special place because of its history and its people,” Professor Duby said. “I take great pride in being an Olivetian, and take great responsibility in my role to grow a band program that makes a positive impact on campus while also remembering its heritage. I am proud of those that came before me, and am honored to be at the helm as we navigate forward to make positive musical differences in today’s ever-changing world.”

A Legacy Lives On

During Homecoming, attendees can expect to see and hear the band during all traditional game day events. The Marching Comets will make their first appearance at 11 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 29. The band will strike up school spirit during a special parade and processional to Cutler Athletic Complex accompanying the football and cheer teams. Before kickoff, the Marching Comets will take the field for an incredible pre-game show, and will return during halftime for an exclusive performance. During the football game, the band will join fans in the bleachers, rallying the crowd to cheer on the team with favorite anthems, and of course, the The University of Olivet Fight Song.

In addition to the classic role of the Marching Comets, the band is also using its platform to share an important message. “This year’s halftime show will be in tribute to strong women and a voice for equality amongst women in the world,” Professor Duby said. “We have commissioned a female composer to write and arrange music for us that highlights strong female artists and messages of strong female leadership. We are very excited to perform a show like this as it comes directly from our mission and original beliefs as a college.”

All band alumni are invited to join the Marching Comets at any OC football game, especially at Homecoming. They are welcome to perform during the pre-game show and play with the band throughout the game. Further, the Marching Comets welcome alumni to share their stories and support, and most importantly, share and strengthen their legacy by engaging with the band today.

“The band alumni have been instrumental in the shaping of the Marching Comets. It is always amazing to see the pride they have in the band, and the excitement they share when seeing them grow and perform,” Professor Duby exclaimed. “The stories that have been shared, and the stories that will be shared, are always fascinating, and are held very dear to the current members as we continue to grow and shape the future of the Marching Comets.”

Be part of a growing tradition by joining the Marching Comets this season. Homecoming is the perfect time to connect and reconnect with The University of Olivet, and see your legacy in action. Contact Professor Duby at jduby@uolivet.edu or 267.749.7158 to plan your visit.

Learn more about 2018 Homecoming and OC’s 175th anniversary celebration, and register for events now. Contact Samantha Pearl ’00, director of alumni engagement, at 269.749.7644 or alumnirelations@uolivet.edu for questions.


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