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Jasmine Hardy ’04 and Jillian Johnson

Students in The University of Olivet’s Class of 2022 are already planning for their futures, with their sights set on three main goals– seamlessly transitioning to college, having a positive college journey and graduating with the tools to begin a successful career. Thanks to OC’s new Mentor Collective program, students now have access to a resource to help them reach their goals – a personal mentor.

Mentor Collective pairs each incoming freshman with one of the best and brightest students or alumni from The University of Olivet. The matches are selected through a questionnaire, identifying both the mentor and mentee’s program or field interest, style of communication, hobbies, schedule and more. The matches are encouraged to meet regularly via video chat and often in person as well. Mentors aim to guide mentees through their transition to college, developing time management skills, career decisions and in all ways of academic and personal success.

“I am very excited that our incoming freshmen will have the opportunity to be connected with successful students and alumni who were once in their shoes,” explained Jasmine Hardy ’04, coordinator of student success. “I hope these relationships will aid in a successful transition to life here at OC, and I’m also excited for our mentors to have the opportunity to live the compact by contributing to the learning of others and development and growth of The University of Olivet.”

After the match process, both the mentor and mentee participate in a video chat training session with Mentor Collective. The training covers the power of mentorship, best practices of mentorship and what to expect throughout the program. In addition, the program includes conversation guides, suggested learning outcomes, videos, games and constant support if a mentor or mentee needs help navigating their role.

Many students have already joined The University of Olivet’s Mentor Collective and been matched with a mentor, and there are many mentors eager to be matched with a freshman or are willing to be matched with additional mentees.

“I currently have been matched with four mentees, and I love my experience with the program so far,” said rising junior and mentor Jillian Johnson. “I’m looking forward to the impact our relationship can have on their college experience. There isn’t anyone I’ve met at Olivet that hasn’t helped shape my experience in school, life, sports or another way, and I think I can have a positive impact on these students now. Having at least one person that you feel comfortable reaching out to when there is a problem or just when you need to talk to someone is great. I firmly believe that everyone needs someone to believe in them and that person will be me for these students. In return, this experience will also help me develop skills in advising and communicating effectively, something I need for my future career in psychology.”

New Student Orientation dates have already begun at OC, and the Class of 2022 is preparing for Move-In Day August 17. Mentees often ask for the inside scoop on what they should bring to college, what student life is like and where they can find resources on campus. Mentors have shared a similar journey at The University of Olivet and share advice, tips and information with mentees based on personal experiences.

“When I think about my time as a student, I was fortunate to have peer mentors. Those relationships happened organically through my major and involvement in clubs, but I think it’s really awesome and important that we now have a way to intentionally build these relationships,” Jasmine said.

The Mentor Collective program is free and all incoming The University of Olivet freshmen are encouraged to join. Every student who is interested in the program is guaranteed to be matched with a mentor, and there is no limit on the number of students who can sign up. The Class of 2022 will receive an email from Jasmine with directions to begin the match process. If students would like to learn more, they can connect with their admissions representative or the Office of Admissions at 800.456.7189 or admissions@uolivet.edu.


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