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Every community develops its own lingo, whether that be the Land Down Under, right mate? Or our neighbors to the north, eh? And OC Nation is no exception. We don’t want new students to feel lost trying to catch on to the words and phrases used around campus. Check out the OC Glossary for New Students so you can walk the walk and talk the talk on Move-In Day – which, we might add, is just four days away!

1. KC – This is the big one on campus. Short for Kirk Center, the KC is the main dining hall, serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night snacks, all fresh and delicious. Learn more here.

2. Mott and Cons – These are the main academic buildings on campus. Mott (aka C.S. Mott Academic Center) serves students in business, criminal justice, natural and physical sciences, and much more. It’s also home to many professor offices and student services.

Cons is short for Margaret Upton Conservatory of Music, home to English, writing, journalism and music students, as well as practice rooms, a performance hall and more professor offices.

3. Residence Halls – Blair, Dole and Ship (short for Shipherd) refer to the three main residence halls on campus. Each has its own unique characteristics and is a great place to live, study and hangout. Long, Oak Hill and Gillette refer to student apartment complexes on the outskirts of campus. They’re reserved for the upper class students, and to live in some you even have to maintain a certain GPA – even more motivation to pay attention in class!

4. The Square – This one is hard to miss. The center of campus is shaped like a square and serves as the main intersection between all points on campus. Grab a hammock or picnic blanket to relax in the shade of our mighty oaks! Plus, there’s Wi-Fi available everywhere on campus, so you can research a paper or take a movie break in the great outdoors.

5. The Hill – Sometimes OC is referred to as The Hill, acknowledging the story of OC’s founder, “Father” John J. Shipherd. Don’t worry, you’ll hear the legend at some point in your first week of classes.

6. Moose – No, there are no moose on campus, but we do have Head Football Coach Dan “Moose” Musielewicz. He pushes the team to succeed in the classroom and on the field.

7. Cut – The Cutler Athletic Complex, usually shortened to Cut, is home to training facilities and competition fields for most of the athletic teams on campus. It’s a short walk south down Main Street.

8. Seminar – This is a weekly class that meets Wednesday morning. Each major has its own, unique seminar customized to its needs. You’ll network with like minded students, participate in career prep and have access to academic advising.

9. Homer – You might hear students talking about Homer, and they don’t mean Homer Simpson. Rather, John Homer, Ph.D., serves as professor of economics and the grandfather figure on campus. Don’t be fooled by his sweet side, Dr. Homer runs a tight ship in his classrooms, but students agree he is one of the best professors on campus.

10. Lib – The Burrage Library stands as an icon for OC on the corner of Main Street and College Street. Head over to the Lib to check out a book, meet for a group project or use the free computers and printers.

11. Lamp – The Lamp, short for the Lamplighter, is an OC themed restaurant on the corner of Butterfield Road and Main Street. The restaurant hosts special college events and has a great selection of favorite eats, like pizza, burritos and cheeseburgers.

12. OC Nation – Also known as the The University of Olivet Family, OC Nation is your biggest support system. Made up of students, faculty, staff, alumni and many others, we are all excited to welcome you as our newest family member. We’ve got your back and are here to help make sure you reach your goals. And we’ll celebrate your successes together, now and forever.

Your OC family is prepped, ready and waiting for you to arrive! Any last questions? Check here or contact the Office of Admissions at 800.456.7189 or admissions@uolivet.edu.


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