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I rolled up my sleeve because …

My grandfather is 86 years old. He, like many others, is a part of a high risk-group when it comes to getting COVID. I got vaccinated not only to protect myself and him, but because I trust science and medicine. Trust modern medicine and get vaccinated.” — Ben Compton 

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,
We are pleased to announce that The University of Olivet has joined colleges and universities across the nation, the White House and the U.S. Department of Education in our efforts to end the pandemic. OC is just one of three private colleges in Michigan that have committed to the COVID-19 College Vaccine Challenge and its three action steps:

  1. Make sure every member of our campus community knows they are eligible for a free vaccine.
  2. Implement a plan to get as many members of our college community vaccinated as possible.
  3. Make it easy for students, staff and faculty to get vaccinated.

Getting as many Americans as possible vaccinated is critical to saving lives and helping our country return to normal. While a significant portion of older generations have received the shot, younger Americans lag behind.
Everyone has a role to play in ending this pandemic, including our college community — and including you.
Now is the time to educate yourself, ask questions if you’re uncertain about the vaccine and make your plan. Let’s show others that the The University of Olivet family is up to the challenge!
In this week’s communication, you’ll read about the following:

  1. How getting vaccinated will allow you to have a more normal fall semester.
  2. Share your “why.”
  3. Text to find a vaccine location near you.
  4. Vaccination resources.
It’s Worth a Shot!

If we want the The University of Olivet campus community to get back to normal, we need to build immunity within our community. The way to do that is to roll up our sleeves and get the COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine is free, available and safe. The vaccine is free, available and safe.
Not vaccinated

  • An increased number of positive COVID-19 cases could result in pausing in-person classes and a move back to Zoom.
  • You’ll be required to wear a mask indoors if six-feet social distancing cannot be maintained.
  • Completion of daily ClearPass health check required.
  • You’ll be subject to random asymptomatic testing.
  • Quarantine and/or isolation will be required if you are identified as a close contact, if presumed positive, following some travel, etc.
  • You may miss classes, work, social activities and athletic games due to quarantine or isolation.


  • In-person classes with no disruption.
  • Social activities with fewer restrictions.
  • Mask not required indoors.
  • Daily ClearPass and random asymptomatic testing not required.
  • Quarantine not required.
  • No missed classes, work, social activities or athletic games due to quarantine.

Bottom Line: Make a plan to get the vaccine. It’s worth a shot if we want to get back to normal.

What’s Your Why?

Students, faculty and staff: Have you been vaccinated or are you making your plan to be vaccinated? Share a photo or short video with a message to your OC family about why you chose to be vaccinated. Ben shared his why. Now it’s your turn. CLICK HERE to share your why.

Text to Find a Vaccine and Free Ride in Your Area

If you haven’t gotten your COVID-19 vaccine, find out where to go by texting your zip code to 438829 for locations closest to you. A service of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, you’ll even be asked if you need to schedule a free ride or if you need childcare.

Vaccine Resources
  • Check your local health department or hospital website to find out their process or for registration forms. On the left side of the page above the map of Michigan, select your county or the City of Detroit. Next, on the right side of the page, click on the link under “COVID-19 Vaccine Information.”
  • Meijer is now offering COVID-19 vaccinations for walk-in or by appointment, making it even more convenient for you to receive a shot. Bonus: Meijer is also offering a coupon for $10 off your next purchase if you complet your vaccination series at a Meijer store!
  • Check additional vaccination sites, such as local pharmacies like Rite Aid, Kroger, Walmart (Mid/Central and Northern MI) or Snyder Drugs (U.P. residents).
  • Olivet Pharmacy offers the Moderna (2 shot) vaccine. Students, faculty and staff are welcome to schedule an appointment with the pharmacy for the free vaccination by calling 269-280-5005.
  • Residents who don’t have access to the internet or who need assistance navigating the vaccine scheduling process can call the COVID-19 Hotline at 888-535-6136 (press 1) Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The circle of indifference has the self at its center. The circle of compassion has others at the center. The former leads to apathy; the latter to empathy.” — Shubha Vilas


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