The University of Olivet CARES: Changes to Policies and Guidelines

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Dear Faculty and Staff,
Thank you to those of you who attended Monday’s employee forum regarding our return to in-person work on June 7. We appreciate your questions, comments, patience and understanding as we navigate the many changes taking place at the state level with regards to in-person work and its impact on the The University of Olivet community. This communication will address the following changes to the OC CARES Pandemic Response Plan.

  1. Mask Requirements
  2. Continued Physical Distancing
  3. Daily ClearPass Health Check
  4. Visitor Policy
  5. Keep it Up
Masking Requirements
  • If you are fully vaccinated, a mask is no longer required indoors or outdoors. If any vaccinated employee feels more comfortable continuing to wear a mask, we encourage you to do so.
  • If you are non-vaccinated, a mask is required when six-feet physical distancing cannot be consistently maintained indoors in the workplace.
Continued Physical Distancing
  • Six-feet physical distancing is still required to the maximum extent feasible while indoors, with the exception of fully vaccinated individuals who are in agreement to less than six-feet physical distancing.
  • The room capacity and ability to physically distance needs to be taken into consideration when transitioning from Zoom meetings to in-person meetings. Zoom meetings may still be required if the appropriate sized meeting space is unavailable.
  • With the summer weather upon us, consider having a meeting outdoors to avoid room capacity or physical distancing issues.
Daily ClearPass Health Check
  • If you are non-vaccinated, you are required to complete the ClearPass health check daily when on campus.
  • Fully vaccinated employees are asked to use the ClearPass app to report any symptoms that may be consistent with COVID-19. While the vaccine has proven to be effective, it does not guarantee that you cannot or will not get COVID-19.
  • For more information on how to access the ClearPass app, click here. ClearPass information is submitted only to Terri Glasgow, director of human resources.
Visitor Policy

The campus is reopen to visitors, including guests of residential students.
Visitors should be informed of the College masking requirements for vaccinated and non-vaccinated guests.
If a guest indicates they are fully vaccinated, we will trust that they are.
For required contact tracing purposes, if a guest indicates they are non-vaccinated, the host must complete the ClearPass on behalf of the guest, adding the guest name next to the employee’s name on the first screen of the ClearPass check in. In lieu of using the ClearPass app, hosts may complete the Daily Screening Sign In Sheet located in each building.

Keep it Up

Thank you for all you have done over the past 14 months for the benefit of our students. You’ve gone above and beyond for our OC family, in addition to carrying the weight of your personal worries and obligations. Please take time in the beautiful days ahead to relax, inhale the fresh air (without it being filtered by a mask), smile (with your eyes and your mouth) and experience the joy in every day. And…

  1. Watch your hands.
  2. Physically distance.
  3. Wear a mask if you are non-vaccinated.
  4. Make your plan to get vaccinated.

If you have questions about your return to in-person work, please reach out to your supervisor. If you have questions about any of the changes to the OC CARES Pandemic Response Plan, please email olivetcollegecares@uolivet.edu.
“I’m glad to see you back. I thought you were gone forever.”Samuel Beckett, “Waiting for Godot”


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