The University of Olivet CARES: August 17, 2020 – It’s Going to Be a Momentous Monday

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Dear Students and Families,
On Monday, we start the 2020-21 academic year. It’s going to be a Monday like no other. It’s going to be a year like no other. Without a doubt, COVID-19 continues to cause disruption and stress in each of our lives. But, as Olivetians, we have an opportunity. This is an opportunity to show the local community, the state and beyond what collective responsibility, perseverance, resourcefulness, determination, community, and most important, respect means.
This week’s communication addresses the following:

  1. Course Delivery: Know Your Course Type and Location
  2. Class Attendance Expectations
  3. Contact for Course-Related Concerns
  4. Pass/Fail: What’s Your Daily Health Status?
  5. Are You Masking Up Properly?
  6. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Everything In-between
  7. Building Directional Signage: Stay the Course
  8. ITS SOS

Course Delivery: Know Your Course Type and Location
To meet the needs of students and employees during the pandemic, the College is offering three modes of course delivery this fall:

  • Face-to-Face (F2F): This course will be held totally on campus at the meeting times noted on your course schedule.
  • Hybrid Course: The course will meet once a week in the classroom and either hold a second class meeting each week via Zoom or have additional work remotely.
  • Online Synchronous Course: This course will be delivered online through virtual Zoom meetings at the times indicated on your schedule.

It is imperative that you review and understand your course schedule before classes start on Monday. Click here for an explanation of how to determine your course type and location when viewing your course schedule on MyOlivet.
Class Attendance Expectations
Regular class attendance, whether in face-to-face on-campus class meetings or in online Zoom class sessions, is critical for your success in all of your courses.

  • Face-to-Face (F2F) and Hybrid Courses: Students in F2F courses are expected to attend all scheduled class meetings in the classroom unless unable to do so due to illness, quarantine or other excused reasons. Students who are not ill but who are in isolation or quarantine and unable to attend class in person are expected to attend class via a live stream link provided by the instructor. Attendance in the classroom is also expected for all on-campus meetings of hybrid courses.
  • Online Synchronous Courses: Students in online synchronous courses are expected to attend all scheduled Zoom meetings of their courses unless unable to do so due to illness or other excused reasons. Students who are not ill but who are in isolation or quarantine are expected to continue attending their courses via Zoom during this time. Attendance in all scheduled Zoom sessions is also expected for hybrid courses. On-campus computers are available for commuter students to participate in Zoom sessions of their courses while on campus.

Communication with your professor is key to a successful semester – regardless of whether your course is F2F, hybrid or online.  If you must miss a class for any reason, let your professor know about your situation as soon as possible.  They want to work with you towards the successful completion of their course.
Contact for Course-Related Concerns
We understand the return to classes this fall brings with it some challenges. Know that your education truly matters to us. You are here to learn, as well as to build relationships with faculty, staff and other students – that is what makes The University of Olivet so special. If ever during the fall semester you have a concern about anything related to your academics or your course delivery, we encourage you to reach out to Dr. Lisa Furman, associate dean for academic quality, at lfurman@uolivet.edu for guidance. Your questions or concerns will be addressed.
Pass/Fail: What’s Your Daily Health Status?
As part of the OC CARES Student Pledge, students agree to complete a mandatory daily health screening and temperature check. Now that you are on campus, the screening must be completed daily, including weekends, and regardless of if you leave your residence. Click here for the daily health screening guideline. Click here for the OC CARES ClearPass app instructions.
Faculty and staff have the right to ask to see your daily health screening pass on your phone or via your OC email account. Make your daily health screening and temperature check part of your morning routine before you leave your residence.
Are You Masking Up Properly?
Thank you for wearing your required face mask or covering and practicing physical distancing every day. Face masks or coverings must cover both your nose and mouth and fit snuggly around your face.
All students and employees who reside on campus or work on campus are required to wear a mask or face covering appropriately and to practice social distancing each day when in the presence of others and in settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain (e.g., common work spaces, meeting rooms and classrooms). Face masks and coverings are also required when moving through shared spaces and common areas in a building.
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Everything In-between
When you’re feeling hungry or thirsty, you don’t have to go far. The Kirk Center and Starbucks café are open and ready to serve you. The Chartwells staff has implemented limited seating and specific table arrangements, separate entrances and exits, and modified menu options for dine-in and take-away services. Students are expected to abide by the Chartwells guidelines. You will also be expected to wait your turn, have patience and be kind. Click here for KC and Starbucks hours, menus and more.
The Olivet community also offers an assortment of eateries. Take a stroll to either end of campus and discover a local favorite! Face masks are required to be worn in any local restaurant or store.
Building Directional Signage: Stay the Course
To control population density and to allow for at least six feet between individuals, students, faculty and staff are expected to follow the posted building entrance and exit routes. Watch for signage. What was an entry last year, may only be an exit this year, and vice versa. The KC, Starbucks and Campus Store also have expected entrances and exits. Please pay attention to signage, don’t take short-cuts and do not knock on an exit door to be let in by a friend waiting inside the building.
If you require the assistance of the Information and Technology Services (ITS) team, simply email ITSHelp@uolivet.edu and a work order (ticket) will be created. Provide as many details as you can, including the nature, location, device type and frequency of the issue, as well as a preferred method of contact (phone or email). An ITS staff member will review the request and respond as soon as possible (generally within 24 hours) with suggested solutions or to schedule a time to investigate the issue. If your issue is preventing access to a class, call 269-749-7666 for immediate support. All other requests must be sent via email.
Before submitting a work order or calling ITS, check out the Tech Support tab in the my.olivetcollege.edu portal. Sign in to the portal using your OC email and password to see a number of articles, including the following:

  • Downloading and Installing Microsoft Office – General Instructions
  • ITS Laptop Suggestions for Students and Employees
  • Accessing Your Files in OneDrive

Set your alarm clock for Monday morning – it’s going to be momentous! Together, we will write the next chapter in the history of The University of Olivet. And it begins, Monday, August 17 at 7:50 a.m.


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