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July 31, 2020

Dear Students and Families

The first day of class will be here before you know it! All of us at The University of Olivet are looking forward to seeing you on campus in a few short weeks. This week’s communication covers the following topics that are intended to help with a smooth transition to campus:

  1. Academic Course Delivery
  2. The OC CARES Pledge
  3. Required Daily Health Check and OC CARES App
  4. Move-In Day Reminder
  5. Fall Athletics Update
  6. Online Bookstore – free shipping through August 3
  7. On-Campus Job Openings
  8. Tip of the Week

Academic Course Delivery
In an effort to address the special circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic, fall courses at the College will be delivered in one of three ways:  traditional courses with standard classroom meetings; “hybrid” courses combining work in the classroom and work online; and “online” courses that will be delivered using Zoom classrooms and the Blackboard learning management system.
To review the manner in which your courses will be delivered, go to the MyOlivet Student Registration Tab and review your list of courses under “My Class List.” In the “Type” column you will find information on the delivery mode for your courses. The following are the categories you will see:

Type of Course Description
1 ON-CAMPUS FACE-TO-FACE (F2F) COURSE This course will be held totally on campus at the meeting times noted on the schedule.
2 HYBRID COURSE – ON-CAMPUS SESSION and REMOTE SESSION This course will meet once a week in the classroom and either hold a second class meeting each week via Zoom or have additional work remotely.
3 ONLINE COURSE This course will be delivered online through virtual Zoom meetings held at the times indicated on the schedule.

All courses held on campus this fall also will be live-streamed at the scheduled times via Zoom technology for students who cannot be on campus. This service will be available for any students who might be unable to attend classes in person for any period of time during the semester due to COVID-19-related conditions.
Watch for more information on your courses as we approach the beginning of the semester!
The University of Olivet CARES Pledge
In recognition of our shared commitment to Individual and Social Responsibility, we ask everyone to do their part to maintain their own health and to support the health and well-being of all members of our campus community. While recognizing the College cannot guarantee a COVID-19-free campus, we ask everyone to pledge to help minimize the incidence and spread of COVID-19 and take responsibility for the following:

  1. Your own health.
  2. The protection of the health of others.
  3. The protection of our community from the spread of COVID-19.

All students, faculty and staff will be required to review and agree to the The University of Olivet CARES pledge as a condition to return to campus this academic year. We ask that you take time to review the pledge in advance of your return to campus so that you will have a full understanding of expectations this fall. If there is a part of the pledge you do not understand or agree with, please email Dr. Amy Radford-Popp, dean of student engagement, to discuss your concerns prior to your return to campus. Click here to read or download the full The University of Olivet CARES Plan. Watch for details on when and how you will sign the pledge.
Required Daily Health Check — Download the OC CARES Health Screening App
The University of Olivet has launched the OC CARES ClearPass screening app that enables you to update your required daily health status immediately and easily. A web-based version is also available. The screening will be confidential, with student check-in data being submitted only to the dean of student engagement. The app asks a short series of questions related to COVID-19 symptoms. This is also where you will record your temperature.

  • Click here for more information on the daily health check.
  • Click here for instructions on downloading and using the app.

Have You Signed Up for Your Move-In Day?
If you have not signed up for a Move-In day be sure to check your OC email for a message from Jake Schuler, assistant dean of student engagement, that was sent the afternoon of Friday, July 25 for Move-In instructions.
If you did not receive the email from Jake Schuler, please take a few minutes to check your financial aid status and balance by logging into MyOlivet. All financial aid and payment paperwork must be completed prior to you scheduling your Move-In Day. Once your paperwork is in order, Student Services will share the signup link with you. If you have questions, contact Student Services at 269-749-7645 for assistance.
Fall Athletics Update
After much deliberation, countless hours of counsel and the desire to do what is right for our student-athletes, we have made the decision to postpone athletic competitions in high-risk sports – football, men’s and women’s soccer, and women’s volleyball – until the spring of 2021. The coaches for our low- to medium-risk fall sports – cross country, men’s and women’s tennis, and men’s and women’s golf – have been asked to explore ways to compete in non-conference events this fall. Student-athletes will practice with their team and work with coaches to prepare for the upcoming spring. Your The University of Olivet family is still here for you to support you during your college experience. Olivet’s announcement is in accordance with a statement made by the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association. Click here to read Athletic Director Ryan Shockey’s full announcement.
The Online Bookstore is Open
The University of Olivet has partnered with Barnes and Noble College, an online bookstore offering convenient online ordering and direct mailing to students. Follow the steps found on MyOlivet to order your textbooks from MBS Direct, or click here to go directly to the virtual bookstore to order your books. Find the courses you are taking and you’ll see the books that are required. College book vouchers may be used when purchasing textbooks through MBS Direct. Order by August 3 to take advantage of free shipping directly to campus – your books will be ready for pick up at the Campus Store.
On-Campus Job Opportunities
On-campus, fall 2020 semester job opportunities will be posted on MyOlivet on August 1. You must apply for a job using the application process and follow the guidelines set by the hiring department to retain your employment. Some jobs require that students be eligible for certain federal financial aid, which will be assessed during the hiring process. You are encouraged to apply early; however, you will not be contacted by the hiring department until after the start of the fall semester.
To view job opportunities, log into MyOlivet and click on “Student Employment” in the Quick Links navigation on the left side of the page.
Tip of the Week – Make Your Face Mask Your Own
Pack a fabric marker or unique fabric stickers or “bedazzlers” to affix to your face masks. Students and employees will each receive two reusable OC masks upon arrival to campus. Mark your masks to avoid any mix ups with your roommate’s masks. And, just like you put on clean socks every day, you’ll want at least one clean mask each day! Target is just one of many stores that offer affordable, reusable cloth masks.

Be sure to check your The University of Olivet email daily and www.olivetcollege.edu/occares for new information.

Let the countdown begin  your first day of class will be here before you know it!


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