The University of Olivet’s Best Study Spots— Based on How You Study

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A new semester is coming to The University of Olivet, and with a new semester comes new projects and homework. As you prepare to tackle assignments, finding a good study system is essential, and where you study can be just as important as how you study. If your spot is too distracting, or too boring, you might never get anything done. Here’s a short list to help students find the best study spot for them.

Residence Hall Common Room

If you like a little background noise…
The common rooms are a feature of every residence hall. Most have comfy seating and a TV for student use, and a few have computers and a printer. While not always busy, common rooms still get a lot of use by students. This study space is ideal for someone who needs some extra noise to focus. It usually won’t get too loud, but there will be people walking in, walking by, chatting or doing their own studying. You can lounge on the couches with your books or show up early and grab a table. It is a public area, though, and some people might want to chat. If you can get easily carried away by conversation, you might want to avoid this spot.
If you prefer the sounds of nature
The Square is the focal point of Olivet’s campus. It’s also a wonderful study spot for those who prefer nature — or at least those who don’t mind a bird or squirrel nearby. Given the iconic oak trees and the soft sounds of nature, it’s easy to see why someone might want to spend their study sessions outside. The chance of a nice breeze is a plus, and you might even run into the other groups who choose to study there. Bonus: there are plenty of places to hang a hammock for next level studying!
Hammock Studying

If you prefer a quiet, cozy spot…
Go through the main library doors, turn left at the desk, another left at the doors and you’ll be in the Burrage Library stacks. In this room, there’s one table near a window. Given the tucked away room and single table, this study spot is very private and very quiet. You can go up there and study for hours without any interruptions. The chairs are pretty comfortable for studying and you will have quick access a wide variety of books. It’s also a wonderful spot for group work, as you can talk without bugging other students. There are also smaller, more private spaces built in one of the walls for use.
If you’re seeking the traditional study spot…
Burrage Library is filled with places for students to work. Scattered around the first floor, second floor and mezzanine are individual desks for students to work at. These desks are usually surrounded by dividers or pushed into a corner, so there isn’t much to distract you from your work — aside from your phone. And if you need more space for your papers or a group project, there are larger tables on the first floor for use.
Roznowski Learning Commons

If you need a space for group work…
The Roznowski Learning Commons is located on the lowest level of Burrage Library. It’s a sleek student space, with multiple enclosed meeting rooms, comfortable furniture, vending machines and even a movie theater. While almost every study space on this list can work for groups, the Commons is one of the best. The enclosed meeting rooms allow you to brainstorm (even loudly) with space for everyone. You can even reserve rooms in advance, but there is usually room for walk-ins as well. And if you have any technology issues, IT services is nearby.
If you don’t mind lots of distraction…
When you enter the front door of the Margaret Upton Conservatory, you’ll notice a small sitting area to the left. This space is often used for students to wait before the start of classes or auditions. There are usually people passing by, music playing and students chatting. Unlike the other spots on this list, this space is noisy, busy and not at all private. But if you thrive in those conditions, this is the right spot for you.
Starbucks Cafe

If you really like coffee…
Let’s be honest, this one had to be on the list. Like most coffee shops, the Starbucks Cafe has both tables and soft seating. The Cafe is cozy, and you’ll have easy access to food and coffee. What could be better than that?
For more information about The University of Olivet, contact the Office of Admission at 800-456-7189 or admissions@uolivet.edu.
This feature was written by rising junior Bray Wright, marketing and communications student intern. She is an English major and writing minor, a scholarship winner of the Global Citizen Honors Program and a staff member of the Garfield Lake Review. A self-proclaimed storyteller, she plans on going into the publishing industry after college.


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