The University of Olivet announces 2014 spring semester Dean’s List

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A total of 299 students have been named to the The University of Olivet 2014 spring semester Dean’s List.
To make the Dean’s List, a student must be full-time and earn a grade point average of 3.5 or higher. Students are listed in zip code order.
Note: * indicates that the student earned a 4.0 grade point average for the semester.

Alexander Alvarez of Eastpointe (48021)
Fallon Clancy of Fair Haven (48023)
Erin Sweeney* of Southfield (48033)
ZeShawn Jones-Parker of Clinton Twp (48035)
Rachael Wagner of Clinton Twp (48036)

Nicholas Julian of Clinton Twp (48038)
Brooke Leach of Clinton Twp (48038)
Margaret Callahan of Chesterfield (48051)
Preston Treend of Casco (48064)
Lucia McNally* of Berkley (48072)

John Leutzinger of Washington (48095)
Collin McCririe of Brighton (48116)
Jarred Scheese* of Chelsea (48118)
Kevin Woodson of Lambertville (48144)
Natalie Desautel of Livonia (48150)

Anthony Giordano of Livonia (48152)
Emily Chrzasz of Livonia (48154)
Adrienne Jones* of Livonia (48154)
Matthew VanHouten of Northville (48167)
Augusta Kummer of Plymouth (48170)

Connor Plagens of South Lyon (48178)
James DeRupa of Trenton (48183)
Philip Bielak of Brownstown (48193)
Able Lowe of River Rouge (48218)
Colleen Klimek of Harper Woods (48225)

Jeremy Fishman of Bloomfield Hills (48302)
Michael Angeli of Rochester (48307)
Lauren Vanderhoff of Sterling Heights (48313)
Zachary Gray of Utica (48317)
Jessica Palacios of Waterford (48327)

Sarah Schertel of Farmington Hills (48331)
Zachary Schulz of Farmington (48335)
Allison Ullrich of Clarkston (48348)
Derek Beslock of Highland Twp (48356)
Steven Arb of Oxford (48371)

Chase Garavaglia* of Oxford (48371)
Madison Carr* of Milford (48381)
Brooke Stano of Commerce Township (48382)
Shannon Huntley of Clio (48420)
Jared Kaczmarczyk of Clio (48420)

Danielle Bearden of Goodrich (48438)
Dominic Mastromatteo of Grand Blanc (48439)
Brent Speer of Marlette (48453)
Jenna Edwards* of North Branch (48461)
Ashlee Roussey of Ortonville (48462)

Gloria Cavett of Swartz Creek (48473)
Breana Trudell of Saginaw (48603)
Ashley Partlo of Coleman (48618)
Christine Brooks of Harrison (48625)
Melissa McPhail of Hemlock (48626)

Thomas Vondette of Hemlock (48626)
James Schoof of Merrill (48637)
Dallas James of Roscommon (48653)
Rebecca Watz of Bay City (48706)
Shana Bush* of Alma (48801)

Levi Armstrong* of Charlotte (48813)
Carlos Barajas* of Charlotte (48813)
Kinsey Bartlett* of Charlotte (48813)
Ryan Bartolacci of Charlotte (48813)
Lindsey Crandell* of Charlotte (48813)

Anna Davis of Charlotte (48813)
Meghan Eldred of Charlotte (48813)
Carrie Fudge of Charlotte (48813)
Alexandra Grove of Charlotte (48813)
Blane Heisler of Charlotte (48813)

Robert Knapp of Charlotte (48813)
Shannan Maurer of Charlotte (48813)
Mitchell McClintock of Charlotte (48813)
Tricia Mullins* of Charlotte (48813)
Jacob Myers of Charlotte (48813)

Matthew Newby of Charlotte (48813)
Traci Smith* of Charlotte (48813)
Daniel Thorne of Charlotte (48813)
Landen VanSyckle of Charlotte (48813)
Kattie Stahl of Clarksville (48815)

Benjamin Aldrich of DeWitt (48820)
Tyler Guggemos of DeWitt (48820)
William Kirkendall of DeWitt (48820)
Lauren Lenard* of Dimondale (48821)
Blayne White of Dimondale (48821)

Morgan Hall* of Eagle (48822)
Christine Wood* of East Lansing (48823)
Desiree Coss of Eaton Rapids (48827)
Marcus Greathouse* of Eaton Rapids (48827)
Jason Kibiloski of Eaton Rapids (48827)

Stephanie Lamb of Eaton Rapids (48827)
Sarah Mecham of Eaton Rapids (48827)
Ashley Milheim of Eaton Rapids (48827)
Britni Surre* of Eaton Rapids (48827)
Matthew Darling of Elsie (48831)

Andrew Pabst* of Grand Ledge (48837)
Samuel Cusmano of Haslett (48840)
Sarah Ellithorpe of Haslett (48840)
Taylor Pringle of Haslett (48840)
Hannah Scott of Haslett (48840)

Eric Dawdy* of Holt (48842)
Kelly Morrison* of Holt (48842)
Joseph Myers of Holt (48842)
Haley Powers of Holt (48842)
Sondra Proctor* of Holt (48842)

Cornelius Pettit of Howell (48843)
Katrina Hamel* of Ionia (48846)
Jenna Mayle* of Ionia (48846)
Kaelin Cross of Laingsburg (48848)
Amanda George of Laingsburg (48848)

Kaitlyn Pirochta of Laingsburg (48848)
Caleb Grummet* of Lake Odessa (48849)
Alexis Hyatt of Lake Odessa (48849)
Susanna Quint* of Lake Odessa (48849)
Anna Krausz of Lyons (48851)

Andrew Simms of Lyons (48851)
Andrew Arras of Mason (48854)
Gabrielle Trudell* of Mason (48854)
Brooke Kastamo* of Howell (48855)
Nolan Briggs* of Mt. Pleasant (48858)

Delaina Malloy* of Mulliken (48861)
LeeAnne Wonser* of Mulliken (48861)
Tyler Everts of Ovid (48866)
Leah Lupu* of Ovid (48866)
Tyler Drake* of Owosso (48867)

Austin Dunn of Perry (48872)
Sarah Smith of Potterville (48876)
Katharine Thelen* of St. Johns (48879)
Cecilia Bayne of Six Lakes (48886)
Allison Martin of Westphalia (48894)

Tori Baise of Williamston (48895)
Hayley Drummond of Williamston (48895)
Gregory Lutzke of Williamston (48895)
Hannah Sweeney of Williamston (48895)
Emily Cusack of Woodland (48897)

David Hernandez of Lansing (48906)
Eliseo Martin of Lansing (48906)
Pedro Peraza of Lansing (48906)
Sara Wegener of Lansing (48906)
Cassandra Brown of Lansing (48910)

Chantel Johnston* of Lansing (48910)
Nicolas Keck of Lansing (48910)
Jacob Ball of Lansing (48911)
Dylan Betcher of Lansing (48911)
ReBekah McDaniel of Lansing (48911)

Brittany Turner* of Lansing (48911)
Megan Smith of Lansing (48911)
Kristy Frazier of Lansing (48917)
Carli Reid of Lansing (48917)
Brandi Thomas of Lansing (48917)

Austin Kelley of Allegan (49010)
Ryan Bailey of Battle Creek (49014)
Abigail Beaver of Battle Creek (49014)
Jacob Cuel of Battle Creek (49014)
Kevin Fields of Battle Creek (49014)

Jeffrey Holm of Battle Creek (49014)
Jacalyn Jameson of Battle Creek (49014)
Danielle Marsh of Battle Creek (49014)
Nicole Maxwell* of Battle Creek (49014)
Shannon Turner of Battle Creek (49014)

Kyle Baggerly of Battle Creek (49015)
Lydia Drikakis of Battle Creek (49015)
Jessica Frye* of Battle Creek (49015)
Brittany Hayes of Battle Creek (49015)
Joshua Jacobus of Battle Creek (49015)

Mary Lamp of Battle Creek (49015)
Travis Lankerd* of Battle Creek (49015)
Geraldine Merrell of Battle Creek (49015)
Ross Pennock of Battle Creek (49015)
McKenzie Skiendziel of Battle Creek (49015)

Travon Tatum of Battle Creek (49015)
Blake Wilson of Battle Creek (49015)
Haley Preston of Battle Creek (49015)
Rodney Harvey of Battle Creek (49017)
Kristin Langer* of Battle Creek (49017)

Clara Reed of Battle Creek (49017)
Courtney Reed of Battle Creek (49017)
Ashlyn Coats of Bellevue (49021)
Chad Hall of Bellevue (49021)
Alfred McKeown of Bellevue (49021)

Kristin Ormsbee of Bellevue (49021)
Katherine Pestun* of Bellevue (49021)
Kial Schafer* of Bellevue (49021)
Taylor Thorn of Bellevue (49021)
Nathan Petoskey of Centreville (49032)

Jonathan Puente of Climax (49034)
Mitchell Galloway of Coldwater (49036)
Ariel Rojas of Coldwater (49036)
Jamie Sturgeon* of Coldwater (49036)
Ruark Downing of Springfield (49037)

Lynette Ralicki* of Battle Creek (49037)
Mahalia Stelter of Coloma (49038)
Chance Nightingale of Colon (49040)
Alex Thulin of Colon (49040)
Kassandra Weinberg* of Colon (49040)

Taylor Gorr* of Dowling (49050)
Helen Macqueen* of Hastings (49058)
Tori Baxter of Marshall (49068)
Samantha Daily of Marshall (49068)
Jaime Devenney of Marshall (49068)

Forrest Frantz of Marshall (49068)
Tyler Gross of Marshall (49068)
Colin Mengel of Marshall (49068)
Alyssa Meny of Marshall (49068)
Travis Oberlin of Marshall (49068)

Christopher Staab of Marshall (49068)
Dylan Stoddard of Marshall (49068)
Emily Tierney of Marshall (49068)
Joshua Warsop of Marshall (49068)
Cody Ross of Mendon (49072)

Jessica Cheeseman of Nashville (49073)
Nathaniel VanStee of Nashville (49073)
Tina Westendorp of Nashville (49073)
Meghann Zank of Nashville (49073)
Sylvia Adsit* of Olivet (49076)

Lydia Calderon of Olivet (49076)
Kelsey Campbell of Olivet (49076)
Milie Funk of Olivet (49076)
Kendra Janousek of Olivet (49076)
Brianna Moore* of Olivet (49076)

Zachary Nash of Olivet (49076)
Samuel Parker of Olivet (49076)
Kelly Patmore of Olivet (49076)
Adam Rhein of Olivet (49076)
Leighla Smith* of Olivet (49076)

Trent Strang* of Olivet (49076)
Brooke Sullivan of Olivet (49076)
Ethan Sylvester* of Olivet (49076)
Gabrielle Vercher* of Olivet (49076)
Marki Wilber of Olivet (49076)

Renee Code* of Richland (49083)
Blake Krum of Schoolcraft (49087)
Trevor Haas of Scotts (49088)
Aaron Gumpert of South Haven (49090)
Britnee Jackson of Sturgis (49091)

Amber Rapelje of Tekonsha (49092)
Deborah Upston of Tekonsha (49092)
Justin Parks* of Vermontville (49096)
Ashley Shook of Vermontville (49096)
Morgan Gropp of White Pigeon (49099)

Conner Magro of Bridgman (49106)
Madison Siebenmark* of Bridgman (49106)
Jacob Messner of Niles (49120)
Tyler Parish of Nile (49120)
Lauren Easton of Jackson (49201)

Katelyn Rhodes of Jackson (49203)
Carrie Jacob of Albion (49224)
LaShawna Ross of Albion (49224)
Alex Wasick of Albion (49224)
Devon Mayse of Britton (49229)

Thomas Adams of Homer (49245)
Steven Osborn* of Homer (49245)
Elizabeth Klauka of Leslie (49251)
Aubrey Stockmeyer of Leslie (49251)
Hailey Willett of Leslie (49251)

Danielle Hoffman of Parma (49269)
Megahn Piper of Parma (49269)
Zachary Piotrowski of Pleasant Lake (49272)
Ryan Armstrong of Rives Junction (49277)
Kyle Bryson of Rives Junction (49277)

Grant Arras of Springport (49284)
Nikole King* of Springport (49284)
Andrew Merfeld* of Walden (49288)
Kyle Carter of Big Rapids (49307)
Meghan Hatchew of Big Rapids (49307)

Alivia Hammond of Byron Center (49315)
Jillian Nickels* of Byron Center (49315)
Erika Boulter* of Freeport (49325)
Carl Miller of Grant (49327)
James Collins of Lowell (49331)

Elizabeth Bailey of Wayland (49348)
Rebekah Wiersma of Allendale (49401)
Trey Jennings of Grand Haven (49417)
Magdalen Maat of Holland (49423)
Sara Horn of Montague (49437)

Demar Drayton of Muskegon (49440)
Adam Rayner of Muskegon (49441)
Sarah Shaw of Norton Shores (49444)
Nicholas Allen* of Scottville (49454)
Nickolas Taylor of Twin Lake (49457)

Michael Ash of Grand Rapids (49507)
Oliver Holbrook* of Grand Rapids (49508)
Ty Rozema of Wyoming (49509)
Raquel Mazur* of Wyoming (49519)
Kaytlin Morris of Grand Rapids (49525)

Kaitlynn Totten of Buckley (49620)
Chelsea Goodman* of Reed City (49677)
Devin Blue* of Traverse City (49684)
Stephen Wheelock* of Traverse City (49684)
Allyson Schultz* of Traverse City (49684)

Jake Ceslick of Alpena (49707)
Jensen Aubry of Grayling (49738)

Hunter Teare of Trumbul, Conn. (06880)
Noah Keefer of Fayette, Ohio (43521)
Katie Dobis of Munster, Ind. (46321)
JiaBei Wang of Culver, Ind. (46511)
Troy Pickard of Goshen, Ind. (46526)

Ashlynn Grubb of Howe, Ind. (46746)
Korey Mervenne of Fort Wayne, Ind. (46804)
Amber Hamad of Peoria, Ariz. (85382)

Nina Morssinkhof* of Utrecht, Netherlands (3582ZN)
Gianmariano Della Serra of Richmond Hill, ON, Canada (L4C6C4)
Georges Aoun* of Casa, Venezuela (N75)
Darren Jones of Victoria, BC, Canada (V8X4Y6)


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