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For high school seniors, exploring colleges is an exciting time, but with that comes the stress of applying for financial aid. Transfer students also have financial aid worries when they decide it’s time to switch colleges. Navigating the world of financial aid isn’t always a straightforward process. The University of Olivet offers substantial financial aid opportunities and resources to simplify the process of applying for aid. As a result, Comets graduate as young professionals with far less debt than other colleges and are ready to capitalize on their earning potential.

“The University of Olivet recognizes that each student and family situation dictates how much they can spend to attend college each year. With increased merit awards, which are based on grade point average and SAT/ACT scores, students are off to a great start lowering their overall out of pocket cost of attendance,” said Lisa Lehman, vice president for admissions. “Once a student successfully files their FAFSA, there are additional need-based grants and grants/loans available through the state and federal government. The University of Olivet also offers a variety of talent and participatory scholarships, some that are stackable alongside merit and need. We encourage every student to file the FAFSA, list The University of Olivet and schedule a campus visit so that our team can take them through the financial aid process one step at a time.”

Financial Aid Breakdown

To put it into perspective, 99 percent of OC students receive a form of financial aid and $14.8 million in scholarships, financial aid and tuition waivers were awarded just this year. The average financial aid award package is $29,841 for the 2018-19 academic year. The expert OC admissions team is available for step-by-step assistance, and the tuition and financial aid section of the website offers countless resources that provide 24/7 financial aid help. Students can spend less time worrying about how they’ll pay for college and more time thinking about their course of study, which extracurricular opportunities they’d like to participate in, and their future career.

Unrivaled Olivet Education

The University of Olivet recently ranked third on LendEDU’s 2018 College Student Loan Debt Rankings by state, meaning Comet graduates have some of the lowest average student debt per borrower in Michigan, and the lowest debt per borrower among private colleges in the state. That’s not by accident. Paired with ample financial aid, OC helps keep an education affordable through a four-year guarantee. If a student must return for a fifth year, tuition is free when an agreed upon academic plan is followed.

The four-year guarantee comes as part of the OC ADVANTANGE, which outlines four core advantages that create a unique and unrivaled Olivet education. The three additional advantages include service learning projects, with hands-on experiences at the core of each program; global learning opportunities that provide diverse and innovative educational experiences abroad; and industry-leading internship and research opportunities.

Submit Your FAFSA Early

To qualify for grants, scholarships and loans, families must submit a FAFSA. The application process is now open for students planning to attend OC in fall 2019. Apply as soon as possible to ensure you are awarded the maximum financial aid package you are eligible to receive.

“There is such tremendous value in attending The University of Olivet. Our admissions and financial aid offices are here to support students in understanding that value and figuring out the best options for paying to attend this amazing institution,” Lehman said.

Learn more about financial aid opportunities and resources. Visit campus, apply or contact the Office of Admissions at 800.456.7189 or admissions@uolivet.edu to see for yourself the unbeatable value of becoming a Comet.


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