More Than Just Numbers: OC’s Accounting Program Develops Well-Rounded Professionals

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Assistant Professor of Accounting Jackie Looser

Kaitlin Irish ’18 was convinced she was going to be a veterinarian. That all changed after one accounting class at The University of Olivet.

“I had never taken an accounting class until my first year at Olivet,” she said. “After my first class, I realized how much I enjoyed it and how easy it came for me. After that it all just fell into place, and I knew it was meant to be my major.”

The accounting field may have the tendency to be called boring, but Jackie Looser, assistant professor of accounting, says otherwise.

“Contrary to stereotypes about accountants, a career in accounting is rewarding and lucrative,” Professor Looser said. “Regardless of economic conditions, accountants will always be in demand. Accounting careers are satisfying because your work matters. Accountants are the trusted experts in organizations that not only have a lot of control over an organization’s day-to-day operations but also are often responsible for helping develop and direct strategic goals. ”

Kaitlin wholeheartedly agrees. “Many people believe accounting to be something that’s boring,” she said. “I believe it’s exciting — you can do so much with the major! There are so many areas you can go into when it comes to accounting, but many people don’t see or know about all the options that are out there within the major.”

OC students receive the benefit of learning from experts from a variety of industries.

“Students are taught accounting and business theory from instructors who provide career examples of how the curriculum being taught applies to business operations,” Professor Looser said. “This dynamic helps students succeed in their chosen career.”

The program’s teaching style has personally influenced junior accounting major Emma Schut.

“The accounting professors and business department have been more than supportive and helpful to my personal growth and educational development,” she said.

Kaitlin also cites the program with preparing her for the professional world.

“The program has set me up with the knowledge that I will need to be able to solve issues or look for answers to solve those issues,” she said. “Everything I have learned in the classroom connects to the professional world and has better prepared me for the tasks I will face.”

Besides the technical knowledge the program offers, it also helps students build relationships within the field.

“Students who graduate with an accounting degree from Olivet have not only gained the skills they will need to succeed in their field, but they will also have built strong relationships within the The University of Olivet community of students, faculty and alumni,” Professor Looser said.

Olivet makes what might sound like a boring major into an immersive, engaging experience beneficial for all those who participate. Emma believes this atmosphere has helped students groom themselves into well-rounded professionals. She encourages prospective students to explore the field and experience the strengths of Olivet’s accounting program.

“I think accounting has a certain discipline that really helps individuals become respectable and hardworking contributors to society,” Emma said. “If you have a good work ethic and enjoy applying yourself in school and in the work force, accounting is a great area of study. It most definitely pays off.”

To learn more about Olivet’s accounting program contact the Office of Admissions at 800.456.7189 or admissions@uolivet.edu.


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