Meet Sophomore Jessica Barnes, Insurance and Risk Management Major

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Sophomore Jessica Barnes is an insurance and risk management major from Three Rivers. She is preparing for a career in the claims field and is building her resume with experiences through Gamma Iota Sigma and other clubs on campus. Jessica is grateful for the personal and professional growth she has already built during just two years at The University of Olivet, and she is eagerly looking ahead to her junior and senior years.

Read more about Jessica’s college journey firsthand.

I originally chose Olivet because it was so welcoming from the minute I stepped on campus. I fell in love with the small atmosphere and the people that composed campus. The Global Citizen Honors Program was a huge influence on my attendance at Olivet. The scholarship opportunity it offered was one of the best options across the board compared to other colleges. What truly sold me on Olivet was all of the opportunities it had to offer, as well as the professors who were here to help me from day one.

My experience as a Comet has made me the individual I am today. Being a student at Olivet has already taught me a number of things while pushing me outside of my comfort zone, challenging me both academically and personally. It has allowed me to become more confident and look forward to joining new clubs and meeting new people. Through strong examples, I have learned to always give a lending hand to assist other people in achieving their goals. My experiences have allowed me to become not only a better person, but a stronger-minded person overall.

I chose insurance and risk management as my major because I love the professors and the amount of expansion the industry has to offer. In the future, I hope to work in the claims field. My overall goal is to end up within the claims aspect of fire investigation. I am passionate about this field because I love to help people in times of need. With this career, I can do this while interacting with new people every single day. I am currently taking classes to help me prepare for this field. I also joined Gamma Iota Sigma, a professional insurance fraternity, which has allowed me numerous internship opportunities. This summer, I hope to obtain an internship within the catastrophe claims field to prepare me for my future career path.

The relationships with professors here at Olivet are genuinely unique. Professors tend to put you before themselves and look forward to watching you succeed in the future. They always make sure that you understand the content they are teaching, and they are always willing to meet up with you to go over course work, no matter the time of day! The relationships you form with your coaches here at Olivet are also unique. Olivet coaches make sure you do well not only on the field but also in the classroom! They are always super understanding and always check in on you. The types of connections you make with professors and coaches will last the rest of your life.

I joined Gamma Iota Sigma because it provides numerous professional development opportunities within the insurance industry. Gamma has been a great club that allows me to network and gain more experience within my field. I am also involved on campus in several other ways.

I joined the softball team at OC because I have been playing since I was young and it has always been my lifelong goal to play collegiate softball. I have loved my experience with the Olivet softball team thus far, and I am beyond excited for what has yet to come!

I joined Sigma Beta sorority because as soon as I walked through the doors at the first tea event, I absolutely fell in love with the house and everyone in it. The house has allowed me to be myself and has encouraged me to grow with the best support system around. I have found my forever home with these girls, and I would not be here today without them. This experience has also allowed me to take on a number of leadership positions, including vice president of Sigma Beta, which will help me grow as a leader and reach my future goals.

Finally, I joined the pinky swear foundation to give back to children with pediatric cancer. I found the organization to be extremely passionate about the work it did and I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself. I have had a great experience with this club and the activities it hosts on campus.
Outside of my club and team memberships, a few of the best experiences I have had while at The University of Olivet were the service trips. I attended both the Tennessee service trip as well as the Greek service trip last year. While on the Tennessee service trip, I was able to interact with new people and help build a ramp for an elderly couple. Their gratification for our service was unmatched — it was such a great experience to be a part of. On the Greek service trip, I was also able to meet new people and help clean a local library in Port Austin. Both trips helped me realize that you are always able to give back no matter how big or small the task may be.

I would encourage a high school student to attend The University of Olivet because the small class sizes and atmosphere on campus are beneficial to personal growth. There are a number of people on campus who want you to succeed and will help you every step of the way. Olivet also offers so many networking opportunities that are hard to find anywhere else, which will only help you later down the road.

Learn more about The University of Olivet by contacting the Office of Admission at 269-749-7635 or admissions@uolivet.edu.


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