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Written by sophomore Chad Enwright, marketing and multi-media student associate
Sophomore Caleb Graham is a criminal justice and psychology major, a soccer player, a resident adviser and a member of the student research team for the Hosford History Center and Lawrence Archives. His path from Mason, Michigan to The University of Olivet was serendipitous, but it has been an opportunity he will never forget.
Caleb’s father worked in the Eaton County area as a physical therapist, and one of his patients had shared his praise for The University of Olivet that left a lasting impression on Caleb’s family.
“I looked into The University of Olivet more and saw the programs and opportunities, like great financial aid packages,” Caleb said. “I applied and contacted the soccer coach, and I did not regret my decision.”
Caleb has played soccer since he was just 5-years-old, an activity he enjoys with his family.
“My dad was involved in soccer while I was growing up, so it became the father-son connection that we had. It’s a family affair because both of my sisters are involved, too,” Caleb said. “I am fortunate to be able to continue playing soccer at the collegiate level, and it’s really fun to be a part of a team. It brings positive energy into my life. I enjoy getting to know my teammates and building relationships and connections.”
Caleb has had the chance to learn from various professors during his two years at Olivet. He credits them with contributing to his perspective on the world and helping him become a better student every day. From his academic advisers to his global diversity experiences, Caleb says it’s undeniable how much he has learned and grown. A large part of that has been through Dr. Nikki Magie, assistant professor of social sciences, who taught Caleb’s Latin American History class.
“It was neat learning something outside of my major and lifestyle,” Caleb said. “Dr. Magie has traveled extensively and even lived in Latin America, so her perspective made the class even better. I got to know her, and she helped me out a lot with what I had going on outside of college and soccer. She is so nice and kind, and she is always smiling and asking how you are doing. She wants to know how you are in terms of health and outside of school, too.”
Later, when Caleb was looking for employment on campus, he decided to follow his passion for history and applied for a position on the student research team for the Hosford History Center and Lawrence Archives led by Dr. Magie.
“My initial history class got me interested in the subject, and Mike Fales, my Self and Community professor, made me think that OC’s history was cool, so I decided to apply for a student position in the archives. I had a meeting with Dr. Magie, and I got the job last fall. It has nothing to do with my major, but I have passions for history and connecting with people, which is a big part of learning history and researching.”
In his role with the archives, Caleb is creating a process for the team to record oral histories with notable alumni, in addition to conducting research and assisting in hosting special events.
“I love my role with the archives — everything from the history to connecting with the community and college, and tying it all together,” Caleb exclaimed. “Making the community and college bond stronger is great. Plus, Hannah Mellino, archives administration and communication assistant, and Dr. Magie are both great role models; they are so nice and organized, and I’m learning a lot from them.”
In his major, Caleb is also appreciative of his relationships with his professors, including Dr. Regina Armstrong, director and associate professor of criminal justice, and Dr. John Moore, assistant professor of psychology.
“I had a prior interest in criminal justice, and Dr. Armstrong helped me see the full potential of the program,” Caleb said. “She is amazing and always wants to see you succeed. Dr. Armstrong helped me find my path, and I know she has helped many other students, too. Many aspects of psychology are intertwined with criminal justice, so it seemed like a natural fit as a double major. I also got to know Dr. Moore, and I really like him. He was very supportive when helping me with my class schedule. I love the study of the brain and learning why we are who we are. I would love to use both degrees in my future career, and the thought has crossed my mind to go into the Michigan State Police Academy because there is so much opportunity with them. I love what they have to offer and stand for; its right up my alley.”
Opportunities at The University of Olivet have helped Caleb grow into a successful student with a bright career path. He encourages high school students to consider attending OC, especially if they have an interest in criminal justice.
“I would encourage a high school student to attend The University of Olivet and choose criminal justice because there are so many different career opportunities,” Caleb said. “OC has two specialized tracks in law enforcement and corrections to customize your path of study. In terms of professors, they all work really hard to make sure you get the current content as they prepare you for what’s to come in the real world. They all care so much about each one of their students.”
Learn more about The University of Olivet by contacting the Office of Admissions at 800-456-7189 or admissions@uolivet.edu.


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