Meet Sierra Lull: On Her Way to a Master’s Degree in Counseling

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Photo of Sierra Lull

Sierra Lull’s father taught her an important lesson when thinking about your future: Ask yourself “Why?” five times. “I started with, I want to be a teacher. Why do you want to be a teacher? I want to help people. Why do you want to help people? I want to help them grow. Why do you want to help them grow? It goes on like that, and then he said, ‘That doesn’t sound like a teacher. That sounds like a therapist,'” Sierra said.

The psychology major is now on her way to becoming a therapist.

Sierra chose The University of Olivet because the small-town feeling reminded her of home, Lawton, Michigan. Another driving factor behind her choosing UOlivet was the Women’s Leadership Institute (WLI) and the support she knew she would get from the psychology department faculty. “Dr. Hagerty has been my advisor for almost four years now, and I feel he has supported me throughout my entire journey here at Olivet,” she said. “He understands what my goals are for the future and has helped me academically get there. ”

After graduating this December, Sierra hopes to be among the first cohort of Master’s of Art in Counseling students at UOlivet. “This program will be the best of the best and will help me further my journey to being a counselor. Because Olivet and all the psychology professors are so supportive, it will make my master’s program a more supportive environment. I know I will feel comfortable asking for help and can make connections due to the supportive environment. Dr. Dennis Frank, the program director, has already been very open and honest about this program. He has also been so supportive of all of us majoring in psychology,” Sierra said.

After obtaining her master’s degree, Sierra plans to become a clinical mental health therapist or an adolescent therapist. She said, “I chose to go into psychology because I really want to help individuals. I feel that mental health is essential, and we need more people in this field. It is my passion to help people.”

Even as an undergraduate student, Sierra is preparing for her career in more ways than one. “I worked at a daycare, so I have experience working with kids, and I am taking classes that will help me with therapy, like my social work and counseling classes. I am preparing myself to become successful later on,” Sierra explained.

Sierra’s involvement in the campus community also shaped her decision to pursue counseling and contribute to the well-being of others. One example Sierra shared is when she helped with the Women’s Drive for Women’s History Month. She and others collected children’s clothing, feminine and hygiene products and more. Sierra said, ” I realized what my peers and I were doing would help many women and children. It also made me want to do more service-based activities revolving around helping children.”

Sierra is an example of how asking yourself “Why?” can lead to a deeper understanding of who we are, what we want to be, and how we want to impact others and the world. “Since being here at Olivet, I have been able to become more of myself. I have become more outgoing and independent. Olivet has made that possible with all the opportunities they provide us,” Sierra said.


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