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Rising sophomore and exercise science major Sidney Kulhanek knew she would thrive at The University of Olivet as soon as she set foot on campus. Coming from New Lothrop, another small community, Olivet felt just like home to her.
An academic-based merit award and a scholarship for the Keyes-Barber-Benedict Scholars Program helped Sidney attend OC. This spring, she completed the first year of the Women’s Leadership Program, contributing to a very successful and memorable first-year on campus.
“Being involved in the Women’s Leadership Institute (WLI) teaches young women how to succeed in their career field, as well as being courageous to stand up for themselves and others,” Sidney said. “As a graduate of the 2020 ATHENA International Women’s Leadership Program, it has taught me more than I ever imagined it would. It taught me not only how to have confidence in myself and in everything I do, but to help other women have that confidence, too. I love the fact that it stressed the importance of helping other women succeed with you, rather than just trying to beat them. I can’t wait to help other young women learn the importance of this.”
Sidney is involved in a few other organizations alongside WLI, as well. “I am a part of the ‘Love Your Melon Campus Crew’ where my group and I educated ourselves on pediatric cancer and tried our best to help brighten the days of families and children who have been affected by it. I also interned with The University of Olivet’s wrestling team where I traveled with the team and helped organize and prepare for upcoming meets. All of these organizations/teams have helped me grow as an individual and become more confident in myself and my abilities here and outside of  The University of Olivet,” Sidney said. “All were absolutely amazing experiences. They not only taught me the importance of working together as a team, but also how much more important it is to pick up those around you when they need it most.”
In the classroom, Sidney is an exercise science major with a future goal to become a physical therapist. She said, “I chose a major in exercise science to advance my education toward a career in physical therapy, and I plan to receive a doctorate in physical therapy. Aside from working toward my bachelor’s degree at The University of Olivet, I am also working on finishing my observation hours and all other application requirements needed for PT (physical therapy) school so I will be able to apply as soon as I can.”
With the help, love and support from those surrounding her at OC, Sidney is confident she will reach those goals in no time. “Every single one of the professors, coaches or mentors I have encountered while at The University of Olivet has been amazing. They want you to succeed just as much, if not more, than you want yourself to succeed. You can see that while having a conversation with them, or while seeing them have a conversation with other students or athletes. They’re some of the nicest people I have ever met!”
As Sidney reflects on her first year at OC, she is excited to share her words of wisdom with other students. “My number one piece of college advice I would share with high school students is to step out of your comfort zone, especially during the first couple weeks you’re on campus,” she said. “It’s uncomfortable at first, but you’ll meet some of your best friends this way, and you might even learn something new about yourself, too!”
And for The University of Olivet specifically, Sidney said, “I would encourage a student to attend OC because of the one-on-one experience you get with all of your professors,  as well as the family aspect it brings to you. You truly feel at home while you’re here.”
Learn more about The University of Olivet by contacting the Office of Admissions at 800-456-7189 or admissions@uolivet.edu.
This feature was written by rising junior Chad Enwright, Marketing and Multi-Media Student Associate. He is a resident adviser, member of the football team, chief recruitment officer for Phi Beta Lambda and a business administration major who aspires to invent and operate his own high-tech, home security and automation business.


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