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Senior Kaylee Clothier is a psychology major and social work minor, and her ultimate goal is to help people while serving in the role God calls her to. She is a member of the softball team, Psych Club and Optimist Club, as well as a founder of the Pinky Swear PACK Program on campus. Kaylee is especially grateful that her time at The University of Olivet has allowed her to serve others, enhance her faith and develop an eternal perspective on life.
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At The University of Olivet, I have had the privilege to be on the softball team as well as be a captain. I have played softball ever since I could pick up a bat. Throughout my elementary to high school years, the idea of playing softball in college was a dream that I really wanted. It has been such a fun and special time playing at OC. Being on the softball team has allowed me to play the sport I love with girls that were on rival teams in high school, as well as girls who moved all the way across the country. Overall, being on the softball team at OC has brought me friendships and memories that I will cherish forever.
I am also a member of the Psych Club. This is the first club I joined on campus and it allowed me to make friends I would never have known if I was not asked to join their meeting. This group is really creative and is always ready to try new ideas! They help me be more creative and reach out to other students on campus.
I am also a charter member of the Optimist Club at The University of Olivet. This group has allowed me to experience more professionalism and networking as it afforded me the opportunity to attend a statewide conference last year. This group has opened  the door for me to collaborate with people who are not just my own age but older as well, which was very beneficial as it allowed me to develop new communication skills and relationships with people of all ages.
Last year, with the help of students and faculty at The University of Olivet, I was able to establish and be the president of a group on campus whose goal is to connect with and support children and their families who are battling pediatric cancer. Last year we worked with an organization called Love Your Melon, but this year we have teamed up with the Pinky Swear Foundation to create the Pinky Swear PACK Program here at The University of Olivet. Pinky Swear is a total nonprofit that provides financial and emotional support to children and families fighting against pediatric cancer. Last year we were able to host a “swab drive” with DKMS, an organization dedicated to fighting against blood cancer and blood disorders, to register people on the bone marrow transplant list. This year we are planning fundraisers and awareness events to bring support to Pinky Swear and the children and families across the country who are dealing with cancer.
Hosting the DKMS swab drive really changed me. It showed me what it takes to coordinate and successfully put on a large-scale event. I was able to network with people at DKMS and continue to develop my communication and leadership skills. However, the mission of this event is really what changed me. Through a bone marrow transplant, one person can save someone else’s life. The chance that you match with someone is very small and yet you may be the best, or even the only, treatment/cure for someone. When putting on the swab drive, COUNTLESS people wanted to learn more and register to be on the list. I was inspired by the generosity and drive to help people that the students and faculty members demonstrated at The University of Olivet. Even students from a rival college registered to be on the list when we hosted the event at a basketball game. It was so amazing to see genuine kindness in and surrounding our OC community.
Coming into my first year at OC, my goal was to become a child life specialist where I would help children and their families adjust to being hospitalized. However, I lost my grandpa last semester due to COVID-19. He truly loved God and it showed in is day-to-day life. His faith in God has given me an overwhelming sense of peace and joy because I know that he is in heaven. I am so thankful that I don’t have to wonder or be sad about where he is right now because I was able to witness his fierce love for Jesus. The loss of my grandfather has given me an intense desire to share the love of Jesus with others. This is because I want everyone to have the same joy and peace that I get from my grandpa knowing Jesus and the joy and peace I get from my own personal relationship with God. I am unsure of the exact career path I want to go down in the future, but my plan is to attend Radiant Church’s School of Ministry after I graduate from The University of Olivet. The Radiant School of Ministry will help me establish even stronger foundations in my faith so that I can successfully do whatever God calls me to in the future.
Everyone always talks about the family feel at The University of Olivet, but you don’t realize the gravity of that statement until you actually attend school here. The faculty members at Olivet invest in each student and it shows — not just based on the academic growth of each student, but through the love we have for the faculty here at OC. The professors are always available to answer questions and ensure that each student truly learns in their class. Even professors who are not in your major strive to ensure you get the most out of your time at The University of Olivet.
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