Meet Rising Senior Christine Craft — A Non-traditional Student Pursuing her Passions

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Chrstine Craft stands in front of two pieces of her artwork.Rising senior Christine Craft, from Charlotte, is a double major in graphic design and visual arts with a concentration in biological illustration. As a non-traditional student, Christine is following her passion and overcoming adversity, setting a wonderful example of resiliency and what it means to be a lifelong learner.

Hear more about Christine’s college journey:
I’m a non-traditional student pursuing my passion for art after a long delay due to autoimmune diseases and chronic pain. Once they were manageable, I desired to follow my passion for art and get reacquainted with the talents I abruptly halted.

As a non-traditional student, my introduction to The University of Olivet was unorthodox from the usual stories. Financial aid resources offered a part, but my independent research into the College helped to make the final decision. I viewed numerous social media websites, read reviews and watched student vlogs. I even delved into some of the rich history of the founding and was amazed to find out about who the first graduates were. After all that, I just instinctively knew Olivet was where I wanted to flourish, and I ended up committing before I even visited in person.

I majored in graphic design because I enjoy applying my analytical skills and creativity to solve complex problems by producing innovative solutions. Graphic design is my passion because it incorporates my talents and hobbies into one career, making it fun. I also love that it offers a wide array of tools and design software that I can utilize to accomplish my work. Life never gets boring as a graphic designer, and I’m excited for the future in it because it’s fast-paced with new projects, challenges and problems to solve. I became interested in biological illustration because I was fascinated at the possibility of combining art and science.

“Artist’s Hands” by Christine Craft

I’ve been preparing myself for a successful career by working hard to increase my proficiency in design programs with side projects, drawing, looking for internships and planning future portfolio pieces. After graduation, I plan to seek a career in graphic design at a company or agency where I can be a “jack-of-all-trades” graphic designer, and I hope to eventually go freelance and work for a variety of companies and clients.

As an art student, I get the privilege to go on field trips to art museums for each semester of art seminar. I enjoy admiring art in person and being able to utilize my knowledge from Image and Culture to analyze what I’m looking at in new ways. I deeply cherish these enriching experiences because they deepen my love for art, teach me and inspire new projects.

I was invited by Abby Licht, the vice president of Art Alliance, to contribute artwork for a club exhibition at the Windwalker Underground Gallery in Charlotte. I wasn’t a member of the club, so I’m grateful I was given the opportunity to join them in their exhibit. It was an honor to be able to showcase my art in my hometown with colleagues, friends and family. I’m thankful Art Alliance had the event and did such a great job with it. The experience was rewarding because it helped my art to get noticed and complimented.

“Self Portrait” by Christine Craft

I would encourage a student to attend The University of Olivet because they embrace differences and celebrate the community. They offer financial support, small class sizes and have knowledgeable professors and friendly staff that lend a helping hand.

My experience as a Comet has given me the skills and the confidence to achieve my goals. I’ve done this with the help of my professors and classmates who have given me praise, critiques and encouragement. I worked hard to improve my art and expand my talents. What I’ve gained as a Comet will continue to be applied to my future endeavors.
Learn more about The University of Olivet by contacting the Office of Admissions at 800-546-7189 or admissions@uolivet.edu.


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