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Kate Goering, CPCU, ARM, ChFC, CLU, FLMI, has 20 years of experience in the insurance industry. While she has worked at State Farm for her entire career, she holds diverse experiences across multiple locations and business areas, including claims, research, technology and now procurement. She enrolled in OC’s program on a coworker referral who is also pursuing an MBA at Olivet.
What made you want to pursue an MBA in Insurance?
I had been exploring multiple MBA programs over a few years. My formal education is in elementary education, so continuing my education in insurance studies has always been important to me. I had completed multiple insurance designations in the past and was looking for a program that would continue to challenge me and help me grow in the industry, while also learning more advanced business concepts.
What are the benefits of OC’s program?
The hybrid program where we meet virtually every week has been one of the best benefits. To discuss and learn from professors and students from many different organizations across the industry has been invaluable.
The industry continues to evolve and the courses at OC evolve with those changes. Connecting and learning from other students across the industry will help you to learn and grow in your own career.
How will earning your MBA in Insurance affect your career?
I am excited about applying the learning and experiences received in the MBA program with my teams and organization. The ability to continue to impact more people and my organization leading to positive results is my career goal. I look to use the skills to broaden the capabilities of my teams.
The University of Olivet believes anyone desiring to earn a master’s degree should have that opportunity. The College is committed to fair and objective admission policies to ensure an inclusive and diverse student body. The University of Olivet believes that educated, high-level industry professionals enrich communities across the country and society as a whole.
Contact Mike Lazusky, director of adult professional and graduate admissions, at 269-749-6612 or mlazusky@uolivet.edu to learn more about OC’s MBA program.


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