Meet Liberty Tetlaff: Pursuing Her Passion

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Rising sophomore Liberty Tetzlaff is a sports psychology major from Middleville, Michigan. Fueled by passion, community, and close relationships with others, Liberty has been able to find her home at The University of Olivet. When she discovered The University of Olivet, it was as close to home as she had seen.

“The University of Olivet has an environment where everyone knows everyone, and the people are close-knit; that was my town and high school,” Liberty said. “I was very involved and close with my coaches and teachers.” Having such close relationships within her academics and athletics was the environment that she thrived in. “I knew I wanted a college environment like my home town. That’s when I found The University of Olivet, a perfect, small, and close-knit environment. I chose Olivet because it is my home away from home and a place where I have close relationships that encourage and motivate me.”

Liberty was encouraged to come to Olivet for Cheer and STUNT, but she always prioritizes academics. “It is the reason why I am in college. Olivet has the sports psychology major, which matched the path I wanted to pursue,” Liberty said. “Not only did attending The University of Olivet allow me to go to school for something I am passionate about, but it also allowed me to continue my love for my sport.”

For Liberty, sports psychology is right up her alley. She loves doing better for herself and inspiring others to do the same as an athlete. “I truly believe one’s mentality is just as important to train [as the body]. The pressure from external and internal influences is no doubt difficult, and I want to pursue a career that helps individuals strengthen their muscles and minds,” Liberty expressed. “I have gone through the struggles of being an athlete, and I want others to know that they can exceed expectations and meet their goals with the right mentality.”

Liberty’s advice? Pursue your passions and live your dreams with the time that you have. “Often, if you are not pursuing your passions, it’s hard to want to succeed, don’t waste time doing something you don’t love.” At The University of Olivet, Liberty has been able to do just that, and she encourages young students to do the same. “The professors, staff, peers and coaches all care, want you to succeed, and engage with you,” Liberty said. “College is a time of growth, and Olivet is a place where individuals who attend can grow and succeed with an unmatched support system and environment.”

According to Liberty, with experience comes growth and success, and she has been able to do just that at The University of Olivet. “Being a Comet has made me more passionate about what I love and more aware and accustomed to changes. It has further shown me that change is a good thing and something worth celebrating.”

Learn more about The University of Olivet by contacting the Office of Admission at 800-456-7189 or admissions@uolivet.edu.

This feature was written by senior Chad Enwright, Marketing and Multi-Media Student Associate. He is the Gillette Student Village apartment manager, member of the football team, president of Phi Beta Lambda and a business administration major who aspires to invent and operate his own high-tech, home security and automation business.




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