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Rising junior Sarah Boyle is an ambitious double major, focusing her studies in graphic design and visual arts with a dual concentration in studio art and biological illustration. Still, she has time to be president of the Art Alliance and a member of the Global Citizen Honors Program, all while becoming the best version of herself.

From high school doubts to collegiate triumphs, Sarah has come a long way. “I was initially planning on attending a larger college in Michigan; however, their art program is incredibly competitive. I started to doubt that I was qualified enough to make the cut. When I was introduced to Olivet, the art department here encouraged me to study art because I love it and not just for a career alone,” Sarah said. “That’s why I chose Olivet; it encouraged me to pursue a career in art because I want to, not because I have to.”
Opportunities have been plentiful for Sarah. Her talent and hard work have been rewarding her even before she arrived on campus. “I was awarded a talent-based art scholarship and another scholarship as a member of the Global Citizen Honors Program,” she said.

Just this spring, Sarah earned Visual Arts Department Honors during Honors Week. “Earning that award made me realize how much I’ve improved,” Sarah said. “If you were to tell me that I would win an award like that in my first year, I would’ve told you that you were lying through your teeth. I’m happy to know that my professors see so much of my potential, and I will only get better from here on!”

Looking back on some experiences Sarah has had during her two years at OC, she reflects on what it was like to organize her first art showcase as the president of the Art Alliance. Twelve students, including Sarah, displayed work at the Windwalker Underground Gallery in Charlotte. “The student exhibit in the Windwalker Gallery was very difficult,” Sarah said. “Many of the club members and the officers were new, and it was my first term as president. We had to crunch the entire planning process of the event in one month, and it was a lot to handle; however, it was very successful because the gallery was packed on the night of our show, and everyone who attended had a great time! It allowed me to get a feel of what being a leader was like, and the experience allowed the club itself to grow.”

Something that has helped Sarah in this journey as a leader and an artist are her relationships with her art professors. “They push me to do more than ‘just good enough.’ They force me to look at minor details, color choices, arrangement choices and more. This helps me improve my skills as an artist.”

Sarah with members of the Art Alliance.

Sarah has placed herself in a great position to succeed after her collegiate art experience is over, with goals to be a forensic artist to aid in facial identification in police investigations. “My majors allow for limitless career choice opportunities!” Sarah emphasized.

Coming to Olivet was life-changing for Sarah, and even her family can see how positive her college experience was. “I was a nervous wreck back in high school. My parents were absolutely shocked at how much I’ve changed since I have attended Olivet. I became more sociable and confident within myself, and I wouldn’t change anything about my experiences here,” Sarah said. “The personal approach and growth alone is why you should choose Olivet. You improve your knowledge, skills and more! I’ve met so many people who teach me a new thing every day, and it makes me happy that I chose to attend The University of Olivet!”

While Sarah is thankful for her successful experience at Olivet, she reflects on the challenging decision to attend and relates to others who are making their college decisions. “Life isn’t a race. It’s ok to take your time to choose which college to go to. People at my school were choosing colleges by the first day of senior year, and I didn’t choose Olivet until February. I thought I was behind and too late to pick a school. You will know what the right school is for you. It will come, and it will feel right.”

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This feature was written by rising junior Chad Enwright, Marketing and Multi-Media Student Associate. He is a resident adviser, member of the football team, chief recruitment officer for Phi Beta Lambda and a business administration major who aspires to invent and operate his own high-tech, home security and automation business.


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