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Grace ForbushJunior Grace Forbush has a passion for unearthing the past, whether it be in a history book, the The University of Olivet Archives or an archaeological dig site. With the ultimate goal to become an archaeologist, Grace always knew she would major in history, but at OC, she’s also able to branch out. She’s also a member of the Marching Comets Color Guard, the Alpha Lambda Epsilon fraternity and the Archives’ student research team.
“Olivet’s small community and marching band really drew me in,” Grace said. “In addition, the staff also helped my parents come up with a plan that made it affordable for me to attend. It was the perfect package deal.”
Grace’s interest in history spans as far back as she can remember. Grace’s mom, who was also a history major, was often planning stops at museums and historic battle sites during family vacations. Her passion was solidified as she was able to dig into history classes during high school.
“It’s always interesting to learn where we came from and what else we can learn from that,” Grace said. “My mom taught me that while growing up, and it’s stuck with me. When I was in high school, I had the chance to take some interesting history classes. I was drawn to archaeology, and I plan to get my master’s degree in archaeology. My dream would be to study and dig in Egypt. I’ve always been fascinated by the pyramids and ancient Egyptian culture.”
Naturally, Grace was drawn to get involved with the The University of Olivet Archives. Recently, the Archives moved into the renovated Hosford House now known as the Hosford History Center and Lawrence Archives. The specialized residence includes a museum-grade archival storage facility, ample space for displays, and comfortable research and study spaces.
Grace ForbushAs a member of the Archives student research team, Grace is able to build experience working in professional-grade facilities, conducting her own research and presenting her findings. Many of these opportunities are reserved for graduate students at larger schools. In addition, the chance to work in the OC Archives is open to all students, regardless of major.
“I joined the archives as a sophomore, and since, I have had the opportunity to work on a lot,” Grace said. “I created the tour of the Hosford History Center and Lawrence Archives given to prospective student visitors, created labels for all our displays, presented research to the Board of Trustees and contributed to a special project on OC’s ‘Young Revolutionaries’ that I was also part of presenting at Founder’s Day. My favorite part is learning about Olivet’s history — it is so unique compared to other schools — and I love the connections I’ve made through my work as well.”
Grace’s passion for history and her involvement with the Marching Comets recently crossed paths during a trip to Italy where the band was invited to perform in the Rome New Year’s Day parade.
“I loved the history in Rome,” Grace exclaimed. “I got to march through historical streets, combining two of my favorite things. During the New Year’s Day parade, we even marched past the Spanish Steps, cathedrals and other iconic landmarks. As we turned the corner toward the Spanish Steps, the sun was setting and casting a beautiful golden glow on the giant crowd crammed on top of the steps to watch us perform. It was mind-blowing and breathtaking. I wouldn’t have gotten to experience that if it weren’t for the opportunities Olivet provides students.”
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