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There’s no doubt that Eli McIntosh has a passion for music. A first-year music major from Chicago, Eli’s goal is to earn a doctorate in music and become a professional maestro and songwriter. He hasn’t hesitated to get involved on campus, joining the Gospel Choir, Chamber Singers and Capella Comets, or seek out performance opportunities with friends and peers.

Read more about Eli’s experience as a Comet firsthand.

I’m from the South Side of Chicago, and it is a very busy place. I decided to come to Olivet because I felt it could help me with my desire to become a musician and start my career in songwriting.

I have been involved in music all my life — it defines who I am. My relationship with music is very different from anyone else’s, you grow with music and build a relationship based on what you feel with it. I plan on using it to influence others and teach others about the joy it can bring. My goal is to become a maestro and songwriter, and I am currently taking courses in my major that will help me advance and prepare for the next level. I also plan on going to school to get my doctorate in music.

I am a member of the Cappella Comets, which is an a cappella group that was formed in 2020. I joined because I love music and the group has such a joyful environment. We all bring a different vibe to the group which really keeps the group together. I have also performed in the College Square with both the Chamber Choir as well as the Gospel Choir; this really helped me come out of my shell and discover why I like music in the first place. These experiences have opened doors for me and have allowed me to appreciate what I already have as well as all that I’ve learned over the years.

Although Olivet is a small campus, you get way more attention than you would at a huge university. Olivet really takes the time and is committed to you and your career. All the professors are willing to help you individually with anything and bring out the best in you. You can feel their investment in you and you’re overall success more than at bigger universities. I’ve experienced that commitment in place by both professors and other staff members.
All of my professors are dedicated and willing to go out of their way to help me succeed; they will help me with anything at the drop of a dime. I have grown close with most of them, and they all have helped me grow both as a person and as a musician. They support every decision I make and try to help me get out of any tricky situation. They want to see me thrive and graduate.

My advice to other students is to always stay on top of your work but also remember to live life and be you. College is where you start to shape yourself, build the foundation of your career and decide who you want to be and where you want to go. In high school, you learn but you prepare for college. In college, you learn and prepare for your career but you learn about yourself too. College helps you find your true self. Being a Comet has really brought out the best in me by showing me the values of life and the teachings of the future. I have been able to shape myself and get a vision as to who I really am.

My experience as a Comet has given me freedom and allowed me to see many new beginnings. College isn’t everything I thought it would be — it’s better! It has allowed me to view life so differently and experience it like never before. You learn so much about the real world and how it operates. I never really thought about it until I was actually in a situation that required me to reference the teachings I was given. Never take anything for granted, everything happens for a reason.

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