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Senior Cecilia Bayne enjoys a challenge on and off the field.

As captain of the women’s lacrosse team and president of the college’s Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) chapter, Bayne is a mathematics major who gives a whole new meaning to the word “mathlete.”

Whiz Kid

Bayne has always had a natural knack for math. After exhausting all of her high school math courses, she looked to dual enroll through a local community college and quickly excelled in college calculus. Before she even received her diploma from Lakeview High School, she had already accumulated eight credits of college math. For Bayne, it’s all in the thrill of the challenge.

I enjoy the challenge and critical thinking that comes along with math,” Bayne said, who initially chose Olivet because of the opportunity to continue competing in sports throughout college. “The main reason I chose Olivet was athletics. I was very interested in becoming a collegiate athlete.”

Balancing the Equation

It’s no surprise that someone as motivated as Bayne is highly involved on campus in addition to her commitment to athletics.

Bayne also serves as president of Mathletes and is a member of the Hosford Society of Scholars, Sigma Zeta Honors Society and Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC). And in the amidst of all this, she’s been balancing applications to graduate programs to advance her studies in math and nab a government career where she can utilize her minor in political science.

“I am currently waiting to hear from some graduate programs. I would like to get Masters degree in applied statistics or mathematics and pursue a career in government or industry as an analyst,” Bayne said.

When she was undecided whether to pursue graduate school, Bayne said it was associate professor of mathematics Janine Peters would gave a small push to continue reaching higher.

“In the math program we have two wonderful professors, Janine Peters and Ross Bohms. Because of the small program feel, you get to know your professors and they get to know you. Janine has really made an impact on my life,” Bayne said.

“She pushed me to look at graduate schools when I was on the fence about what I wanted to do after graduation. Ross has been my advisor since day one, helping me schedule classes and teaching me how to time manage.”

Calculating the Future

The future is bright for Bayne as she looks forward to launching the next exciting chapter in her life after she graduates this spring. One thing is for certain: The University of Olivet has been a place for new experiences, new friends and new beginnings when Bayne glances in retrospect.

“Since I am a senior, I can look back at the last four years and reflect on a wonderful college experience at Olivet. I was able to be a collegiate athlete for all four years. I even had the opportunity to learn a brand new sport, lacrosse. I found lifelong friends, including my fiancé at Olivet. I wouldn’t trade it for the world,” Bayne said.

Bayne’s success as a student can be attributed to the age-old adage, “quality over quantity,” as she stresses that it was the close-knit environment that allowed her to flourish in and out of the classroom during her four years at Olivet.

“The math and computer science program at Olivet is small but that is the best quality about the program. You develop close relationships with your professors and other students in your major,” Bayne said. “You learn so much more with a small class of five students than a class of 30 or even a class of 100 like you would find at a large university. There is no way I could have managed to be involved in so many campus activities if I went to a larger university.”

Learn how you can build a unique college experience through becoming involved on campus like Bayne. The University of Olivet has many student organizations and activities to choose from.



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