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Rising sophomore Kyrie Bostic says college is a time for growth – personally, emotionally, spiritually, academically, athletically and in all ways of life. He especially embraces The University of Olivet President Steven M. Corey’s, Ph.D., advice to become comfortable with being uncomfortable, knowing that the most beneficial learning happens when you are surrounded by new people and trying new things. While Kyrie is proud of all he has accomplished in his first year on campus, he’s looking forward to the future and rest of his college journey, ready to continue pushing himself to reach bigger and better goals.

Hailing from Detroit, Kyrie attended a large high school and knew he wanted a different college experience. As he explored his options and visited schools throughout the state, The University of Olivet stuck out, both for its beautiful campus and friendly faces. To top it off, Kyrie was pleased to learn of all of the scholarships available to Comets, especially Talent Scholarships that encouraged students in the arts.

“I really wanted to be able to develop into the person I am supposed to be in college,” Kyrie explained. “I felt like I would be able to do that at The University of Olivet. I started dancing in high school, beginning with ballet and modern styles before expanding into African and hip hop – some of my favorites. I was really excited to continue dance at OC, and it’s been exciting to be part of a growing team.”

Tumbling into Student Life

As part of the dance team, Kyrie was excited to be surrounded by others who all had something in common, both a love for dance and goals to help grow The University of Olivet’s dance team. Introduced in 2017, the dance team even competed in the National Dance Association’s championships held in Daytona Beach, Florida during its first year. While the team didn’t earn a top placing, the Comets were inspired to set big goals for the year ahead, and Kyrie is especially excited to grow his personal skills to contribute to the entire team.

“Joining the dance team, I gained a tremendous amount of teambuilding skills, and was also excited to meet so many new people right away, especially as a freshman,” Kyrie explained. “Building connections is everything in life, and not only have I made some great friends, I also learned a lot about working with different types of people and caring about more than just myself. I think the team grew even closer during our experience at nationals, and I can’t wait to see what we accomplish in the coming years with this motivation.”

In addition, Kyrie’s love for dance expanded to include an interest in cheerleading, and he’s devoted himself to increasing his tumbling skills. He hopes mastering an aerial will help him be an asset to the team and plans to try out for it this fall. Kyrie added that his passion for performing is both challenging and rewarding, allowing him an outlet to express himself while conveying his feelings and emotions to others – a perfect combination.

Hitting a High Note

Further, Kyrie has an interest in music that followed him to college. While he was a member of his high school’s choir, Kyrie wasn’t sure if his college schedule would allow him to continue singing, but he couldn’t help but fall in love with OC’s Gospel Choir and its charismatic director, La’Rae Trice. He even earned a Talent Scholarship for his musical abilities, and says his skills have increased exponentially in just his first year, learning to identify harmonies and feel the music beyond just reading off paper. Kyrie added that he appreciates that the Gospel Choir is a group where students can come and express themselves freely, and the group has even embraced and incorporated some of his unique world views.

As Kyrie became confident in his time management abilities, he explored ways to become further involved on campus. Hoping to put his communication skills to use, he became a freshman representative for the Student Government Association (SGA). The organization had a need for more student leaders, and Kyrie stepped up to serve as secretary. He enjoyed the experience so much that he continued to devote himself to bettering the campus through SGA and will serve as president in the 2018-19 academic year.

“I am motivated to be a voice for those that don’t feel like they can speak,” Kyrie said. “I enjoy connecting and building relationships with all other students, from athletes to Greeks, to upperclassmen and new students. I hope to make a difference on campus, but I am also confident this will be a learning experience for me.”

Leading and Connecting

Kyrie didn’t stop there, and explored more clubs and organizations through SGA. He even joined the Disability Rights Council (DRC) and the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA), two organizations dedicated to upholding a diverse and inclusive campus community. In addition, Kyrie felt empowered through leadership and will serve as vice president for the DRC in the spring of 2019 and treasurer for GSA. To top things off, he took on the role of resident adviser, excited to help incoming freshmen smoothly transition to college.

“Other students may think I’m crazy for having so much on my plate,” Kyrie explained,” but I’m excited to meet as many students as possible through my involvement on campus. We have to support one another, and my goal is to be the common link and leader to foster communication.”

Meshing all of his diverse interests together, Kyrie is majoring in sociology and anthropology and plans to incorporate psychology into his studies. He hopes to shape his career as a therapist, with a lifelong goal to always be a person who is making a difference in the lives of others. In the meantime, Kyrie is honing his skills as a Comet, and can’t wait to see the difference he can make over the next three years.

“I want to encourage all freshmen to come to college with a plan. Your plan doesn’t have to include exactly which clubs you are going to join or a solid career path, but it should include goals to learn about yourself and become a better person,” Kyrie said. “Come open minded and prepared to experience growth and change, and come knowing that the people at The University of Olivet have unconditional love for others around them. No matter what you do, you’ll never feel alone. There will always be a smiling face wherever you go.”

Learn more about The University of Olivet and the robust student life opportunities by visiting campus or attending an upcoming admissions event. Contact the Office of Admissions at 800.456.7189 or admissions@uolivet.edu for questions.


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