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Konnor Geiger ’18 has got your back. She’s currently attending Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, Florida. Konnor’s ultimate goal is to practice chiropractic care in Michigan, working with athletes recovering from injuries or looking to achieve peak performance.
“Seeing all of the help that chiropractic can provide a person who is in pain and may not be able to function to their wanted ability is really what drives my love for chiropractic,” Konnor said. “Being an athlete at Olivet really drove me to want to help others, like myself, who may have had small injuries here and there that impacted their play. I want to be able to provide those people with the ability to perform their desired sport at their highest level possible by getting their body in the best condition it can be in.”
Konnor is currently in her eighth of 13 quarters at Palmer. The program is fast-paced, completing semesters year-round for a program of just over three years. Next up, Konnor will tackle four board exams before she transitions to clinical work to develop her technical skills.
“My ultimate career goals are to graduate from chiropractic school and move back to Michigan,” Konnor said. “I hope to be able to help athletes who may be struggling with injuries or athletes who want to be able to perform to the best of their ability. I would love to work with a smaller school, like Olivet, and help the athletes there become the best that they can be.”
Konnor is grateful that her experience at The University of Olivet helped her build a strong foundation for graduate school. Her experiences on the softball team, participating in service learning, traveling with classmates and academic preparation have had a lasting impact.
“I was a biology major while attending Olivet,” Konnor said. “This helped me widen the classroom opportunities that eventually  lead me into chiropractic school. Initially, I started this journey by taking anatomy and physiology courses, but once I  got into some upper-level classes, such as pathology and neuroscience, I really felt like I was getting prepared for my future ahead of me.
I truly think that being a Comet helped make me into the person that I am today. The College allowed me to experience things that I would not have elsewhere, such as the service trip I attended. It helped keep me organized while juggling softball practice, weight lifting and classes at the same time. This really helped with time management and made me  great at staying organized, which is something that I have utilized a lot while attending graduate school.”
While Konnor may be 1,181 miles from The University of Olivet, that doesn’t stop her from staying connected with the Comet famly. She has a special passion for the The University of Olivet football team thanks to her boyfriend, Assistant Coach Dylan Hunt.
“I stay connected with the Olivet community by always attending as many alumni events as possible when I am home on breaks between quarters!” Konnor emphasized. “I also watch every The University of Olivet football game, whether that is in person at the games or online watching from Florida on  live stream! My favorite game to attend was during last year’s season when OC played Finlandia. Some friends and I took the long trip up there to watch my boyfriend, Dylan Hunt, coach and the team win.
I would strongly encourage other alumni to stay connected with OC because you never know how great of a network Olivet gives you until you start talking to people and slowly find out that they also attended Olivet. This gives a great lead into a conversation that could take you down a path that might not have been there without the Olivet connection.”

Konnor with her boyfriend, Dylan.

While Konnor credits The University of Olivet with helping her discover her career path, she also notes the strong friendships and connections she built as a student.
“I truly felt at home while attending Olivet all four years, but I knew that it had become my home when I played the last softball game of my collegiate career and really got to take it all in — Olivet had become more than just a school,” she said. “Olivet became the place where I met my best friends and people that will be in my life forever. I am so thankful for everything that Olivet brought me to in life. I would suggest Olivet to anyone in high school who wants the small school experience with individualized attention from professors who truly want to help you be the best that you can be.”
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