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Junior Caleb Arthur isn’t afraid of the spotlight. He’s a media production and communication (MPC) major and a member of the Gospel Choir. He’s passionate about for performing, filmmaking, singing, producing and public speaking. Caleb’s experience at The University of Olivet has allowed him to build experience in many different disciplines, and his relationships with professors and peers have helped him build an extensive network.

“I chose to study MPC because I found that you could learn so many skills by completing the major,” Caleb said. “The field is such a large subject where you can specialize in photography, videography, journalism, production or broadcasting, just to name a few. I plan on going into the film industry, and I will be starting my own film company called CAPROD (Caleb Arthur Productions) over the summer. I’m not entirely sure what I will do after graduation, but I think this is a fitting place for me. I am into photography, acting, filming, lighting, scriptwriting, and everything else in the film industry. I also enjoy audio production and public speaking.”

Caleb’s growth from the Gospel Choir is also evident. “I have had a wonderful time in the Gospel Choir. The Gospel Choir has caused me to grow so much as a singer and as a person. I am currently the social chair for the Gospel Choir, and this opportunity has allowed me to spread my wings in ways that relate back to the skills I’m learning in my major,” Caleb added.

This semester, Caleb even produced a short film called “Let Me Out,” which premiered on campus in November. The experience allowed him to put his skills into action in a real-world setting.

“I am always trying something new,” Caleb said. “I am always trying to learn new skills and mastering the skills that I have already gained. If I have a vision in my head, I do what I can to make that vision a reality. My current goal is to take all my skills, talents and projects from The University of Olivet into the world so I can gain more hands-on experience.”

Caleb gives special thanks to La’Rae Trice, director of the Gospel Choir, for supporting him through his college journey. “I have good relationship with all of my professors,” Caleb said. “My adviser, La’Rae Trice, told me that I should always keep a good relationship with my professors because they will support me through my entire college career and because they all can give me helpful knowledge. Thanks to these relationships with my professors, I feel like I can go to them for anything.”

As Caleb reflects on his time as a Comet, he knows that he is on the right path. “I decided to come to The University of Olivet to find my greatest passion outside of singing, and I found that,” Caleb emphasized. “I probably would not have had as much courage to try so many different things if I went to a much larger school. If you want to attend a college where you can get out of your comfort zone, this is the place to do it. This is a place where you can and will be seen by everyone!”

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