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Jason Brew ’10 has followed lifelong passions for physical education and health, and he especially enjoys sharing his values of fitness, hard work and dedication with others. Today, Jason does just that through his roles as a middle school physical education teacher and professional bodybuilder. He often credits his The University of Olivet roots in preparing him for a successful future.
“I received a lot of attention from the faculty and staff at Olivet,” Jason said. “They helped me in every way to earn my college degree. The low student-to-faculty ratio also helped me succeed, and I am thankful for all the help and guidance I received. In addition, attending The University of Olivet to play another four years of sports is a great idea for any student. It gives you multiple things to focus on and keeps you on track to earning that degree. I felt at home on campus, and overall, it helped me succeed.”
Jason began to pursue bodybuilding during his senior year of college, drawing from his strong background in wrestling. He began competing in 2013 and is well-known in the sport today. During the 2020 season, Jason experienced tremendous success.
“My first competition was in the spring of 2013, where I won both overalls at two amateur shows — I was hooked from there,” Jason exclaimed. “This is where I earned my professional card. In 2014, I competed in four pro shows — two in the spring and two in the fall. I took first, fourth, fourth and sixth at the Yorton Cup World Championships. I took a long off-season to get better and then took another run at competing in 2020. This is where I made a significant impact in the sport of bodybuilding. I earned first at the Mr. America, first at the IPE Worlds, second at the PNBA Olympia and first at OCB Battle of the Godz.”
The key to Jason’s success is, of course, hard work, consistency and dedication. Weight training, cardio and goal setting are all part of his well-planned routine.
“To achieve success in bodybuilding takes time and consistency,” Jason emphasized. “Training, getting proper nutrition and optimizing recovery each and every day  are things you need to do. To be one of the best, there truly is no off-season. You have to work hard in all aspects of the sport. This goal requires a ton of focus and hard work. You have to fully commit to what you are going after.
“I set my goals high, just as I did at Olivet. I believe that if I’m going to do something, then I’m going to give 100 percent effort. Olivet provided me the relationships and structure to grow as a student-athlete and push me to new levels personally and athletically. I’ve taken those experiences and become Mr. America. Being on the same list of famous athletes such as Frank Zane, Chester Yorton, Dave Draper, Lou Ferrigno, Steve Reeves and many others is an honor. Winning this competition was a dream come true and took many years to accomplish.”
After a successful year, Jason is taking time to recover, rebuild and set new goals.
“I will continue a long off-season once again to give myself time to get better,” Jason said. “I’m not sure when I’ll be back, but as the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger would say, ‘I’ll BE BACK,’ and I will return to reclaim my title as Mr. America and compete in many other world champion competitions. Professionally, I am also looking forward to continuing to teach and coach at the middle school level. I really enjoy teaching students and working with athletes on all levels. My goal is to make an impact  on  their lives, and hopefully inspire them to pursue a healthy, active lifestyle.”
Jason is driven to be a great teacher and coach thanks to the positive impact that his own mentors have had on him. He hopes to be the spark for the next generation of successful athletes.
“I would like to give a shout out to Coach Hibbs and Coach Therrian for all their support and guidance,” Jason said. “Having great leadership to look up to is vital to growing in life. They made a significant impact on my life. I also cannot thank all faculty and staff enough who made my The University of Olivet experience a good one. I appreciate all their support in and out of the classroom.”
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