Intersociety Council – Growing the Greek Bond at The University of Olivet

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The Intersociety Council (ISC) is made up of students who are a part of all the Greek societies on The University of Olivet’s campus. Olivet currently has 11 Greek societies, including male, female and co-ed organizations: Adelphic Alpha Pi, Alpha Lambda Epsilon, Alpha Phi Kappa, Alpha Xi Omgea, Eta Psi Kappa, Kappa Sigma Alpha, Mu Omega Pi, Nu Gamma Xi, Phi Alpha Pi, Sigma Beta and Soronian.

ISC President Victoria Hamilton said that although ISC is a group that may not be important to all students on campus, it is what acts as the glue to keep the Greek community running smoothly. Victoria decided to join ISC in the fall of 2020, and was a representative for her Greek house, Sigma Beta. After being a representative for her own house, she was then elected as the president of ISC.

Vice President Alexandra DeVault said that her future goals in regards of ISC are for more people to be involved, not only with the College, but also in the greater Olivet community. “ISC is important to all students because of the role the Greek community plays in all students’ lives here on campus. We are just now starting to form these bonds, and I am excited to see how they grow in the years to come,” Alexandra said.

Victoria added that one of ISC’s main goals is to follow the four pillars, which they had the chance to rebuild during this past semester. The four pillars are fellowship, scholarship, citizenship and leadership.

Alexandra said that she encourages those who are able to join ISC to do so because of the connections you will make with individuals who you never saw yourself talking to. It also pushes you out of your comfort zone as a leader and pushes you to speak up and share your voice because everything that everyone has to say is important.

In the fall of 2021, ISC hosted Greek Week, which allowed all of the societies to show off their letters, participate in community service, create educational posters, play games and enjoy other special events. The celebration included the Greek royalty contest where each house voted on senior students to represent their organization. After the first round of voting, two students were chosen to represent Greek life as a whole.

Each spring semester, Greek houses participate in the new member intake process, sometimes called pledging. Alexandra said that she is looking forward to pledging taking place this year because of all the traditions that will be brought back for the Greeks that they weren’t able to participate in last year due to the pandemic.

Some of these traditions include Running Night and Greek Service Day. During Running Night, Greek houses show their pride by participating in a relay race. Greek Service Day is a day-long community service trip which takes place in Port Austin, in the Thumb-area of the state.

Learn more about Greek life and other opportunities to get involved at The University of Olivet by contacting the Office of Admission at 800-456-7189 or admissions@uolivet.edu.

This piece was written by Julia Bidelman, a senior majoring in media production and communication. She serves as an intern in the marketing and communications department and is especially interested in social media. After graduation, Julia plans to continue her work as a content creator, photographer and social media manager, and she hopes to work in the field of social media for a small business or nonprofit organization.


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