Lifetime and Annual Giving Honor Roll

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Thank you to our generous donors continued support during the 2022-2023 Fiscal Year (July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023) and throughout their lifetime of giving!


Live Oak Society $2,500,000+
Community Foundation for S.E. Michigan
David Cutler ’65
Stanley and Betsy Dole
Thomas ’69 and Gayle Kolassa
Albert ’80 and Debbie Rosenthaler
Steven ’82 and Melinda (Strother) ’82 Roznowski

Black Oak Society $1,000,000 – $2,499,999
(The late) Charles Blackman ’46 and (the late) Peggy Riethmiller Blackman
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
Dearborn Congregational Church
Emory & Laura Ford Charitable Fund
Emory M. Ford Jr. Endowment Fund
Frederick S. Upton Foundation
Rod ’81 and Amy Hathaway
Kresge Foundation
Michigan Colleges Alliance
Michael Morman ’09
Elizabeth Upton
WK Kellogg Foundation

Bur Oak Society $100,000 – $999,999
Amerisure Insurance
Auto-Owners Insurance Company
Lance and Gail ’64 Barker
Battle Creek Community Foundation
Richard ’80 and Cindy Beyer
William P. ’75 and Jean (Shaffer) ’75 Blair
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
Thomas Burke ’82
Dr. Stephen Burton ’68
Carol Gruen ’76 and James Cash
Chartwells Dining Services
Steven M. Corey, Ph.D. and Kelly Corey
Traci D. Corey
Norma and Dr. John Curtis
Dr. John Curtis and Norma Curtis
Dennis Daugherty ’70
Dean Trailways
Peggy (Pack) Dennis ’76
Ann Margaret Dimond
Educational Assistance Ltd.
Barron Evans ’77
Farm Bureau Insurance Co.
Douglas and Beverly Federau
Frankenmuth Insurance Company
John ’70 and Penny ’69 Gear
William R. ’66 and Lorain R. Giles
Robert Gillette ’63
Bob and Tanya (Urcavich) “80 Grebe
James M. Cash and Carol A. Gruen ’76
Guido A. and Elizabeth H. Binda Foundation
Hastings Mutual Insurance Co.
Pamela Heos ’77 and Jeffrey Brancheau
Herrick Foundation
Margaret Hoats ’66
Timothy ’83 and Tami Hodge
Jack D. and Freeda S. Sparks Foundation
Donald Keller ’67
Kellogg Co.
Paul and Rebecca Kennedy
Justin Klamerus ’99
David ’84 and Sonya Labrecque
Jesse ’74 and Amy Lothamer
Margaret A. Cargill Foundation
Kevin Martin ’77 and Duane Brown
Ilene Masters
Chris McFail
Denise Miles
Michigan Conference of the United Church of Christ
Michigan Department of Education
Wolfgang ’66 and Barbara Mieder
McGregor Fund
Daniel Mishler ’76
James ’70 and Lizabeth ’70 Moore
National Association of Congregational Christian Churches
CDR. Donald Oderkick ’64, USNR Retired
Michael Oyster ’77
Walter ’58 and Theresa Parker
Richard ’68 and Reva (Hayes) ’68 Parrella
Robert ’68 and Diane Parrella
CDR. John G. ’75, USN Retired and Valerie J. Peshinski
Roseleen Pyne
Michael John Reynolds ’75
Marjorie (Wilson) Richards ’76
Mario A. Rodriguez ’13
David ’88 and Melissa ’88 Shufelt
Timothy E. A. Smith ’65
State Farm Companies Foundation
State of Michigan, Office of the Governor
The Seattle Foundation
The Teagle Foundation
Towsley Foundation
Trane U.S. Inc.
United Church Board for Homeland Ministries
Elizabeth Walker ’73
Whirlpool Foundation
Jeffrey and Elizabeth (Larson) ’90 Wildern
William Randolph Hearst Foundation
Woodrow ’69 and (the late) Shirley ’72 Wilson
Women’s Board of Olivet College

Red Oak Society $25,000-$99,999
Accident Fund Insurance Company
Air-Way Manufacturing Co.
Arch Insurance Group
William Ballagh ’88
Cheryl (Chapman) Barnes ’76
Michael and Mary Bassis
Begole Brownell Fund
Brian ’69 and Nancy Benner
Besser Foundation
Jack “Jake” Bishop Jr. ’72
Howard Bondy ’59
Sandra (Vedder) Boyer ’85
John ’84 and Sandra Bremner
Gary ’71 and Kathryn ’70 Burt
Jack and Mary J. Butterick
David ’80 and Kimberly ’81 Byrens
Yvonne ’73 and Victor Caamal Canul
Robert W. Carling Ph.D. ’69
James ’70 and Cynthia Carmody
William Cassidy ’63
Children’s Foundation
Comerica Inc.
Jason Conkin ’97
Francis Coomes
Ron and Evelyn (Gruen) Cortesi
Covenant Association of East Lansing
Betty Jo Crosby
Laura and (the late) John ’59 Davis
Dr. Maria and Terry Davis
Marilyn (Purse) Dean ’60 and (the late) William Cliff Dean
DeRoy Testamentary Foundation
Luis ’59 and Donna Diaz
Michael ’77 and Jan (Harrison) ’77 Dieterle
Dow Chemical Co. Foundation
Melanie Engels ’08 and Edward Lauerman
Mike ’75 and Judy Fales
Joseph Fink
First Congregational Church
First Congregational Church, Wayne
First Congregational UCC, Alpena
Jamey ’86 and Nicole Fitzpatrick
George Francis
Lawrence Franks ’55
Free Spirit Construction, Inc.
Frey Foundation
Kathi Froehlich ’76
Peter ’66 and Sarah ’67 Fuller
Gannett Foundation
General Electric Foundation
William Halacoglu ’82
Benny Hart
David and Sheila Hathaway
Vern Hazard II ’83
Edward ’80 and Cynthia ’79 Heator
Duane and Suzanne ’79 Hewitt
Larry ’68 and Carolyn Hice
Dr. Sharon Hobbs
Thomas Hoisington and Louise Alderson
Larry ’60 and Jerrilyn ’81 Holcomb
Nicholas Hood and Denise Page Hood
Linda Hoover ’81
B.J. and Teri Hull
Brian ’88 and Kimberly Iott
Craig Jenkins ’08 and Ananda Zaccanelli-Jenkins
James and Carol Ann (Breidenstein) Johnson
John ’76 and Karrie Jones
JSJ Corporation
Karen Kane and Todd Hibbs
Craig A. Kapson ’72
Linda (Magalotti) ’70 and Robert Katcher
WB and Candace Thoman Foundation
Rebecca Kennedy
Alfred Knickerbocker ’58
Chuck Kovaleski ’70
Rebecca Kovaleski ’73
William ’61 and Carol Mountain
Liberty Media Corporation
Dr. Ray Loeschner
Linda Logan, Ph.D.
Loutit Foundation
Charles ’64 and Lynn McPhail
Charles ’76 and Roann Mefford
Merck Co. Foundation
Michigan Future Foundation
William and Karla Middlebrooks
Judith Morrison ’70
Michael Morse ’61
Alexander ’68 and Winifred Aranyos
National Association of Congregational Christian Churches
Reginald Lancaster ’63 and Karen Wilkinson
National Science Foundation
North Congregational Church
Judge Denise Page Hood and Rev. Nicholas Hood
Phi Alpha Pi
Roger Piddington ’68
Phillip Prettyman ’70
Jack ’66 and Bonnie ’67 Rall
Samuel L. Westerman Foundation
John J.H. Schwarz M.D.
Michael ’03 and Lindsey ’00 Seelye
Judith Selesky ’66
Douglas ’71 and Julie ’71 Semivan
Fredda Sullivan Sparks
Larry ’64 and Virginia ’65 Spencer
State Farm Insurance Companies
Charlotte Stevens
Clair ’80 and Nyla ’92 Stevens
The Miller Foundation
Eric Thomas ’94 and Shelley White-Thomas
Susan Topping ’77
Donald Tuski ’85
Donald ’85 and Louise Tuski
UCC Local Church Ministries, Council for Higher Education
USX Foundation Inc.
Karen ’81 and Keith Van Hentenryck
Vomberg Foundation
William Kennary DDS
Beverly Weidendorf ’60
Charles ’55 and Celia Weidendorf
Tala Jean (Plummer) Welch ’77
Wells Fargo Commercial Banking
Wells Fargo Matching Gifts Program
West Michigan Chapter of the Risk & Insurance Mgmt. Society
Westran Insurance Scholarship Foundation
Shelley White-Thomas
Linwood “Woody” C. ’68 and Susan Wiley
Karl ’69 and Connie ’72 Wilson
Larry K. Winegar ’74
Wolohan Family Foundation


Shipherd Society $25,000+
Children’s Foundation
Community Foundation for S.E. Michigan
David Cutler ’65
Dean Trailways
Dearborn Congregational Church
Educational Assistance Ltd.
Emory M. Ford Jr. Endowment Fund
Rod ’81 and Amy Hathaway
Thomas ’69 and Gayle Kolassa
Albert ’80 and Debbie Rosenthaler
Steven ’82 and Melinda (Strother) ’82 Roznowski
Michael ’03 and Lindsey ’00 Seelye
Elizabeth Walker ’73

Gruen Society $10,000 – $24,999
Thomas Burke ’82
Dr. Stephen Burton ’68
Laura and (the late) John ’59 Davis
Ann Margaret Dimond
Farm Bureau Insurance Co.
Edward ’80 and Cynthia ’79 Heator
Allen ’66 and Sandra ’66 Kratzer
Walter ’58 and Theresa Parker
Robert ’68 and Diane Parrella
Marjorie (Wilson) Richards ’76
Clair ’80 and Nyla ’92 Stevens
Woodrow ’69 and (the late) Shirley ’72 Wilson
WK Kellogg Foundation

Speare Society $5,000 – $9,999
Auto-Owners Insurance Company
Patience ’70 and Mark Becker
William P. ’75 and Jean (Shaffer) ’75 Blair
Simon Camaj ’95
John Homer and Joan Garthe
Hastings Mutual Insurance Co.
Vern Hazard II ’83
Margaret Hoats ’66
Timothy ’83 and Tami Hodge
Craig Jenkins ’08 and Ananda Zaccanelli-Jenkins
Linda (Magalotti) ’70 and Robert Katcher
Paul and Rebecca Kennedy
Rebecca Kennedy
Justin Klamerus ’99
Andrew Knight ’04
Reginald Lancaster ’63 and Karen Wilkinson
Mesara Family Foundation
Michigan Colleges Alliance
Phillip Prettyman ’70
Jack ’66 and Bonnie ’67 Rall
Daniel Smith ’03
State Farm Companies Foundation
Jeffrey and Elizabeth (Larson) ’90 Wildern
Karen Wilkinson
Karl ’69 and Connie ’72 Wilson

Brewer Society $1,000 – $4,999
William Ballagh ’88
Barnes & Thornburg LLP
A. David Baumhart, III ’66
Jack “Jake” Bishop Jr. ’72
Ross ’71 and Jennifer ’73 Bohms
Bethany Bommarito
Howard Bondy ’59
David ’77 and Mollie ’76 (Mackin) Bowers
Thomas ’71 and Kay Bowling
Thomas Brady
Brussee/Brady, Inc.
Linda Bryant-Solomon ’68
Paul Burkhardt
Gary ’71 and Kathryn ’70 Burt
Jack and Mary J. Butterick
David ’80 and Kimberly ’81 Byrens
Delois Caldwell
Calhoun County Agricultural & Ind Soc
Capital Region Community Foundation
James M. Cash and Carol A. Gruen ’76
William Cassidy ’63
Michael ’71 and Loralee Castner
Helen (Wei) ’68 and Henry Chung
Steven M. Corey, PHD and Kelly Corey
Covenant Assoc Michigan Conference United Church of Christ
CRC Group
Betty Jo Crosby
Dr. Maria and Terry Davis
Mark ’66 and Janet ’67 Davison
Barbara deButts
Matthew ’07 and Gina (Hilgendorf) ’07 Domitrovich
Linda (Harleston) ’80 and David Eaton
Melanie Engels ’08 and Edward Lauerman
Enterprise Holdings Foundation
Barron Evans ’77
Jamey ’86 and Nicole Fitzpatrick
Justin D. Fleeson ’12
George Francis
Kathi Froehlich ’76
Larry ’64 and Marilyn Gaskins
Edward Gatta Jr. ’77
William R. ’66 and Lorain R. Giles
Eugene ’63 and Jo Grimley
Carol Gruen ’76 and James Cash
Stanley Guzy ’66
Frank and Constance Hagelshaw
William Halacoglu ’82
Steven Hassenger ’76
David and Sheila Hathaway
Reginald ’84 and Catherine Henry
Sylvia Hicks-Fox ’78 and Joseph Fox
Frederick Hinz ’70
Kurt and Linda Hofmann
John ’94 and Autumn ’94 Homer
Art ’94 and Autumn ’94 Homer
Steve ’86 and Elizabeth Hummer
Thomas Humphreys
Stephen and Betsy Hunter
Ieuter Insurance Group
Sarah Jennings
Glenn Johnson ’71
Dr. Arvill and Kay Jones
John ’76 and Karrie Jones
Donald Keller ’67
Harold ’91 and Jeanne ’91 Kemp
Samuel ’68 and Cheryl Knox
David ’84 and Sonya Labrecque
Donald Lawless and Sherri Jones
Larry ’75 and Joyce Lethorn
David ’08 and Dr. Susanne Lewis
Max ’71 and Vicky ’77 Lindsay
Dr. Ray Loeschner
Jacqueline Looser
M&M Marketing
Kevin Martin ’77 and Duane Brown
Ilene Masters
Michele McCauley
Michigan Conference of the United Church of Christ
Michigan Youth Wrestling Association
Wolfgang ’66 and Barbara Mieder
Charles ’76 and Kimberly ’03 Millbrook
Alexander Miller ’00
James ’70 and Lizabeth ’70 Moore
Leonard Morgan ’89
Suzanne (Best) Morgan ’79
Judith Morrison ’70
Scott ’82 and Tanya-Mari Morrison
M. Michael Morse ’61
Veronica Murff
Gayther Myers ’62
New Prospect Missionary Baptist Church
William ’73 and Celeste Newhouse
North Congregational Church
CDR. Donald Oderkick ’64, USNR Retired
John Owen ’71
Richard ’63 and Karen Penhallegon
Karen Preston
Robert and Bess Cook Foundation
Samuel L. Westerman Foundation
Dr. Walter Schneider ’59
Secure Investors Group
Judith Selesky ’66
Douglas ’71 and Julie ’71 Semivan
Robert Shegog ’74
Mikel Snow ’66
Ryan Spalding ’21
Amy Spangler
Charlotte Stevens
Vicki Stouffer
Sarah Surratt
Susan Topping ’77
Todd and Stacey Upton
Elizabeth Upton
Karen ’81 and Keith Van Hentenryck
Charles ’55 and Celia Weidendorf
Roger A. ’87 and Cathy Weise
Tala Jean (Plummer) Welch ’77
Linwood “Woody” C. ’68 and Susan Wiley

Red and White Society $500 – $999
Rocky Abbott
Accident Fund Insurance Company
Dr. Thomas Allum ’64 and Lois Allum
Alexander ’68 and Winifred
Arch Insurance Group
Jeffrey ’75 and Deborah (Rebeck) ’76 Ash
Madison Bailey
Michael ’82 and Sue ’84 Baker
Daniel Ballagh ’22
Haley A. Bazzani ’14
Dave Beck
Tina (Lincoln) ’73 and Grant Bienz
Blockhouse Holdings, LLC
Jeremy L. Blunt ’14
Pamela Heos ’77 and Jeffrey Brancheau
Brandon and Amber Brissette
Maida Brooks
Diane (Butterfield) Brunn ’67
Douglas ’73 and Suzanne Burger
Philip Burket ’52
James Callahan
Robert W. Carling Ph.D. ’69
James ’70 and Cynthia Carmody
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
Christman Constructors, Inc.
Marnie Cody
Cynthia (Strebeck) ’76 and Stanford Compton
Kristen Connelly
Lynne (Emons) ’80 and Frederick Corbus
Antoine Currie ’10
Robert Cutler
Larry Davids
Terry Dawson ’68
Robert H. Digby M.D., M.P.H. ’65
Makaila Dodd
Gale Dodd
Roger ’69 and Marilyn Dougherty
Doyle Facility Maintenance Corp Electrical Contractor
Mary J. Eakle
Ben Ebling
Farm Bureau Insurance
Katie Finazzo
First Congregational Church
Edward Fischer ’69
Russell Gajos
General Agency Company
Robert ’72 and Gayle Glenn
Great Lakes Palmetto Properties LLC
David Hammond ’70
Benny Hart
Barbara Heller ’69
Dr. Sharon Hobbs
Norman ’61 and Karen Hoenes
Larry ’60 and Jerrilyn ’81 Holcomb
Linda Hoover ’81
Dennis Horal ’76
HUB International Midwest East
Reid ’67 and Deborah ’69 (Brooks) Hudgins
Pamela J Emmendorfer
Jessica Jarratt ’08
Gregory ’09 and Jessica ’08 Jarratt
Mary (MacPherson) Jennings ’52
Kyle ’09 and Laura (Markin) ’11 Labrecque
John Latta ’74
Robert Levander
Toni Lichvar ’87
Serafin Llerena ’11
Nicholas Lux
Kevin A. Marti
Dan ’66 and Mary Mathews
Mike Maurer
Lori McAllister
Tina McCrillis
Meadowbrook Congregational Church
Christian Mendoza
Michigan Insurance
Martin ’73 and Shirlee Mitchell
Timothy Mohre
Martha Myrick
Thomas Nelson ’70
BJ Newton
Donald ’57 and Sharon Nichols
Julie Nowak
Jane O’Brien ’65
Patrick O’Keefe and Breanna (Bath) O’Keefe ’08
Olivet Congregational Church
Linda (Sigren) O’Neill ’74
Michael Ormsby
Michael Oyster ’77
Ross Pennock ’17
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Roy Piligian ’80
Mike Pitman
Stanley ’64 and Carol Platsis
Stephen Porter
Martha (Graham) Ports ’65
Michelle Powell
Spencer Rabourn
Peter ’65 and Nancy ’65 Raisbeck
Phil Reed
Zackary ’16 and Leah (Lupu) ’16 Robinson
John ’65 and Nancy ’65 Rohde
Emily Rowe
Andrea Rutledge
Kevin Shettler ’09
Gregory Shook ’74
Ellen Simmons
Linn Smith
Hilary Speare ’75
Bernie ’72 and Becky Stankewicz
Marcia (Campbell) Sumerix ’69
Roger ’59 and Marilyn Tharp
Eric Thomas ’94 and Shelley White-Thomas
Larry and Charlotte Towe
Travelers Insurance
William Tucker
USI Insurance Services
Michael Wade ’80
Darlene Wahlberg ’80 and Robert Cutler
Kenneth Walters ’68
Gary Wertheimer and Cynthia Eller
Shelley White-Thomas
Owen ’60 and Judith ’63 Whitkopf
Eric Wiederhold ’94
Kurk Wilks
WSIA Education Foundation
Jennifer (Baum) Yerkov ’12
Jeff Zonyk ’69

Oak Leaf Society $1-$499
Rebecca (Wright) ’66 and Kenneth Abate
Suresh ’99 and Priya ’00 Acharya
Marcia Adams
Judith Adams
Gregory ’81 and Betsy ’81 Adamus
Nicholas Africano ’16
Heidi B. Allen
John ’76 and Cynthia Allen
AmazonSmile Foundation
Richard and Marie Ames
Tim Anders
Louis ’63 and Joann Anderson
G. Asenath Andrews ’72
Pamela Anthony
Nadia Anzaldua
Thomas Appel ’65
Cristobal Arambula
Aaron Archuleta
Arlington Trading Post
Regina Armstrong
Chuck Arnold
Angus Arthur
Tom Asaiala
Lisa Ash
David Asher ’71
Gary Ashlock
Rita Auellette
Kelly Azarovitz
Kathy Azelton
Phillip Bachers ’73
Jonathan W. Bachman ’12
Marita Bailey
Timothy ’65 and Joyce Baird
Mary Jean Baker
Robert Ball ’63
Carol Ballard ’72
Robert Ballenger ’67
Lance and Gail ’64 Barker
Laura Barlond-Maas ’88
Cheryl (Chapman) Barnes ’76
Beau Barnum ’02
Dale ’62 and Judy Barr
Len Barry
Robert Barto
John Basinger ’69
Mark Bassett
Denice Bates
DeeDee Baumgarner
Randy ’78 and Jan ’80 Bays
Michael A. Beach ’14
Stephen Bean
Chuck Bean
Beaumont Health – Willow Team
Benjamin Benford II ’70
Matthew Bennett
Jeffrey ’76 and Arlene Berg
Donald Bergstrom ’81
Wanda Berning
Benjamin Bernoudy ’58
Better Than Yesterday
Walker Beverly
Rachele Beyerlein
Mrs. Raymonde Bielak ’68
Denny Bishop
John Bishop ’74
Stuart ’82 and Cynthia Blacklaw
Wayne Blackwell
James Blakley
Susan (Taylor) Blank ’77
Jenna Blankenship
Aaron Blaszczyk
Sommar Boese
Dominic Bogolo
Lynnette Bohi ’70
Ida (Fischer) Bolen ’72
Melissa Bolley
Jamie Bolley
Christie Bond
Forrest ’65 and Jeri Ann ’65 Bone
Eric Boothroyd ’73
Christa Boria
Julia Bos
Tiana Bosley
Cynthia Boss
Mary Ann Boucher ’59
Kimberly Bourn
Linda Bowen ’71
Stan Bowerman
Charles ’65 and Janice Bowers
Airic and Stephanie (Robinson) Boyce ’18
Stephanie (Robinson) and Airic Boyce ’18
David and Maureen Boyd
Laurence and Martha Boyer
Martha Boyer
Stephen Boyle
Jake Bozzo
Charles Bradford
Dawn Brady
Mark ’72 and Judith Brady
Evelyn Werner-Brady ’81
Connie Brandt
John ’84 and Sandra Bremner
Reed Bretz ’86
Karen Brininstool ’71
Shawna Britton
William Brooks ’73 and Erin Campbell-Brooks
Katelyn Brown ’22
Imani Brown
Debbie Brown
Robert Brownell
Mike Bruce
Patricia Brumbaugh ’76
Barbara Brummel ’57
James ’71 and Pam Brunger
Kim Bryce
Debbie Buchan
Gary ’61 and Pat Bufe
Mark ’77 and Tina ’78 Bunce
Ken ’08 and Brandy Bunting
Ken and Brandy Bunting
William Burdon ’69
Brian Burke
Michael Burkhardt ’18
Faith Burleigh
Belva Burney ’68
James and Lillian Burns
Sylvia Burns
Larry Burns
Andrew Busch
Douglas Butler
James D. and Pamela Butterick
Ian Cameron
Beverly Cameron
Kay Canaan ’65
Linzi Carlstrom
Sean Carney
John ’70 and Patricia ’70 Carney
Carol Carr
Audra Carson ’87
Landon ’00 and Bobbi ’99 Casey
John ’73 and Karen ’71 Cavell
Anthony Terence Cavette ’89
Frederick Cerrato ’21
Karen Chaney
Sandi Chappell
Kyle ’84 and Robin Chase
Jill Cheladyn
Martha Chubb
Loraine Chubb
Karen (Ciesielski) Bochenek ’65
Katina Clabin
Michael Clark
Adele Cliff
Rose Mary Coakes
Robert Colford ’62
Julie Ann Collins ’87
Jennifer Collins
Comprehensive Risk Services
Kevin Compton
Congregational UCC, Baldwin
Angelique M. (Korstanje) ’11 and Ryan Cook
Bob Coplin ’72
Loretta Cox ’98
Marla Crane
James Crocker ’77
Ronald and Cynthia ’76 Crooks
Anne Cruce
Keely Cruz ’21
Culver’s – Charlotte Burgers, Inc.
Travis Curley
Keri Curry
Brenton Curtis ’65
Mary Dalrymple ’18
Jill (Sours) ’80 and Darrin Daniel
Emily Daniels
Dennis Daugherty ’70
Rikki Dault
David David
Brenda David
David M. Byrens, MD, PC
Janet Davids
Michael Davids
Manuel Davila
Vernon Davis ’11
Rick Dawson
Kenneth ’73 and Deborah ’73 Day
De La Salle Collegiate
Thomas Debaets ’72
Deanna Decker
Barbara (Stockman) ’66 and Thomas Decker
Jennifer Decker
Decker Agency-Municipal and Public Entity Insurance
Rose Dedow
Joyce Dee
Andrea (Amari) Dekker ’82
Beverly J. Demchuk-Burke ’77
Peggy (Pack) Dennis ’76
Mark DeRuiter
Henry DeRuiter ’70
Kenneth Dettloff
Kurt Dettmer
Kimberly DeVito
Thomas and Nancy Devries
Luke DeWitt ’17
Paul and Anita (Murieka) ’86 DeYoung
Luis ’59 and Donna Diaz
Jay Diaz
Timothy ’91 and Fiona Dibble
Karlyn (Eberhardt) Dickinson ’67
Dugan Dieselberg ’19
Kenneth Dietz ’86
Charles Dildine ’64
Julie Dipiazza
H. Robert Dittmer ’78
Diversified Insurance Group Diversified Insurance Group
Meredith Dodson
Robert Donaghey ’66
Jean Donlan
Mimi Dorn
Gayl (Sanborn) Dotts ’78
Steve Dougherty
Erin Dowd
Darrell Driver
Calvin Drozdzak ’72
Patti DuFore
Dana Dugan
Kathleen DuPriest
Bryan Dutton ’11
James Duvall
Lindsey Dvorak
Paul Dvorak
Ryan Dvorak
Ponja (Davenport) ’03 and Steve Dye
Dejuan Dykes ’11
Linda E Kalmbach
Stephanie Marie Eagles ’86
Richard ’65 and Jane ’67 Easton
Margaret (Hooker) Eaton ’48
Craig Edmondson
Brad Ekonen
Bridget Ekquist
Taylor Elley
Youssef Elsayed ’16
Alek Ennis
Cheryl Ennis
Kim Ensch
Gina Erickson
Sarah Esper
Rachel Ettinger
Pamela Evans
Carleen Everett-Bauer ’80 and Kurt Bauer
Dean Failer ’21
Mike ’75 and Judy Fales
Farm Bureau Insurance – Jonah Wilson Agency
Charles Fatute
Bill ’62 and Marilyn ’61 Feddeler
Mary Fee
Suzan Felter ’86
Tracey Fennell
Robert ’61 and Rose Mary Ferguson
Robert Ferguson ’68 and Christine Sauer
Jack ’56 and Nancy (Collins) ’57 Fieldman
Susan (Richardson) Finch ’66
David ’77 and Cynthia Firlik
First Congregational Church
Richard ’89 and (the late) Elizabeth Fleming
Beth Fleming-Brown ’75
Colleen Fletcher
Kimberly (Boyer) Flitton ’93
Suzie (Simons) ’91, ’99 MAT and Michael Flood
Sean ’96 and Amy ’95 Flynn
Dawn Flynn ’71
Bethany Fonzi
Cris Fores
Michael ’63 and Betsy ’65 Foster
Kylie Foster
Samantha Foster
Martha (Hyde) Frahm ’67
Michael and Erin ’07 Fredericks
Bryan Fredrick
Kattie Funk ’14
Lisa Furman
Shaun Gaffrey ’00
Thomas ’67 and Elizabeth Gardner
Cindy Gardner
Anthony Garman
Bridget Garter ’21
Julie Garvey
Nancy Gates
Joseph Gauck ’17
Kathleen Geckler
Chase Geckler
Diane Neitzert Gelfund ’74
Stephen Gendler
Antoinette Gerbasi
Boris and Edith ’74 Gerber
Brian Gibbs ’17
William Gibson ’94
Candice Giddings
Tracy Gilbert
Chrisann Ginnebaugh
Terri Glasgow
Krista Glei
Ernestine Gold-Livingston ’75
Jennifer Gonzalez
Sally Gordon
Macy C. Gorrell ’23
Julayne Goward
Rebecca Grabarczyk
Becky Gradowski
Nelson Graves ’65
Douglas ’60 and Nancy Gray
Bob and Tanya (Urcavich) ’80 Grebe
Blair Grew
Mark ’50 and Susan ’50 Griffin
Susan ’50 (Stucky) and Mark ’50 Griffin
Renee Dakdduk-Griffin ’76
John Grimes
James ’61 and Janice Grimshaw
Nathan Gross ’94
James R. Grugett ’87
Nicholas Guerra
Jennifer Guglielmi
Patrick Guilford
Ed ’77 and Gretchen Guisbert
George ’61 and Judith Gullen
Martha (Crandall) Hagerty ’70
Jeffrey Hahn
Carolyn Hall ’45
Thomas Hall ’16
Michael Halstead
Stewart Halstead ’05
Michael Ham
M. David Moulton and Yvonne Hamann-Moulton
Chirila Hamilton
David Hammer
Susan Hammersmith ’92
Wayne Haney ’87
Joann Hanson
Karla Harding ’85
Curt Hargis
Kara Harmon
Sharon Harmon
Jason Harris
Eileen Harrison
Benjamin Hart ’16
Chris Hartman
Jordan Hartman
Kathy Harvey-Mitton
Deb Hatfield
Carole ‘Kelly’ Havens ’77
Charles ’87 and Tammy Hawkins
Jason Hawkins
Kevin Hayward ’78
Jim and Betsy ’64 Healy
Jen Hecht
Janice Hedge ’73
Lisa Heeter
James Helgemo
Gerald Hemry
Ethan Henderson
Toni Hendrickson
Shelley Henkel
James Herbst ’71
Frankie Hernandez
Sarah Herring
Michael Hescott ’87
Dottie Hess ’68
Jenessa Hicks ’12
Mary Hinkle ’82
James Hinkle ’59
Robin Hinman
Shirley Hirt
Kathy Hoath
Jeanne Hock
Randy Hock
Michelle Hodgman
Susan (Ide) Hofmann ’70
Charles Hoge ’78
Josie Hoisington
Cassie Hoisington
Roy Holden
Caroline Hollern
Aiden Holliday ’18
Barb Holloway
Julie Holly
Jeffrey Holm ’14
Justin Holm ’14
Suzette (Reynolds) Holmes ’71
Janet Holstine
Kevin Holt ’92
Theodore Homan ’81
Christopher L. Hook ’23
Hal ’71 and Janice Hooks
Mr. Charles Hookway
James Hopkins
Jared Hopkins
David ’73 and Thelma Horn
Sara Horton
Dennis Horwitz
Mack Hosack ’71
Nina Hubbard
Candice Hulett
Gretchen Humphreys ’17
Paula Hunt
David Hunter
Lisa Hunter ’01
Joseph C. Iauch ’58
Donna Idyle
Joseph ’84 and Heidi Impellizzeri
Jessica Iraneta
Lloyd Irving ’70
William Jackson
Jeffrey ’63 and Phyllis Jackson
Jason Jackson
David Jackson
Jackson Public Schools
Jackson Public Schools Northeast Elementary
Brian ’09 and Christine ’10 (Cameron) Jaffee
Edward Jamison ’75
Aileen M. Jamison
Kaleb Jarrett ’20
Stephanie Jenkins
Marty (Mason) Jennings ’67
Larry Jennison ’02
Brian Jeske
Kelly Jeske
Myra Jewell
Jewish Communal Fund
JM Wilson
Josh Johnson
Russell Johnson ’91
Drew Johnson
Patricia Johnson ’60
Kevin Johnson
Jeff Johnson
Shannon Johnson
Erica Johnson
Laura (Brinkley) ’07 and Amanda ’07 Johnston
Edward Jones ’06
Mark Jones ’76
Christopher Jones
Machele Jones
Kathy Jordan-Sedgeman
Randy Jorgenson ’78
Donna Jorgensen
Brittain Joyner
Jr and Son Plumbing
Gladi Kading
Michaela Kaliniak ’19
Craig Kandelac
Hasan Karim
Anne Kasson ’79
Missy Keeler
Austin Kelley ’17
Nate and Alyssa (Fredrick) ’11 Keniston
Paul and Beckye Kennedy
Darnise Kennedy
Shanda Kerber
Melvin Ketchel ’48
Marilyn (Curtis) ’67 and Jay Kettler
William Keys ’74
Austin Khoshnegah ’13
Judie King ’59
Kristin King ’09
Sharon King ’16
Liam Kinjorski ’22
Haydn Kinjorski ’20
Pamela Kirchoff
Robert Kirken ’86
Charlene Kissinger
Cathy Kissinger
Larry Kissinger
Leah Knapp
Alfred Knickerbocker ’58
Samuel Knoechel ’18
Abbe (Smith) Knorek ’90
Christina Koehler
Kristine (Barker) Koenig ’03
Sharon (Heller) Koning ’63
Michael Koscielny Jr. ’21
Jim Kosmerick
Kathryn (Vogt) Koveleski ’47
Cara Kozicki
Edward Kozlowski ’88
Shannon Kramer
BG Julia Kraus ’74
Steve Krebill ’78
Carol Kruemmer
Randy ’78 and Mary Pat ’78 Kruger
Charlyne Kruliski
Ken Krupp
Shelley Kruskie
Colleen Kuehl
David ’71 and Janet Kuehn
Lisa Kukla
Ralph Kunert ’73
Edward Kunnuji
Bill Kurtz
Margaret Kyser
Brenda LaDow
William Lafoe
Christine Laitner ’69
Audrey Lama ’21
Jeffrey Lamb ’92
Mekenzie Lamb ’22
Peter Lambrecht ’74
Jennifer Lamoreaux
Amy Lamoreaux
Jeffery Lang II
Mary LaPorte
Joan (Crabill) Larimer ’77
Erik ’97 and Therese Larson
Emily Lash ’23
Esther (Dykstra) Lastacy ’98
David Latta ’63
Shantel (Diethrich) Launstein ’93
Aaron Lawrence
Marilyn Lawrence
Carol Lawson
Michael Lazusky
Kellie Lazusky
Patrick Leahy ’10
Tracy (Lucarelli) Lee ’97
John Lehman ’87
Patrick Leitch ’76
Cameron Lemon ’21
Christian Lenon
Lee Lerner ’64
Angel Leslie
R. Richardson ’83 and Susan ’83 Levitte
Robert ’67 and Patricia ’69 Lewallen
Lawrence Lewis ’53
Evan Lewis
Renee Lexow
Marie (Milligan) ’63 Liddle
Mertie Gooden Little ’96
Dawn Livingston
Paul Lobos ’87
Linda Logan, Ph.D.
John Lomacz ’78
Gary ’74 and Judy Longman
Jason Loomis
Deb Loomis
Jesse ’74 and Amy Lothamer
Nikki Louiselle
Danielle Loupee
Mike and Karla (Kunkle) Love
Mike and Karla Love
Arend and Nancy Lubbers
Joe Luce
Lisa Luce
Sara Lucier
Robert ’76 and Deborah Luther
Karen A. and Mitch S. Lutzke
Mitch Lutzke
Sydney Lynch
Vicki Lyons
Maeghan Lyons
David ’75 and Mary Macqueen
Meshawn Maddock
Holly Major-Price ’92
Michael Makela
Marsha (Hill) ’71 and Jerry Malec
Arnold Malin
William Maloney
Drew Mandell ’20
Karolyn Marie (Batt) Mandisa ’07
Kefentse Mandisa ’06
Hernan Marin ’65
Hollie Marlett
Patricia Marsh
Marsh & McLennana Agency LLC
Laurie Martell
Michael (Strong) ’75 and William Mason
Jimmy Mauk
Teana Mauney
Frank Maynard
Janet Mazany
Matt McBroom
Sharon McCarron
Sean McCarron
Jim McCloughan ’68
Beth McElhone
David McKee ’65
Latasha Mckinney
Annette McLean
Davette McMurren
Melvin McWilliams
Jason Meadows ’03
Val Medendorp
Carol Melcher ’75
Larry ’64 and Mary Martha ’65 Melendy
Bradford Mellor ’76
Dennis Mensching
Frank Mercurio ’20
Katy Meriwether
Joseph Meyers ’76
Michigan Millers Insurance
Charles and Helen Mickens
Cheri Middlesworth
Amy Miedema
Mike Mignano
Richard S. Miller ’70
Jerald ’93 and Geanice ’93 Miller
Andrew Miller ’68
Capt. John ’65 and Mrs. Nancy Miller
Kevin Miller
Scott Miller ’03
Dawn Milot
John Mireles
Mary Mitchell ’23
Thomas ’70 and Jane ’72 Moe
Trenton Monroe ’19
Tracy Monroe
Victoria Monterusso ’18
Alyssa Monterusso ’18
Henry Moore
Kris (VanKampen) Moore ’87
Joel Moore
Mia Moore
Jennifer Moore ’01
Sherman Moore
Diana Morehouse
Brent Morell
Andrina Morence
Heather Morey
Douglas Morgan
Alison Morphew
Lynda Mulder
Anne Mullane
Eileen Mullane
Sherrie Mullane
Kristen Mullane
Brendan Mullane
Cathy (Whelton) ’76 and Dean Muncy
Susan Munn ’67
Jeffrey Murphy ’85
Corey Mykolaitis ’13
National Association of Congregational Christian Churches
Diana Nave
Susan Nehf
David ’89 and Carrie ’89 Nelson
Kristin (Bloomquist) ’07 and Erik Nelson
New Lothrop Youth Wrestling Club
Kimberly Newberry
Sally Newstead
Peter ’70 and Anne ’70 Nicolaou
William Nixon ’51
Suzanne Nocita
Gerry Noel
Amelia Northern ’22
Marion R. Norwood ’87
Cynthia Noyes
Janel Nugent
Margaret ‘Peg’ (Anderson) Nyboer ’58
Lori Oberlin
Sue and Mike O’Brien
Karen (Kaskinen) O’Brien ’83
Janice Oldani
John Oldani
Kendra Oleary
Joan Oliver
Olivet Lions Club
Kameron Olsen ’13
Mark Olsen
Linda Olsen
Connie Olsen
Jon Olsen
One Stop Logistics
Logan Ormsby
Linda Otis
Colleen Ott
David Ouellette
Dorothy Overmyer
Roger and Beth Page
Don Pagett ’66
Diana Pahman
Nathan A. Pallet
Mauricio Palli ’07
Stephen Palmer ’68
Danny ’85 and Jacqueline Pantaleo
Deborah ’88 and Dennis Paquette
Michael Paquette
Brian Paquette ’22
Sidney (Patton) Paradine ’69
Darrick Parker
Jamell C. Parker ’14
Parma Western High School
Alan Parshley ’77
Angela Pastor
Christina Pate ’00
Patton Wings Inc.
Kelly Paul
James Paulson ’72
Tamela Peabody
Casey Peckham
Jack Pendell
Greg Peplinski ’72
Elisabeth Perez
Eddie Perez
Isabel Perez
Albert Perez
Adrian Perez
Lillian Perron
Kathryn Perry
Grace Perry
CDR. John G. ’75, USN Retired and Valerie J. Peshinski
Janine Marie Peters
Travis Petts ’19
Megan Phillips ’11
Anthony Phillips ’12
Marjorie (Hertzberg) Phillips ’48
Tracy Phillips
Albert Phillips
Jill Phillips
Allen Pienkowski ’71
Jay Pierson ’81
Joan (Roberts) Pohl ’83
Linda Pohly ’76
Traelle Poindexter
Lauren Poisson
Tyler Poisson
Daniel Pollitt
James R. and Susan Q. Powers
Anthony Prasnjak
Kathlene Pridgeon
Haley Proko
Brad Przystas
Michael Puerner
George Purlee ’59
Candice Putnam ’68
David Pyne
Roseleen Pyne
Eric Quinn ’08 and Stefanie Cantelmo
Tyler Racey
Amy Ralston
Ross Ramer
Randy Ramirez
Maher Ramirez
Shaye Ramont
Barbara (LeClear) Ramsey ’89
Mary Ramsey
Kristine Ranger
Allen ’51 and Nancy Ratzlaff
Kimberly Rauchfuss ’93
Chester Ray ’65
Linda Raymond
Katherine (Davis) ’03 and Mark Reeves
Fernando Regalado
James Regulski
Matthew Rehfeldt ’20
Xiyan Ren ’00
JoAnne Rennaker
Mitchell Reynolds
Michael John Reynolds ’75
Terry Rhines ’69
Mike Ricco
Karen Rice
Evelyn Rice
Jason Richardson
Jennifer Richmond
Jerard ’57 and Nancy ’58 Riddell
Jenalyn (White) ’86 and Paul Riley
Paul Rimka ’73
Gregory ’99, ’04 MAT and Amber Rinehart
Mary Jo Robbins
Dean Roberts ’18
Bob Robinson
Jim Robinson
Gail Robinson
Victoria Robinson
Sara Robinson
Dr. George Rock ’57
Mary Rodak
Rechy Rodriguez
Kelli Roe ’08
Randy Roelofs
Holly (LaRose) Roenicke ’96
Carla J. Rogers ’77
Marilyn Rogers
Harriet Rorar
Joshua Rosendale ’21
Bruce Rowe
Donald and Susan Rowe
Alexander Rowe
Mark Rudolph
Raymond Rueckert
Heather Runyon
Trina Ruoff
Tanja Rupert ’04
Richard Rusche ’85
Michele Rutherford ’77
Jamie Ryan
George ’59 and Rita Ryor
Joseph ’81 and Annette Sabatella
Peter Sabiiti
Thomas Sampson and Nancy Wonch
John Sanders
Jeffrey Sandy ’90
Saudia Santure ’98
Steve Savage
Gerald Savage
Cheryl (Fisher) Schaefer ’75
Bernice Schlaud
Myra (Clark) Schlicht ’59
Nikki Schluentz
Paul Schmidt
Sandra Ann Schoen ’77
Tracy Schoenborn
Janet Schultz ’69
Michael ’87 and Kelly ’89 Schumborg
Barbara (Pease) Schutt ’75
Nekedra Scott
Noreen (Towne) Search ’63
Jerry Secor ’58
Kaleb Seger
Stephanie Seidel
Melissa Seiler
Adam Sharp
Randall ’77 and Lynda Sharpe
Carleen Jones ’79
Jay Shaull
Nicholas Shauver
John Shaver
Tom ’88 and Lory ’88 Shaw
Jennifer Shea
Timothy Sheets ’73
Shelby Congregational Church, UCC
Lisa Sherman ’13
Mike Shettler
Linda Shilling
Ryan Shockey
Katherine Shockey
Neeterbob Shoup
Carole Shroll
Eileen Shufelt
Brandon Shull
Tracy Shumaker
Loren ’74 and Mary ’75 Shuman
Gary ’68 and Diane Siemers
Irvin ’65 and Carol ’65 Sigler
Lief Sigren ’81
Pam (Boyd) Sigren ’65
Melissa M. Simmons ’86
Lisa Simpkins ’91
Larry Simpson
Lora Sipos
Trever Skinner ’18
Catherine Slaastad
Kenneth Small
Brendon ’16 and Hannah (Sweeney) ’17 Smith
Hannah (Sweeney) ’17 and Brendon Smith ’16
Timothy D. Smith ’88
Timothy E. A. Smith ’65
Larry and Cathy Smith
Terry Smith
Lisa Smith
Maureen (Hendrick) Smyth ’71
Pam (Bankerd) Snarey ’66
Carol Sobleskey ’80
Helen Soergel ’57
Barbara Soper ’66
Southeastern Michigan Association of Congregational Churches
Mary Spade
Shannon Spaller
Christopher Spaude
Karyn and Christopher Spaude
Shawn Spear
Marci Spector
Lorna Spencer ’68
Trenton Spencer
Alyssa Spencer
Daniel Spencer
Lorena Spilsbury
Michelle Sprik
Jason Sprik
Danielle Sprik
Braydon Sprik
Thomas Stachnik
Heather Staniszewski ’95
John Staniszewski
Mary Stankewich ’76
Julia Stapleton ’77
Levi David Stegeman ’12
Alice (Robbins) Steinberg ’51
Gary Steiner ’76
Leni Steiner-Zehender ’98
Andrea Stephan
William ’65 and Mary Ann Stephens
John Stevens
Charlie Stevens
Nancy (Robinson) ’65 and James Stewart
Brian Stoll ’85
Marilyn Strader ’73
Jason Strat
Rhonda Stratton
John Stubbs ’72 and Laura Deming
Betty Summey
David Sutton
David Swanson ’70
Steve Swanson
Beth Swetz
Karen Swetz
Mary Beth Swiderski
David Symonds ’70
Koji Takahashi ’08
Tall Timber Lights LLC
Jill Tanis
Beverly Tanis
Jilanna Tanis ’05
Robert ’75 and Kath Teich Jr.
William L. Teller ’66
Matt Tennis
Robert Tenyer ’95
Rosanne Tersigni
Vick ’04 and Aruna Thapa
Julie Thobaben
Bradley Thomas ’19
Kristyn Thomas
Michelle (Simmon) ’05 and Kyle Thompson
Andrea Thorne
James Tidd
Samuel Tijerina
Isabela Tijerina
Traci Tollar
Ramona Tompkins
Roger Trana ’72
La’Rae Trice
Allen Tritz
Louisa (Grill) ’03 and Ian Trott
Amanda Tully
Hailey Tuohey
Oliver Tuthill ’68
Rob Umstead
Ryan ’12 and Theresa ’14 Underhill
James and Judy ’72 Unruh
Ryan J. Upton ’23
Roger Upton
Terry Upton ’57
V&V Enterprises of MI, Inc
Nancy VanHoozier
Phillip H. Vance ’65
Sarah Vanden Heuvel ’08
Dyck VanKoevering
Samantha VanLoon
M. Elise VanWoert ’94
Louis Vasilion ’00
Carrie Vaughan
James Vedder ’77
Laura Vedder ’82
Amber Velthouse
Jeffrey Veronie ’91
Joseph and Rosalie Vicari
Stephanie Vickers
Jerry Vines
VIP Sports Management
Mary Vitale
Amber Marie (Conrad) Votava ’11
Kristi Vroman
Mia Vroman
Bjorn Vroman
Maureen (McDougall) Wagner ’81
Matthew Wait ’99
David Walker
Jayne (Dell) Walker ’02
Roberta Walker
Adam and Michelle Wallenberg
Tamyra Walters ’80
Ware’s Pharmacy
Brian Warner
Gerald and Joan ’52 (Bordner) Warren
Robert Washabaugh
Donald Watkins ’73
Will Weber
Jerome Webster ’88
Patricia Ann Weeks ’85
Carol Wehr ’64
Kami Weitenberner
Daniel ’65 and Susan Welch
Jacob Welch
Scott ’99 and Mary Welden
Teresa Wellman
Howard Welsh
James ’75 and Rita ’76 Wencel
Shannon Wendt
Helen Wendt
Kyle Wendt
Joanne Wessel
Anne-Marie West
Mark Wheeler ’08
James ’78 and Patricia Wheeler
Erin Wheeler
Scott White
Katelyn White
Doris White
Grace White ’21
Samantha Whiteman
Whitetail Farms Farm Fresh Market
Skip ’68 and Barbara ’70 Whittaker
Marilyn (Hodgins) Wickstrom ’64
Nancy Wieringa
Casey Wilcox
Maureen Wilde ’63
James Wilder
Herbert Wilkinson ’65
Robert ’67 and Charlotte Wilks
Charles Wilks
Sarah Willard
Erin Willard
Jon Willard
Arthur and Joanne Williams
Michael Williams
Kevin Willis ’74
Gerald ’62 and Marcia Wilson
Tiffany Wilson
Sandra Wing
Andrew Wismer ’05
James Wistie
Noah J. Wiswary ’23
Robin Wolanin
Sylas F. Woll ’23
Women’s Board of Olivet College
Women’s Fellowship of the First Congregational Church
Seung ’62 and Teresa Woo
Charles Wood ’62
Joel M. Woods ’74
Hannah Woods
Holly Worden
Robert Worgess
Worgess Insurance & Financial Services
Cindy Wright
Scott Yack
Ronald Yageman ’69
Jane Yang
Emmalee Yates ’20
John Yeager
William Yeates ’62
Kelly Yeung
James Young
George Youngdahl
Caroline Yuska
Sloan Zsiros

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