Lifetime and Annual Giving Honor Roll

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Thank you to our generous donors continued support during the 2021-2022 Fiscal Year and throughout their lifetime of giving!


Live Oak Society $2,500,000+
David Cutler ’65
Thomas ’69 and Gayle Kolassa
Sarah (Engle) ’56 Lawrence and (the late) Robert ’57 Lawrence
The Seattle Foundation

Black Oak Society $1,000,000 – 2,499,999
Charles Blackman ’46 and (the late) Peggy Riethmiller Blackman
Community Foundation for S.E. Michigan
Stanley and Betsy Dole
Emory & Laura Ford Charitable Fund
Estate of W. Hawkins Ferry
Frederick S. Upton Foundation
Rod ’81 and Amy Hathaway
Kresge Foundation
Estate of Elizabeth A. Long
Michigan Colleges Alliance
Steven ’82 and Melinda (Strother) ’82 Roznowski
Estate of Margaret H. Varney
W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Bur Oak Society $100,000 – $999,999
Estate of Mary (Van Allsburg) Ambrose ’34
Amerisure Insurance
Attwood Foundation
Lance and Gail ’64 Barker
Martha Ann (Snapp) Barnes ’43
Battle Creek Community Foundation
Richard ’80 and Cindy Beyer
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
(the late) Barbara Broberg ’39
Clarence and Janet Brunger Trust
Thomas Burke ’82
Dr. Stephen Burton ’68
Carol Gruen ’76 and James Cash
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
Chartwells Dining Services
Estate of Dr. Edith Kirk Crawford L.H.D.
Dennis Daugherty ’70
Marilyn (Purse) Dean ’60 and (the late) William Cliff Dean
Educational Assistance Ltd.
Emory M. Ford Jr. Endowment Fund
(the late) Harry Ennis
Farm Bureau Insurance Co.
Douglas and Beverly Federau
Emory Ford Jr.
Frankenmuth Insurance Company
J. Robert Gillette ’63
Guido A. and Elizabeth H. Binda Foundation
(the late) Norine (Clayborn) Gustafson ’30
Estate of Nora C. Hagen ’17
Hastings Mutual Insurance Co.
(the late) David Hayhow
Herrick Foundation
(the late) H. Hugh Hickok
Estate of Ms. Evelyn E. Holtorf ’25
Jack D. and Freeda S. Sparks Foundation
Estate of Dorothy M. Keister ’23
Kellogg Co.
Estate of Walter Koelz ’15
David ’84 and Sonya Labrecque
Estate of Doris (Bryan) Laimbeer ’27
Estate of Roland Leipholz ’37
Estate of S. Morris Livingston ’26
Jesse ’74 and Amy Lothamer
(the late) Jerome Marek ’73
Margaret A. Cargill Foundation
(the late) Geoffrey Masters ’62
Ilene Masters and (the late) H. David Masters ‘62
McGregor Fund
Estate of Phyllis N. McRae ’29
Michigan Conference of the United Church of Christ
Michigan Department of Education
Wolfgang ’66 and Barbara Mieder
Estate of Robert B. Miller ’85 (HD)
(the late) Kenneth ’58 and (the late) Carol (Blumenthal) ’58 Milner
Estate of Lucile E. (Wildt) Moore
Moseman Trust
National Association of Congregational Christian Churches
(the late) Rita M. Ode
Donald Oderkirk ’64
Estate of Keytha Olson ’29
Estate of Barbara K. Parkinson
Richard ’68 and Reva (Hayes) ’68 Parrella
Robert ’68 and Diane Parrella
(the late) Donald A. Paull ‘36
Estate of Allen Pell ’59
Estate of Herbert J. Phillips ’37
Roseleen Pyne and (the late) George Pyne ‘65
(the late) Richard Rasmussen ‘35
Gertrude R. B. Richardson Trust
Albert ’80 and Debbie Rosenthaler
Estate of John H. Schouten
Richard G. Snyder Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Estate of Jack ’81 (HD) and Fredda Sparks
State Farm Companies Foundation
State of Michigan, Office of the Governor
Charlotte and (the late) Arthur Stevens
(the late) Nellie Stone
(the late) Serene (Broberg) Strippgen ’43
(the late) Marion Tendyke
The Teagle Foundation
Trane U.S. Inc.
Estate of Cyril Turo
United Church Board for Homeland Ministries
Stephen ’84 and Elizabeth Upton
(the late) Ruard ’88 (HD) and Clare Vanderploeg
(the late) Franklin Varney
Estate of Dwight E. Weber ’27
Whirlpool Foundation
Estate of Roberta (Mains) Whitbeck ’39
Jeffrey and Elizabeth (Larson) ’90 Wildern
William Randolph Hearst Foundation
Estate of Douglas L. Willson
Woodrow (Woody) ’69 and (the late) Shirley ’72 Wilson
Estate of Fred R. Witkop ’36
Women’s Board of The University of Olivet
Estate of Lyle J. Wysel ’36

Red Oak Society $25,000-99,999
Accident Fund Insurance Company
Air Way Manufacturing Co.
American Endowment Foundation
(the late) Dr. Silas S. Anderson
Alexander ’68 and Winifred Aranyos
Arch Insurance Group
Armstrong International, Inc.
(the late) Josephine S. Austin ’28
Auto Owners Insurance Company
William Ballagh ’88
(the late) Marjorie Barto ’42
Michael and Mary Bassis
David P. Begle Trust
Begole Brownell Fund
(the late) Marian L. Bell ’35
Brian ’69 and Nancy Benner
Besser Foundation
Jack “Jake” Bishop Jr. ’72
William P. ’75 and Jean (Shaffer) ’75 Blair
(the late) Judge William Bledsoe ’52 and Wilma Ray Bledsoe
Howard Bondy ’59
(the late) Robert Bradley
Pamela Heos ’77 and Jeffrey Brancheau
(the late) M. Jane Brawner ’43
(the late) Emerson Brown ’41
Gary ’71 and Kathryn ’70 Burt
Jack and Mary J. Butterick
David ’80 and Kimberly ’81 Byrens
Yvonne ’73 and Victor Caamal Canul
(the late) Ivis (Larson) Carlson ’43
James ’70 and Cynthia Carmody
William Cassidy ’63
Christian UCC, Sawyer
Comerica Inc.
Jason Conkin ’97
Francis Coomes
Steven M. Corey, Ph.D.
Traci D. Corey
Ron and Evelyn (Gruen) Cortesi
Covenant Association of East Lansing
(the late) H. James Cox
(the late) Matilda Crane
Betty Jo Crosby
(the late) Henry and Margaret Davis
Laura Davis and (the late) John Davis ’59
Terry and Maria Davis
Dean Trailways
(the late) Joyce Denison
DeRoy Testamentary Foundation
Michael ’77 and Jan (Harrison) ’77 Dieterle
Ann Margaret Dimond
(the late) Edwin ’65 and Diane ’65 Donaldson
Dow Chemical Co. Foundation
Edward J.F. Young
(the late) Carol Eichert Franck
(the late) Robert Ewigleben
Mike ’75 and Judy Fales
Joseph Fink
First Congregational Church
First Congregational Church, Wayne
First Congregational UCC, Alpena
First Congregational UCC, Battle Creek
George Francis
Lawrence Franks ’55
Free Spirit Construction, Inc.
Frey Foundation
Peter ’66 and Sarah ’67 Fuller
Blanche Gallery
Gannett Foundation
John ’70 and Penny ’69 Gear
General Electric Foundation
George I. Alden Trust
William R. ’66 and Lorain R. Giles
(the late) Alfred E. Gilmour
John R. Green ’59
Estate of Herbert W. Gutekunst
Estate of Dr. Frank G. Ham, Ms. Jennifer Ham Blakely, Executrix
Benny Hart
David and Sheila Hathaway
Vern Hazard ’83
(the late) James C. High
Jerry Hill
Margaret Hoats ’66
Timothy ’83 and Tami Hodge
Thomas Hoisington and Louise Alderson
Larry ’60 and Jerrilyn ’81 Holcomb
Estate of Milton Horn
Estate of Clara M. Hosie
B.J. and Teri Hull
J.P. Morgan Charitable Giving Fund
James and Carol Ann (Breidenstein) Johnson
JSJ Corporation
Estate of W. Harlow Kahler ’26
Karen Kane and Todd Hibbs
Craig A. Kapson ’72
Estate of Tena Karcher
Linda (Magalotti) ’70 and Robert Katcher
Donald Keller ’67
Dr. William Kennary DDS and Marjorie Kennary
Paul and Rebecca Kennedy
(the late) Elizabeth Kiefer ’34
Estate of Margaret J. Kies
Alfred ’58 and Deanna Knickerbocker
Chuck Kovaleski ’70
Rebecca Kovaleski ’73
(the late) Will Kyselka ’45
(the late) Howard G. Lambertson ’34
Estate of Roland and Louise Lawler
Estate of Roland Shang Yong Lawler and Louise Lawler
(the late) Dean ’55 and Jeanene Lewis
Liberty Media Corporation
Linda Logan, Ph.D.
Loutit Foundation
Estate of Clayton J. Marcereau
Kevin Martin ’77 and Duane Brown
Charles ’64 and Lynn McPhail
Estate of Mrs. Ruth Meeker Henry ’40
Charles Mefford
Merck Co. Foundation
Michigan Future Foundation
William and Karla Middlebrooks
Estate of Celestine Elizabeth Moloney
James ’70 and Lizabeth ’70 Moore
(the late) Donald and Zella Morris
Judith ’70 and (the late) Gary Morrison
M. Michael Morse ’61
National Association of Congregational Christian Churches
National Science Foundation
Estate of Roy B. Nelson
(the late) Lachlan W. Noble ’31
North Congregational Church
Walter ’58 and Theresa Parker
(the late) Helmer Petersen
(the late) Larida Petersen ’31
Phi Alpha Pi
(the late) Lisa Pompian ’64
(the late) Dr. John W. Porter
(the late) David ’65 and Merry Lu ’68 Prior
(the late) Joseph Radom
Jack ’66 and Bonnie ’67 Rall
(the late) Virginia Reeder ’49
Estate of Dorothy M. Reinhard
Marjorie (Wilson) Richards ’76
(the late) George Rickey
Estate of Gorton Riethmiller Jr.
Rollin M. Gerstacker Foundation
Samuel L. Westerman Foundation
(the late) Gertrude Schwarz
John J.H. Schwarz M.D.
Michael ’03 and Lindsey ’00 Seelye
Judith Selesky ’66
Douglas ’71 and Julie ’71 Semivan
(the late) Ruth Sherwood
Estate of Paul E. Siegel
Maureen (Hendrick) Smyth ’71
Fredda Sullivan Sparks
Estate of Raymond E. Spokes
SPX Corporation
State Farm Insurance Companies
Clair ’80 and Nyla ’92 Stevens
(the late) Katharine L. Swift
(the late) Eloda (Heibeck) Tangney ’31
The Miller Foundation
Susan Topping ’77
Towsley Foundation
Estate of Lela M. Troutner ’11
(the late) Charles and Shirley Trubac
George I. Alden Trust
Donald Tuski ’85
UCC Local Church Ministries, Council for Higher Education
Estate of James W. Underwood ’34
USX Foundation Inc.
Karen ’81 and Keith Van Hentenryck
Vanguard Charitable
Vomberg Foundation
(the late) Gretchen Votruba ’38
(the late) Doris Walter ’41
(the late) Helen (Bohnet) Walter ’30
WB and Candace Thoman Foundation
Beverly Weidendorf ’60
Charles ’55 and Celia Weidendorf
Wells Fargo Commercial Banking
Wells Fargo Matching Gifts Program
West Michigan Chapter of the Risk & Insurance Mgmt. Society
Linwood “Woody” C. ’68 and Susan Wiley
(the late) Raymond Wilks
(the late) Irmgard Wilmore ’42
Karl ’69 and Connie ’72 Wilson
(the late) Charles ’92 (HD) and Mary Witte
Wolohan Family Foundation
(the late) Andrew’68 and Barbara Wright
(the late) Edith Zannon


Shipherd Society $25,000+
David Cutler ’65
Community Foundation for S.E. Michigan
Marilyn (Purse) Dean ’60 and (the late) William Cliff Dean
Joyce Denison
Educational Assistance Ltd.
Emory M. Ford Jr. Endowment Fund
Rod ’81 and Amy Hathaway
J.P. Morgan Charitable Giving Fund
Thomas ’69 and Gayle Kolassa
(the late) Paul Lamb ’62
Sarah (Engle) ’56 Lawrence and (the late) Robert ’57 Lawrence
Jesse ’74 and Amy Lothamer
Steven ’82 and Melinda (Strother) ’82 Roznowski

Gruen Society $10,000 – $24,999
Amerisure Insurance
Arch Insurance Group
Richard ’80 and Cindy Beyer
Dr. Stephen Burton ’68
Jason Conkin ’97
Dennis Daugherty ’70
Dean Trailways
Farm Bureau Insurance Co.
Vern Hazard ’83
Linda (Magalotti) ’70 and Robert Katcher
Liberty Media Corporation
Ilene Masters and (the late) H. David Masters ‘62
Robert Short and Emer Dooley Family Foundation
Albert ’80 and Debbie Rosenthaler
The Seattle Foundation
Woodrow (Woody) ’69 and (the late) Shirley ’72 Wilson

Speare Society $5,000 – $9,999
Auto Owners Insurance Company
William P. ’75 and Jean (Shaffer) ’75 Blair
Mr. Kim Carlson
James ’70 and Cynthia Carmody
Ms. Laura Davis
Carol Gruen ’76 and James Cash
Hastings Mutual Insurance Co.
Margaret Hoats ’66
Craig Jenkins ’08 and Ananda Zaccanelli Jenkins
Justin Klamerus ’99
John Kober ’79
Reginald Lancaster ’63
Kevin Martin ’77 and Duane Brown
Ellen Nagy
Betty Olson
Robert ’68 and Diane Parrella
Phillip Prettyman ’70
Jack ’66 and Bonnie ’67 Rall
Schwab Charitable Fund
Vanguard Charitable
Jeffrey and Elizabeth (Larson) ’90 Wildern
Mr. James Wilds
Linwood “Woody” C. ’68 and Susan Wiley
Karen Wilkinson

Brewer Society $1,000 – $4,999
Accident Fund Insurance Company
Ajax Paving Industries
Ash Brokerage
William Ballagh ’88
Patience ’70 and Mark Becker
Harry “Bud” Beekman ’65
Jeffrey ’99 and Amber Bell
Big “I” Michigan
Jack “Jake” Bishop Jr. ’72
BLUEOX Credit Union
Ross ’71 and Jennifer ’73 Bohms
Thomas Bowling ’71
John ’84 and Sandra Bremner
Linda Bryant Solomon ’68
Shelia Burgie
Thomas Burke ’82
Gary ’71 and Kathryn ’70 Burt
Jack and Mary J. Butterick
David ’80 and Kimberly ’81 Byrens
Delois Caldwell
Calhoun County Agricultural & Ind Soc
Simon Camaj ’95
Capital Region Community Foundation
William Cassidy ’63
Helen (Wei) Chung ’68
Citizens Insurance
Robert Condon ’76
Steven M. Corey, Ph.D.
Covenant Association of the United Church of Christ
Betty Jo Crosby
Culver’s Charlotte Burgers, Inc.
Laura Davis and (the late) John Davis ’59
Terry and Maria Davis
Michael ’77 and Jan (Harrison) ’77 Dieterle
Robert H. Digby M.D., M.P.H. ’65
Matthew ’07 and Gina (Hilgendorf) ’07 Domitrovich
Linda (Harleston) Eaton ’80
EMC Insurance Companies
Melanie Engels ’08
Barron Evans ’77
Mike ’75 and Judy Fales
James ’68 and Jan Ferguson
First Congregational UCC, Alpena
Jamey ’86 and Nicole Fitzpatrick
George Francis
Kathi Froehlich ’76
Larry ’64 and Marilyn Gaskins
Edward Gatta Jr. ’77
Gibson Insurance
William R. ’66 and Lorain R. Giles
Eugene ’63 and Jo Grimley
Stanley Guzy ’66
Frank and Constance Hagelshaw
William Halacoglu ’82
Hanover Insurance
Benny Hart
Steven Hassenger ’76
David and Sheila Hathaway
Janice Hayes ’48
Edward ’80 and Cynthia ’79 Heator
Iris Hebenstreit
Reginald ’84 and Catherine Henry
Frederick Hinz ’70
Timothy ’83 and Tami Hodge
Kurt and Linda Hofmann
Mark Holmes
Denise Page Hood and Nicholas Hood
Hal ’71 and Janice Hooks
Steve ’86 and Elizabeth Hummer
Stephen and Betsy Hunter
Sarah Jennings
Glenn Johnson ’71
Dr. Arvill and Kay Jones
John Jones ’76
James and Emilie Kanitz
Michael ’73 and Vicky ’74 Kimling
Alfred ’58 and Deanna Knickerbocker
Samuel ’68 and Cheryl Knox
Dr. John Kondelik and Mrs. Marlene Kondelik
David ’84 and Sonya Labrecque
Kyle ’09 and Laura (Markin) ’11 Labrecque
Cheryl (Lake) ’76 and James Lamborn
Orin T. Larson ’70
Don Lawless
Larry ’75 and Joyce Lethorn
R. Richardson ’83 and Susan ’83 Levitte
Max ’71 and Vicky ’77 Lindsay
Ray Loeschner
M&M Marketing
Michele McCauley
Mesara Family Foundation
Robert ’78 and Kimberly Mette
Michigan Colleges Alliance
Michigan Conference of the United Church of Christ
Michigan Insurance Company
Wolfgang ’66 and Barbara Mieder
Charles ’76 and Kimberly ’03 Millbrook
Judith Morrison ’70
Scott ’82 and Tanya Mari Morrison
M. Michael ’61 and Carolyn ’62 Morse
Gayther Myers ’62
John Nametz ’74
National Association of Congregational Christian Churches
William ’73 and Celeste Newhouse
North Congregational Church
Denise Page Hood
Richard ’68 and Reva (Hayes) ’68 Parrella
Samantha ’00 and James Pearl
CDR. John G. ’75, USN Retired and Valerie J. Peshinski
Martha (Graham) Ports ’65
Mrs. Roseleen Pyne
Robert and Bess Cook Foundation
(the late) Kelly Rossman McKinney
Brad Rowe
John ’64 and Rosemary Ryan
Samuel L. Westerman Foundation
Charles Schepell ’60
Dr. Walter Schneider ’59
Judith Selesky ’66
Douglas ’71 and Julie ’71 Semivan
Robert Shegog ’74
Maureen (Hendrick) Smyth ’71
Mikel Snow ’66
Ryan Spalding ’21
Charlotte and (the late) Arthur Stevens
Ms. Vicki Stouffer and Mr. Daniel Knaup
Roger ’59 and Marilyn Tharp
The Miller Foundation
Sarah Thomson
Susan Topping ’77
Travelers Insurance
Stephen ’84 and Elizabeth Upton
Todd and Stacey Upton
Karen ’81 and Keith Van Hentenryck
Charles ’55 and Celia Weidendorf
Roger A. ’87 and Cathy Weise
Tala Jean (Plummer) Welch ’77
James ’75 and Rita ’76 Wencel
Karl ’69 and Connie ’72 Wilson
Wolverine Mutual Insurance

Red and White Society $500 – $999
AFR Furniture Rental
Shannon Anderson
G. Asenath Andrews ’72
Arthur J. Gallagher Foundation
H. Robert Bacon ’76
Donald Bergstrom ’81
Mr. Jeremy Blunt
Forrest ’65 and Jeri Ann ’65 Bone
Mary Beth (Dettling) Brady ’77
Diane (Butterfield) Brunn ’67
Philip Burket ’52
Burns & Amp; Wilcox
Jeffrey Carl ’72
Robert W. Carling Ph.D. ’69
Michael ’71 and Loralee Castner
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
Karen (Ciesielski) Bochenek ’65
Deborah K. Collins
Jane Coppess
CRC Insurance Services, Inc.
Mr. Robert Cutler and Ms. Darlene Wahlberg
Mark ’66 and Janet ’67 Davison
Terry Dawson ’68
Diversified Insurance Group
Roger ’69 and Marilyn Dougherty
Mary J. Eakle
First Congregational Church
Edward Fischer ’69
Justin D. Fleeson ’12
Michael ’63 and Betsy ’65 Foster
Jonathan Gillette ’81
Tyler Goodnight ’06
Hamlett Engineering Sales Co, Inc
Rick Hansen
Pamela Heos ’77 and Jeffery Brancheau
Norman ’61 and Karen Hoenes
Daniel ’92 and Rene ’92 Holcomb
Larry ’60 and Jerrilyn ’81 Holcomb
Dennis Horal ’76
C. Reid ’67 and Deborah ’69 (Brooks) Hudgins
Jan ’69 and Cathy ’69 Jones
Randy Jorgenson ’78
Rosalie Brum Karunas
Anthony Keim ’98
Shanda Kerber
Edward Kozlowski ’88
Kyle ’09 and Laura (Markin) ’11 Labrecque
John Latta ’74
Serafin Llerena ’11
Jacqueline Looser
William and Wendy ’82 Loveless
Lori McAllister
Meadowbrook Congregational Church
Charles ’76 and Roann Mefford
Michigan Insurance Company
Michigan PIA
Martin ’73 and Shirlee Mitchell
Mr. Timothy Mohre and Mrs. Nancy Mohre
Frances Moore
Suzanne (Best) Morgan ’79
Jane O’Brien ’65
Olivet Congregational Church
Josh Paskewicz
Mary Peacock ’76
Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company
PK Contracting
Priority Health Systems
ProAssurance Companies
Peter ’65 and Nancy ’65 Raisbeck
Phil Reed
Karen Rice
John ’65 and Nancy ’65 Rohde
Elizabeth F. Romeo ’12
RPS Regency
Andrea Rutledge
Joseph Sabatella ’81
Heather Scott
Ben Sherman
Gregory Shook ’74
Bernie ’72 and Becky Stankewicz
Marcia (Campbell) Sumerix ’69
The Rathbun Agency
Mark ’76 and Francine Thuston
Travelers Insurance
United Church of Christ, Midland
Neil White ’62
Micha (Bryant) Wilkowski ’89
Wolverine Mutual Insurance Company
Jeff Zonyk ’69
Thomas Zupko ’87

Oak Leaf Society $1-$499
Rebecca (Wright) Abate ’66
Suresh ’99 and Priya ’00 Acharya
Nicholas Africano ’16
James and Anna Marie ’88 Albanice
Mr. Jeff Allen
Stan ’72 and Linda ’74 Allison
Jerry Allocco ’69
Thomas H. Allum DO ’64
AmazonSmile Foundation
Richard and Marie Ames
Louis Anderson ’63
Paul Anderson
Angus Cattle Co
Aaron Archuleta
Regina Armstrong
Jeffrey ’75 and Deborah (Rebeck) ’76 Ash
David Asher ’71
Gary and Luanne Ashlock
Stacey Assell ’07
Michael Austin ’03
Mr. Jonathan Bachman
Timothy ’65 and Joyce Baird
Robert Ball ’63
Brian Ballinger ’74
Dale Barber ’68
Timothy ’69 and Susan ’69 Barber
Bruce ’82 and Anne Barea
Laura Barlond Maas ’88
Cheryl (Chapman) Barnes ’76
Thomas ’76 and Carrie ’77 (Selden) Barnett
Beau Barnum ’02
Dale ’62 and Judy Barr
Tyler Bartosh
John Basinger ’69
Randy ’78 and Jan ’80 Bays
Mr. Michael Beach
Belding Area Schools
Mr. Matthew Bennett
Benjamin Bernoudy ’58
Kimberly Bezy
Mrs. Raymonde Bielak ’68
Grant and Tina L. ’73 (Lincoln) Bienz
Sam Bingham
Steven ’77 and Elizabeth Bivens
Bryan and Emily Blackburn
Stuart ’82 and Cynthia Blacklaw
Harlan Blood ’60
Blumenthal Marketing LLC
Lynnette Bohi ’70
Ida (Fischer) Bolen ’72
Eric Boothroyd ’73
William Bornhauser ’71
Tiana Bosley
Mr. LeRoy Bostic
Mary Ann Boucher ’59
Linda Bowen ’71
Airic and Stephanie (Robinson) Boyce ’18
David and Maureen Boyd
Laurence ’75 and Martha Boyer
Sophie Bradford
William ’58 and Beverly ’60 Brady
Gregory Breault ’88
Lydia (Allen) Brennan ’98
Scott ’09 and Rebecca ’09 Brewster
Lewis Brindle ’71
Karen Brininstool ’71
Brandon Brissette and Amber Brissette
Mr. Rickey Britton and Mrs. Rebecca Britton
Paul Brownell Jr. ’59
Thane Brownell
Barbara Brummel ’57
James ’71 and Pam Brunger
Ken ’08 and Brandy Bunting
William Burdon ’69
Douglas ’73 and Suzanne Burger
David Burland ’76
Ms. Faith Burleigh
Belva Burney ’68
James D. and Pamela Butterick
Lydia Calderon ’16
Kay Canaan ’65
Jerry Capps ’90
James Carman ’99
Mr. Douglas Carter
Karen Chaney
Gary ’87 and Kimberly ’89 Chantrenne
Paul Chapman ’81
Chinese Community Church
Lawrence Cibulka ’80
Dustin ’01 and Cody ’02 Cichocki
Chad Clark
Robert Clay ’00
Elijah Collins ’22
Eleanor Colombo ’64
Mary Conaton
Congregational UCC, Baldwin
Angelique M. (Korstanje) Cook ’11
Bob Coplin ’72
Mariah J. Cosper ’11
James Crocker ’77
Kristin Crocker ’92
Ronald and Cynthia ’76 Crooks
Anne Cruce
Mr. Antoine Currie
Brenton Curtis ’65
Dr. John Curtis and Mrs. Norma Curtis
Mary Dalrymple ’18
Jill (Sours) Daniel ’80
Emily J. Daniels
Larry Davids
Thomas Debaets ’72
Ms. Darla Deibert
Beverly J. Demchuk Burke ’77
Cathy Demers
Peggy (Pack) Dennis ’76
Henry DeRuiter ’70
Thomas and Nancy Devries
Kenneth Dietz ’86
Charles Dildine ’64
Ann Margaret Dimond
H. Robert Dittmer ’78
Cindy Dodds
Ms. Meredith Dodson
Robert Donaghey ’66
David ’68 and Karen ’71 Doubleday
John Downey
Mr. Kelly Drozdzak
Steve Dunaway
Mr. Bryan Dutton
Branden Dyer ’14
Stephanie Marie Eagles ’86
Denise Earl ’79
Richard ’65 and Jane ’67 Easton
Margaret (Hooker) Eaton ’48
Mandy E Edwards Jr.
Christine Eichaker
Youssef Elsayed ’16
Dave Emmette
Austin Engle ’22
Eldon ’91 and Nicole ’91 Evans
Tony Evans
John ’81 and Pam Evenden
Michael ’92 and Jill Everett
Brewer Family
Bill ’62 and Marilyn ’61 Feddeler
Suzan Felter ’86
Jack ’56 and Nancy ’57 Fieldman
Alan ’50 and Barbara Fiellin
Susan (Richardson) Finch ’66
David ’77 and Cynthia Firlik
First Congregational Church
First Congregational Church U.C.C. Womens’ Fellowship
First Congregational Church, Wayne
First Congregational UCC, Benzonia
James Fish ’69
Matthew D. and Kelly A. Fisher
Janet Flater
Richard ’93 and Elizabeth Fleming
Beth Fleming Brown ’75
Kathryn Fleshner ’08
Kimberly (Boyer) Flitton ’93
Dawn Flynn ’71
Kylie Flynn
Michelle Foster
Martha (Hyde) Frahm ’67
Patrice Francis
Michael and Erin ’07 Fredericks
Jonathan Fritz
Paul ’71 and Barbara Fuhrmann
Mr. David Funk and Mrs. Lynne Funk
Ms. Lisa Furman
Anthony ’82 and Joanne Furton
Maryanne Gabriel
Dana Gadette
Mr. Ben Gardner
Thomas ’67 and Elizabeth Gardner
Justin Gargus ’10
Boris and Edith ’74 Gerber
Molly (Reed) Goaley ’05
Ernestine Gold Livingston ’75
McKinsey Golfin ’05
Consuelo Gomez
Macy Gorrell
Charles Graessle
William Granato
Nelson Graves ’65
Great Lakes Palmetto Properties LLC
Bob and Tanya (Urcavich) ’80 Grebe
GreenStone Farm Credit Services
Mark ’50 and Susan ’50 Griffin
Renee Dakdduk Griffin ’76
Susan ’50 (Stucky) and Mark ’50 Griffin
Alexandra Grimaldi ’67
John Grimes
James ’61 and Janice Grimshaw
Nathan Gross ’94
Gabe Guerrero
Patrick Guilford
George ’61 and Judith Gullen
Greg E. Guzy
Daniel Haacker ’69
William Hagerty ’06
Douglas Haggart ’85
Adam Hall ’21
Carolyn Hall ’45
Michael Ham
M. David Moulton and Yvonne Hamann Moulton
Susan Hammersmith ’92
Wayne Haney ’87
Karla Harding ’85
Samuel Hargraves
Paul and Deborah Harkins
Eileen Harrison
Haslett Community Church
Charles Hawkins ’87
Gina Hayward ’94
Kathryn Heafield ’63
Jim and Betsy ’64 Healy
Janice Hedge ’73
Lori Heemstra
James Heffner ’84
George ’76 and Lisa ’79 Heitsch
Mr. James Helgemo
Richard Helgevold
Barbara Heller ’69
Paula Hennessy
Margaret Heppner
James Herbst ’71
Mark Herrema
Beverly Herson
Michael Hescott ’87
Austin Hickey ’18
Sylvia Hicks Fox ’78
George Hill II ’99
Tricia Hill
Robin Hinman
Allan and Shirley Hirt
Ron Hisler
Sharon Hobbs
Charles Hoge ’78
Mark ’80 and Lynn ’81 Holdren
Aiden Holliday ’18
Ms. Janet Holstine
Kevin Holt ’92
Theodore Homan ’81
Home Depot Foundation
Mr. Charles Hookway
Linda Hoover ’81
Hope UCC in Fraser
Mary Howard
Bente (Lieng) Howe ’68
Rachael Hubble
Trisha McKim ’09
Mr. Thomas Humphreys
Mr. David Hunter
Michael Hutchins ’18
Kaitlin Irish ’18
Lloyd Irving ’70
Jack Pearl Properties LLC
Brian Jaffee ’09
Christine Jaffee
Aileen M. Jamison
Edward Jamison ’75
Richard Janeway ’69
Gregory ’09 and Jessica ’08 Jarratt
Libby Jean
Marty (Mason) Jennings ’67
Laura Jensen
Christopher Johnson ’72
Rocky ’85 Johnson
Mr. Jeffery Jones
Mark Jones ’76
Myra Renee Jones ’20
Nicholas Jones ’18
Jennifer Joppie
Nick Juday
Michael and Kathleen ’80 Judd
Seth Kaplan
Joanne (Fairbanks) Keleher ’67
Austin Kelley ’17
Brian Kelly ’88
Alex Ketchum
Marilyn (Curtis) ’67 and Jay Kettler
King Agency
Karen King ’85
Mr. Kirk Kinjorski
Robert Kirken ’86
Joyce Kitchenmaster
Zachary Kitzmiller ’16
Jare and (the late) Marcia ’89 Klein
Leah Knapp
Rich Knapp
Kristine (Barker) Koenig ’03
Sharon (Heller) Koning ’63
Craig W. and Bridget Korpela
Kathryn (Vogt) Koveleski ’47
Kirk Kruskie
Michelle Krynicki
Norman and Thelma Kubitskey
Courtney Kuch
Ralph Kunert ’73
Emily Ann LaPorta ’13
Christine Laitner ’69
Peter Lambrecht ’74
Joan (Crabill) Larimer ’77
Mrs. Emily Lash and Mr. Ryan Lash
Shantel (Diethrich) Launstein ’93
Camille Lavey ’76
Andrew Lawrence
Michael ’69 and Sue Lawrie
Jeff Leach
Patrick Leahy ’10
Taylor Lenz ’16
Mr. Darl Lester and Mrs. Carlene Lester
Robert ’67 and Patricia ’69 Lewallen
Mary Lewis ’85
Paul Lobos ’87
Della Locklear
Linda Logan, Ph.D.
John Lomacz ’78
Gary ’74 and Judy Longman
Deborah Love
Mike and Karla (Kunkle) Love
Arend and Nancy Lubbers
Robert ’76 and Deborah Luther
Greg Lutzke
Karen A. and Mitch S. Lutzke
Ronald ’61 and Kay Lynch
Grant ’96 and Julie MacKenzie
Justin Madar ’16
Justin Maidlow ’19
Mr. William Maloney
Drew Mandell ’20
Hernan Marin ’65
Mark Owen Agency LLC
Larry and Patricia Marsh
Jamy Marske ’09 MAT
Gordon ’64 and Joline Matheson
Dan ’66 and Mary Mathews
Mark Maurer ’84
William and Marlene Mayer
Jim McCloughan ’68
Collin McCririe ’15
ReBekah McDaniel ’17
Barbara Mcdowell
Christine McElhone
Ms. Karen McGuire
Mr. Melvin McWilliams
Jason Meadows ’03
Larry ’64 and Mary Martha ’65 Melendy
Bradford Mellor ’76
Mr. Santiago Mendez
Katy Meriwether
Dr. Robert Merliss
Jessica Merrild
Alexander Miller ’00
Jerry Miller
John B. Miller ’65
Richard S. Miller ’70
Bruce and Terri Miller
William Miller ’74
Kayla Miller Lund ’10
Thomas ’70 and Jane ’72 Moe
Alyssa Monterusso ’18
Victoria Monterusso ’18
Jason Moore and Mrs. Jill Moore
Mr. Joel Moore
Christopher Moran ’91
Andrina Morence
Alexander Morgan ’09
Connor Murney ’18
Daniel Musielewicz
Ron and Barb Neal
Rita (Sherrod) Nelson ’72
Mrs. Carol Nesbitt
David Nestor ’72
Donald Nichols ’57
Jeananne Nichols
Peter ’70 and Anne ’70 Nicolaou
Cynthia Noyes
Karen (Kaskinen) O’Brien ’83
Sue O’Brien ’74
One Stop Logistics
Mr. Scott Ormsby and Mrs. Rachel Ormsby
Zachary Oshinsky ’19
David Ouellette
John Owen ’71
Santo Pagano
Roger and Beth Page
Mauricio Palli ’07
Stephen Palmer ’68
Scott Pankratz
Danny ’85 and Jacqueline Pantaleo
Larry Pantaleo
Deborah Paquette ’88
Louie Paquette ’61
Sidney (Patton) Paradine ’69
Walter ’58 and Theresa Parker
Anna Mae Parry ’49
James Paulson ’72
Casey Peckham
Richard ’63 and Karen Penhallegon
Ross Pennock ’17
William Penty
Greg Peplinski ’72
Leslie Perry ’75
Janine Marie Peters
Ms. Sarah Peterson
Lynda (Baber) Petrenchak ’74
Travis Petts ’19
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
William Phillips ’84
Nancy Pickford
William Pickvet
Jay Pierson ’81
Pilgrim Congregational UCC, Lansing
Roy Piligian ’80
Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Co.
Stanley Platsis ’64
Robin Pline
Joan (Roberts) Pohl ’83
William A. Polk ’97
Mr. Daniel Pollitt and Linda Weisel
Joseph Post
Zachery Potter
James R. and Susan Q. Powers
David C. ’68 and Randi ’70 Price
Progressive Empowerment Ed Resource Peers, Inc.
George Purlee ’59
Dave Pyne
Arianna Quintana
Jack Randall ’73
Allen ’51 and Nancy Ratzlaff
Derrick Redman
Brett Reid
Jacob Reinsmith ’18
Xiyan Ren ’00
Neil Rennick ’76
JoAnne Reynolds
Michael Reynolds
Terry Rhines ’69
Paul and Jenalyn ’86 Riley
Gregory ’99, ’04 MAT and Amber Rinehart
Dean Roberts ’18
Mr. Jake Robinson
Rockwood First Congregational Church
Francesco Ruffini
Aaron and Danielle (Binder) ’94 Ruskin
Michael Ryan ’07
Mr. James Ryder and Mrs. Joyce Ryder
James Sabatella ’86
Thomas Sampson and Nancy Wonch
Michael Sandercott
Carol (McKay) Schelb ’69
Mr. Travis Schellhammer
Arnold and Leatrice Schilbe
Nikki Schluentz
Schmucker’s L.P. Gas
Dorinda (Vdoviak) Scholly ’94
Janet Schultz ’69
Michael ’87 and Kelly ’89 Schumborg
Scott ’73 and Kay ’74 Scofield
Valorie Scott
Noreen (Towne) Search ’63
Jerry Secor ’58
Michael ’03 and Lindsey ’00 Seelye
Marjorie Seymour ’76
John Shankin
Timothy Sheets ’73
Shelby Congregational Church, UCC
Ms. Lisa Sherman
John Sibley ’77
Gary ’68 and Diane Siemers
Irvin ’65 and Carol ’65 Sigler
Lief Sigren ’81
Don Silver
Nicholas Silver ’08
Mr. Dale Simmon
Lisa Simpkins ’91
Mr. Evan Simpson
Stacy Sipes ’06
Abbe (Smith) Siver ’90
William ’67 and Mary Lou ’69 Skelley
William Skillman ’77
Abigail Slater ’20
Brendon ’16 and Hannah (Sweeney) ’17 Smith
Mr. Douglas Smith
Larry and Cathy Smith
Stephanie Smith ’07
Timothy E. A. Smith ’65
Pam (Bankerd) Snarey ’66
Carol Sobleskey ’80
Southeastern Michigan Association of Congregational Churches
SP Builders Inc.
Mr. Karyn Spaude and Mr. Christopher Spaude
Larry Spencer
Lorna Spencer ’68
Margaret Spencer Pirrotta
William ’63 and Terry Spokes
Caroline (Sassaman) Spotts ’71
St. Paul UCC, Saline
Heather Staniszewski ’95
Julia Stapleton ’77
State Farm Companies Foundation
Alice (Robbins) Steinberg ’51
Gary Steiner ’76
Michael ’70 and Mary Stephens
William ’65 and Mary Ann Stephens
Clair ’80 and Nyla ’92 Stevens
James Stevens ’76
Clair ’80 and Nyla ’92 Stevens
Nancy (Robinson) Stewart ’65
Mr. Andrew Stoehr
Brian Stoll ’85
John ’70 and Marilyn ’73 Strader
John Stubbs ’72
Mr. Phillip Sullens and Mrs. Kelsey Sullens
Mattie Sunie
Jay ’57 and Sarah Surratt
David Swanson ’70
David Symonds ’70
Michael Szedlak ’71
Tekonsha Union Church
William L. Teller ’66
Michael Terranova ’08
The Harvester Flower Shop LLC
Sue Thobaben
Eric ’94 and Shelley Thomas
Larry and Charlotte Towe
Ms. La’Rae Trice and Larry Trice III
Louisa (Grill) ’03 and Ian Trott
Deborah Turner ’89
Oliver Tuthill ’68
Susan Ullrich
Mr. Rob Umstead
Ryan ’12 and Theresa ’14 Underhill
Terry Upton ’57
Phillip H. Vance ’65
Mary Jo Vanderkooy
Steven VanDyke
Dyck VanKoevering
Ethan VanLannen
Mark VanLente ’09
Nate VanStee
M. Elise VanWoert ’94
Kristina Varney
James Vedder ’77
Laura Vedder ’82
Robert Verner
VIP Sports Management
M. Theodore Wade ’61
Sue Wagner ’70
Leslie Walker
Paula Walker
Jack Wallace ’78
Adam and Michelle Wallenberg
Mr. Rob Walter
Tamyra Walters ’80
Gerald and Joan ’52 (Bordner) Warren
Stephen Waslle
Donald Watkins ’73
Mr. Jalen Weaver
Jerome Webster ’88
Kim Weddon ’71
Norbert ’67 and Evelyn Wegienka
Carol Wehr ’64
Daniel ’65 and Susan Welch
Scott ’99 and Mary Welden
Janet (McIntyre) Werner ’63
Gary Wertheimer and Cynthia Eller
Michael ’71 and Bonnie Wescott
Mark Wheeler ’08
Gerald Whitaker
Carla White
Steven White
Thomas White ’17
Whitetail Farms Farm Fresh Market
Owen ’60 and Judith ’63 Whitkopf
Skip ’68 and Barbara ’70 Whittaker
Marilyn (Hodgins) Wickstrom ’64
Mr. James Wilder
Herbert Wilkinson ’65
Robert ’67 and Charlotte Wilks
Arthur and Joanne Williams
Kevin Willis ’74
Gerald ’62 and Marcia Wilson
Larry K. Winegar ’74
Women’s Fellowship of the First Congregational Church
Women’s Fellowship Second Congregational Church
Seung ’62 and Teresa Woo
Joel M. Woods ’74
Worgess Insurance & Financial Services
Ronald Yageman ’69
Jennifer (Baum) Yerkov ’12
Ms. Brittany Zandstra
Richard Zapata ’59

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