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Junior Paige Winberg has created a unique path of study while at The University of Olivet. She’s a double major in biology with a premedical focus and forensic science, a personal interest major custom created with the help of her adviser. In addition, Paige is active in Greek life and a member of the Marching Comets, Wind Ensemble, Earthbound and bowling team.
Hear more about her college experience firsthand:
I am from Brighton, which made me used to a larger city and a larger school, but that never felt like the right place for me. I never felt as though I ever fit in with a larger crowd. I chose Olivet for the small feel, how helpful everyone was during my visit and how much it already felt like home the first time I visited.
I attended a recruiting tournament for bowling my junior year of high school and met the Head Bowling Coach Dave Jackson. This was the first time I had ever heard about Olivet or any private school. He made sure my parents and I both remembered him and the school, and it really showed how much people care about The University of Olivet.
I joined the bowling team because I am truly passionate about bowling. I had not been bowling for very long prior to my sophomore year of high school, or at all for that matter, so the team really gave me a place to better my skill set and meet some fantastic people in my life.
In addition, I am a member of the Marching Comets and Wind Ensemble. I have met some of my closest friends within these groups and had some amazing experiences, such as accompanying the Marching Comets to Rome. We played both a Wind Ensemble concert and two different marching performances. The number of people we saw within our performances was surreal, and those we touched with music that trip made it clear that music is a universal language. That is the point when I realized I perform music to touch the lives of others.
I also joined the Greek organization Alpha Lambda Epsilon because everyone there truly cares about everything. They are my family and my home away from home, and nothing will be able to change that. And finally, I joined Earthbound, an environmental awareness organization, with some friends because we are all passionate about the environment and increasing awareness as to how we can make it a better place for everyone.
I chose the biology major with a premedical focus because I knew coming into college that I wanted to be a medical examiner. They are the ones who perform autopsies to understand why people died. I have always been interested in medical biology, so this decision was a no-brainer. My personal interest in forensic biology is a major that was created just for me with the help of my advisor, Dr. Leah Knapp, professor of biology. Within it, there are aspects of biology, chemistry, criminal justice and psychology. This is all to better prepare me for the career path I am looking to pursue and the Medical College Admissions Test.
I would encourage other students to come to Olivet because of the people. Everyone I have met at The University of Olivet has been eager to provide support, no matter the situation. And you can get involved in so many ways — you can even create your own way to get involved. I never saw myself as joining a few groups, and I have far exceeded my expectations of what I can do and accomplish.
I feel like my strongest relationship at Olivet is with Dr. Knapp. Aside from being her advisee, I also work down in her office as an animal care tech — interacting with the many animals that call OC home. She has helped me so much with understanding what I need within my education, what goals to set and how to achieve them and how to expand my field of knowledge to not just medicine but general biology and animal care. She has pushed me to do work that I would never think of myself as capable. Another great relationship is that with Jeremy Duby, director of bands. He works with all his students to grow and learn about the ensembles in a very interactive environment. He not only makes sure we understand the music, but we embrace it and play to our fullest ability. I have also built a great relationship with Coach Jackson. He was the first staff member at The University of Olivet who I had ever met, so he will always mean something to me when I look back at my time on campus. He works with me on making sure I have the proper equipment when we travel and my multiple schedule conflicts as a member of the Marching Comets.
At The University of Olivet, I have gained a place that I love and would be more than willing to come back to at any point in my life. I know once I graduate, I will look back on my time at The University of Olivet and have nothing but great memories and fantastic relationships to remember.
Learn more about The University of Olivet by contacting the Office of Admissions at 800-456-7189 or admissions@uolivet.edu.


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