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Freshman Donald Doyle hails from Fenton, a sizable suburb south of Flint. He played men’s tennis at a large high school and knew that he had to be extraordinary to stand out. Interested in information technology, Donald dedicated himself to earning as many computer networking certifications as he could, gaining a leg up before even making a college choice. When his high school tennis team competed in the state championships, Donald met OC’s head tennis coach Andrew DeBruyn and everything seemed to fall into place. After just one semester at Olivet, Donald is confident he’s exactly where he’s supposed to be and is thrilled to see where his future takes him.

“When I met Coach Debruyn, I added OC to the list of schools I was considering with around five other colleges. I applied to them all and was lucky enough to be accepted to them all,” Donald explained. “At every other college, I felt like I was just a number. At Olivet, it was the opposite. My admissions rep, Jamilia Johnson, called me personally and really got to know me. Even when the application process wasn’t going smoothly, she stayed connected and helped work things out. That’s really what made the big difference to push me to attend OC.”

Donald didn’t hesitate to declare a double major in criminal justice (CJ) alongside information technology management when he discovered OC’s robust program. Donald is concentrating his CJ studies in law enforcement and even added a forensic science minor to help him prepare for a unique career in digital crime scene investigation. He’s looking forward to working with detectives to help solve crimes using technology. Tasks in the field could include anything from tracking emails and phone calls to recreating crime scenes.

“I originally thought I would work in engineering,” Donald admitted. “While a career in engineering sounds very practical, I wanted something more. My dad works in IT and our house has always been full of his computers and other projects. I can remember putting things together and trying to see what they can do since I was really young, and my dad even helped me build my first computer in elementary school. I’ve always had so much fun with it, I decided I wanted a more engaging career too. Not only does it sound really interesting to apply my IT background to CJ, it also will be a rewarding way to help others.”

In addition to picking up a knack for computers and technology from his father, Donald also grew up playing tennis as a family – something he knew he wanted to continue in college. Rather than having a strong competitive nature, Donald’s favorite part of tennis is the social aspect. For him, building relationships with coaches and teammates turn the game into something special. This fall, Donald began practicing with his team and can barely contain his excitement for their upcoming season in the spring.

“I love playing doubles because it allows me to really bond with my partner on the court,” Donald explained. “It’s so much more satisfying to pop up a hit for my teammate than to make an impressive shot myself. I’m also building my time management skills and have already met some great mentors, including my coach and a few senior teammates.”

Donald has also found his fit as a student worker with OC’s Information Technology Services and enjoys networking with his coworkers that are IT professionals. Further, he’s a member of the campus Association of Computer and Machinery, seeing it as a natural fit for his talents and ambitions. Donald and fellow club members are hoping to represent OC in competitions hosted by Business Professionals of America and other career and technical student organizations. As a high school student, Donald competed in computer networking competitions at the regional, state and even national level, and has a goal to compete with a team of Comets as well.

“I’ve only been at Olivet for one semester, but that’s been enough to show me the tremendous potential I have over the next three and a half years,” Donald said excitedly. “I couldn’t ask for better coaches, teammates and professors, and really appreciate the tight-knit community feel here. The faculty-to-student ratio alone has been wonderful and I’d encourage all high school students to consider OC for the individualized attention.”

Learn more about computer science and criminal justice programs at OC. Visit campus, apply or contact the Office of Admissions at 800.456.7189 or admissions@uolivet.edu to find your fit as a Comet.


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